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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning! Chapter 45

Natasha looked at Chen Haonan’s touch, a third eye grew from her eyebrows, and a small horn, and a red magic pattern appeared on her body.

The whole body exudes high temperature.

“Mutants??” Natasha looked at Chen Haonan and subconsciously thought of mutants.

“He’s not a mutant, he’s one of the Void Eternal Ancient Realms.” Nick. Fury said in a deep voice.

[Natasha’s mood score +1000].


A red afterimage instantly appeared in Nick. In front of Fury, Nick. Fury simply didn’t have time to react.

Chen Haonan slashed directly at Coulson on the side.

A bloodstain appeared on Coulson’s chest, and then he went straight to the ground.

Coulson looked at Chen Haonan with doubt in his eyes.

“Now, can you say?” Chen Haonan looked at Coulson on the ground and mastered his strength very well, so as not to let Coulson die directly, but if he did not get good treatment, he would die sooner or later.

Nick. Fury looked at Coulson on the ground and took a deep breath.

“In Hell’s Kitchen, inside the Heavenly Shop.” Nick. Fury said to Chen Haonan.

Chen Haonan glanced at Nick. Fury, then turned and left.

“Natasha drive, go first to Coulson.” Nick. Fury said to Natasha.

Natasha nodded.

Drove Coulson to the hospital.

Nick. Fury came to Lu Yuze’s shop.

“Boss, has Chen Haonan been here?” Nick. Fury asked towards Lu Yuze.

Lu Yuze nodded: “Not long after leaving, if you want to find trouble with him, you can catch up now.” ”

Hearing Lu Yuze’s words, Nick. Fury didn’t say anything more, but bought two bottles of blood medicine and left here.

Tony took Pepper to the best hospital and was examined.

To Tony’s surprise, the demon power in Pepper’s body completely disappeared, and it was considered a blessing in disguise to return to normal.

But the bad news is that Chen Haonan is too strong.

A trace of anxiety rose in Tony’s heart.

“You also need harder metal materials.” Tony couldn’t help but think.

Then I thought of the Edman metal in Wolverine’s body, known as the hardest metal in the world.

But this kind of metal is nothing for Tony, Tony has nothing else, just money.

At the same time.

Jin He wiped his mouth gracefully, and the bullseye on the side looked at Jin He with deep fear in his eyes.

Since that day, Bullseye remembers that Jin He turned into a terrifying demon because of a green crystal fragment.

Jin will eat two people every day to maintain his strength and constantly improve, but he has not shown it in front of outsiders.

Now only Bullseye himself knows this secret, which is relatively good news and bad news.

The good news is that he didn’t die because Kim still needs him.

The bad news is that once he is useless, I am afraid that he will also become one of Jinhe’s food.

Bullseye has always been in a tangle in this regard.

I want to run, but I am afraid of being caught by Jinhe, but if I don’t run, sooner or later, Jinhe’s appetite will grow more and more on the first day.

Then it will be him who will die.

Jin did not care what the bullseye thought, felt the power in his body, and Jin He’s ambition also expanded.

But Kim is different from the others, don’t look at him fat like a pig, but in fact he is an underworld emperor.

He doesn’t look very smart, but in fact Kim is very smart and scheming.

Knowing how to develop low-key is king.

“How is Chen Haonan doing recently?” Kim asked towards the bullseye.

Chen Haonanjin has not forgotten, after all, as his own nemesis, for this nemesis who appeared out of thin air.

While Jin He was a little worried, he also knew very well that he was not qualified to go head-to-head with Chen Haonan now.

“Chen Haonan seems to have been collecting that green crystal fragment recently.” Bullseye said cautiously, afraid of angering Jin, who ate him as a snack.

“Oh?” With a trace of essence in his eyes, Jin He was keenly aware of the importance of the Jade of the Four Souls.

The most important thing is that he has it himself, and now he is also considered a superhuman, although Jin was also a person at the peak among humans before.

But it’s just human, not superhuman.

Now that Jin has officially stepped into the realm of transhuman, Jin knows better what the green crystal fragment does.

Just while Kim and thinking.

Bullseye subconsciously looked out the window and saw a man standing on the rooftop building opposite, and the man who looked at the moon angrily grew his mouth.

Jin He also looked over, Rao is Jin and has seen a lot of knowledge, such a famous scene is the first time.

Does this man have some big cat disease?

Crescent Sky Chong ???

It was the Motherland who returned from Boston, first where Superman ate deflated, and then where Diana ate again.

Full of anger, he had nowhere to vent, he could only come up to the top of the building.

“Who is this person?” Bullseye looked at this person with some familiarity.

“Motherlandman, five-star general of the United Gang government, the executive officer who took the lead in registering the Transhumane Act.” Jin said slowly.

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American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

American comics The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: American comics: The mastermind behind the scenes summons Heidi at the beginning!

This is the world of American comics! Here is Gotham City with simple folk customs and Arkham, a land of outstanding people! There are also Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Thor... Chen Haonan walked on the streets of New York, transformed into a unicorn demon, and killed Jin Bing with a knife. There is only one underground emperor in New York, and that is me, Chen Haonan! Thor, the god of thunder, and Thor, the Shiba Inu, were fighting fiercely in the sky above New York. The old call comes from the sea! The Gotham Joker has completely transformed into a source of chaos! Jin Shining stands on a street lamp in New York, with the golden space surging behind him! Blackbeard shattered half of the New York sky! Heidai held the holy sword, and the dark red light beam pierced the sky! ....... "Today is another day of nuclear peace. By the way, does this little brother want to buy this knife? It can summon meteors!" Lu Yuze squinted his eyes slightly and smiled like a fox, looking at the knife he just pulled out of the system. Flowing Star Meteor Knife! This is a story about a manipulator system behind the scenes causing trouble in the world of American comics!


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