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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 110

“A belt I’ve never seen before! Could it be that the Holy Lord of Truth can also become Kamen Rider? ”
“The power of the Almighty Fantasy Harness Book should be able to defeat the Kamen Rider Eternal in front of him, right?”
“Laughing to death, still expecting the Holy Lord of Truth? This is a jumping beam clown, just luck to become the Holy Lord of Truth! Nothing strong! ”
“You’re the jumping beam clown, aren’t you? The Holy Lord of Truth received his Ph.D. from Princeton at the age of nineteen! Do you have this ability~? ”
“What’s so great about a doctor? The Ph.D. next to me is not yet going to work for elementary school graduates! ”
“Nineteen years old Ph.D., think about how it is possible! I didn’t graduate from nineteen colleges! It must be that he paid a lot of money! The American education system is really rotten! ”
Looking at Yan Shenghui’s actions.
Someone is expecting, someone is jealous, someone is cynic!
But Yan Shenghui simply closed the Almighty Power Fantasy Control Book and inserted it into the Destruction Drive!
Then your fingers gently flick over the surface of the Almighty Force Fantasy Mastery Book!
The Almighty Fantasy Driving Book suddenly turned the page!
A huge all-powerful fantasy control book fell from the sky and fell behind Yan Shenghui!
The moment this big book was opened-
It seems to open a door to another world!
Everyone knows that it is the fantasy world!
Flames, lightning, smoke…
The world was full of secrets, full of sacredness, and full of power, something suddenly came out of the book, and then enveloped Yan Shenghui’s body!
Countless golden rays condensed towards Yan Shenghui’s body!
The world seems to have changed!
Above the original dark night, it was full of gold and silver light!
It seems to be preaching the birth of what exists!
Yan Shenghui’s body.
A sacred and noble gold and silver armor was formed!
Behind, there is a red cloak like a flame!
“OPENTHEOMNIBUS! (Open the anthology!) )
With the sound effect full of kingly breath!
The figure of Kamen Rider Solomon appeared in front of everyone!
【Let’s celebrate! Kamen Rider Solomon was born! 】
[This is the basic form of Kamen Rider Solomon who uses the “Destruction Drive Buckle” and the “Almighty Power Fantasy Driving Book” to transform! ] 】
[The armor lodges the power of “Almighty Power”, and uses the spirit of the shapeshifter as food to give the shapeshifter the same power as the omniscient and all-powerful! ] 】
[Under the circuit constructed by the power of the Almighty Force, armor and weapons can cause strong celestial changes! ]
And it can intricately combine different inheritance forces to bring a wide range of immeasurable impacts! 】
[The golden armor on the body can accumulate and control a large number of inheritance powers, and can cast abilities such as the outbreak of prison inflammation, the rupture of space, the stagnation of air flow operation, and the deployment of ultra-high load fields. ] 】
[The silver outer armor is made of special steel that can react to thinking! ] Shapeshifters only need strong thoughts to make movements beyond their own physical abilities! 】
[And you can summon the divine beasts that reside in the book from the Almighty Power Fantasy Control Book and control them at will.] 】
[The cloak on the body is made of unstable substances from two different worlds, and its special ability invalidates the enemy’s attack by flowing into another world! ] 】
“Kamen Rider Solomon! Kamen Rider who controls the power of the Almighty! Sounds very powerful! ”
“It’s actually called Kamen Rider Solomon! Solomon was the monarch of the Jewish nation! He is of Chinese descent, how can He De call this name! ”
“Hmph! Kamen Rider Solomon is certainly not Kamen Rider’s eternal opponent! We Jews don’t like him! ”
Yan Sheng’s acceptance of the name of Kamen Rider Solomon immediately caused dissatisfaction among some people of the Jewish nation.
In their minds.
Solomon was the monarch of the Jewish nation and possessed extraordinary wisdom.
Moreover, the capital Jerusalem was built into a holy city, became a center of worship for Jewism, and was also regarded as a holy place by Christianity and Islam.
Such great people, great titles.
How can there be a Chinese person to take the role?
However, Yan Shengshui didn’t care what they thought.
He just transformed and stood proudly.
“Let’s do it! I’ll give you a chance to get your hands dirty! ”
Yan Sheng looked at Kamen Rider Eternal and said.
“Do you look down on me? Look down on me, but you have to pay a price! ”
Kamen Rider Eternal listened to Yan Shenghui’s words, and his eyes narrowed.
“BloodyHellB1ade! Blood Hell Slash! ”
Kamen Rider Eternal instantly teleported to Yan Shengshu’s face.
Start using your own special moves!
He pulled his eternal memory body out of his belt.
Fill your Eternal Memory on your own Eternal Dagger!
Then pull the trigger!
Accompanied by “Eterna1! MaximumDrive! (Eternal!) Extreme Drive)” sound!
A large amount of blue energy winds around the Eternal Dagger!
These blue energies quickly gather on the knife body!
A blue blade of light was formed!
Quickly slashed towards Yan Shenghui’s body!
Look at the distorted space around this light blade.
Otherwise, imagine the terrifying energy contained in this light blade!
Countless people were looking at Yan Shenghui.
I want to see how he fends off the opponent’s attack!
In the eyes of everyone who contains all kinds of emotions.
Yan Shengshu faces Kamen Rider’s eternal special move.
Just unhurriedly close the “Almighty Force Fantasy Driving Book” on the “Broken Drive Buckle” and open it again!
But his movements seem unhurried.
But it was done in a short time!
“OmnibusLng! (Full Episode Loaded)” sounded!
Yan Shenghui triggers the button on the “Broken Drive Buckle” again once.
Accompanied by “SolomonBreak! “Sound effect –
His left hand instantly gathered a large amount of dark red energy!
When Kamen Rider’s Eternal Lightblade arrives!
These dark red energies instantly engulfed all the energy on their light blades!
And then.
An identical azure light blade actually shot towards Kamen Rider’s eternal body!
Kamen Rider’s eternal chest suddenly burst into a spark!
The whole person took several steps back towards the rear!
But he quickly stabilized his figure.
First encounter.
Kamen Rider Eternal Falls!
“I know! Kamen Rider Eternal is no match for the Holy Lord of Truth at all! Haha, the righteous side is stronger than the evil side! ”
“Kamen Rider Solomon is really powerful! It seems that the museum will not be a match for the Sword of Truth! ”
“What are you in a hurry? That’s it! Obviously, Kamen Rider Eternal has not yet moved the real thing! Not to mention that Utopian Doping and Aurora Doping are still on the side! ”
“You’re in a hurry, right? So much hope that the museum will win and belittle the Holy Lord of Truth, what kind of heart do you have? ”
Watching Kamen Rider suffer eternally, the barrage suddenly became lively.
Many people seem to see hope!
“You really are strong! However, I am invincible! ”
Kamen Rider Eternal looked at Yan Shenghui, took a deep breath, and then a powerful energy burst out from his eyes!
“NeverEndingHe11! (A hell that never ends!) )”
Kamen Rider Eternal’s surroundings suddenly changes in weather!
The wind swept through, the rain poured down, and the ground shook!
Everyone can feel it.
The energy of heaven and earth is rushing towards Kamen Rider’s eternal body!
That’s an enduring energy!
That’s an energy that has gone through all that!
It is an eternal power alone!
“What! I feel the power of eternity! ”
Odin’s eyes narrowed suddenly.
A terrifying aura actually spread from Midgard to the entire Nine Realms!
Odin was absolutely sure.
That is one of the five creation gods of the universe – eternal power!
It’s just that it’s much smaller than the eternal power!
Eternity, death, infinity, destruction and star devouring!
These five gods are not gods like him!
They have the ultimate power to manipulate multiverse space-time, create and destroy the universe!
It is the most powerful force in the universe after the embodiment of existence!
If you can get their power, you are definitely a super strong person in the universe!
“He, he can actually get eternal power! Why, and how is it done? What happened to Gaia? ”
Odin was surprised. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
Icy universe!
A planet that obviously has advanced technology, but is extremely decaying!
A purple figure with a large and muscular body seemed to sense something.
He looked in the direction of the solar system, his eyes flickering slightly.
“Eternal power!”
Thanos spoke gently, and there seemed to be some doubts in his eyes:
“Why is it there?”
0 ask for flowers
“Your Majesty, it seems that you have some doubts!”
Just when Thanos was wondering.
A thin, old but very elegant body came to his side.
“That’s right! Ebony throat, I sensed the power belonging to the Eternal Ancient God in that direction extremely far away! ”
Thanos looked at the figure in front of him.
It is his loyal subordinates –
The ebony throat, one of the five generals of Obsidian!
“Then it means that eternity has appeared over there!”
Ebony throat is the wisest of the Obsidian Five, and the reserve of knowledge is rarely matched.
So Thanos also often listens to his advice.
“Where is it?”
Thanos frowned slightly: “What kind of civilization does it have?” ”
“I don’t know! But it seems to be an ancient civilization too! ”
Ebony Throat said.
“Forget it! Eternity has nothing to do with me! ”
Thanos shook his head and said:
“In this universe, resources and population do not match at all! My plan, perhaps, will speed up the process! ”
“The location of the six cosmic gems, have you found it?”
Thanos looked at Ebony Throat.
Ebony throat looked in the direction just now:
“It’s like… Also in that direction! ”
The vast universe of Titan where Thanos is located is not known how many light years.
It’s empty, there’s nothing!
It’s like a cosmic wasteland!
But this is the kind of place.
Several huge figures slowly began to emerge!
They couldn’t see their faces clearly, their bodies were like human figures, they were very tall, and they wore colorful armor!
One by one, mysterious!
This is one of the earliest life races born in the universe – the Celestial God Group!
“I sensed that on that planet, there is an eternal power!”
A group of celestial gods raised their hands and pointed to Earth a million billion light years away.
“Eternity… What to go to Earth for? That’s our territory! ”
A group of gods had a bad tone.
“The new Celestial God Group is about to be born there, right?”
“We can’t let the rest of the gods ruin our plans!”
“Start the Eternals! It’s time to play their part! ”
The Tenjin group finished whispering.
Then one by one the bodies disappeared in this desolate universe.
It’s like they’ve never been here!
“NeverEndingHe11! (A hell that never ends!) )”
“Eterna1! MaximumDrive! (Eternal!) Extreme drive! )”
I didn’t know that the leakage of the Eternal Power caused so much attention in the universe!
Kamen Rider Eternal held this Eternal Dagger and sent his strongest special move towards Yan Shengshui!
The Eternal Dagger is packed with super eternal power!
Then a huge green destruction ball of light was formed!
The energy contained in the ball of light actually made the surrounding space tremble a little!
Face Kamen Rider Eternal’s strongest kill.
Yan Shenghui didn’t dare to be careless!
He closed the Almighty Power Fantasy Driving Book on the Destruction Drive and opened it again!
In “OmnibusLng! (Full collection loaded!) After the sound effect sounded!
Quickly trigger the button on the broken drive twice!
Accompanied by “Solomon Strash! (Solomon Shock)”!
A crossed dark red sword qi was suddenly released from the spiral sword!
The sword qi and the huge green destruction ball of light shot by Kamen Rider Eternal collided!
It was like a nuclear bomb exploding in the middle of the battle between the two!
Blinding light occupies everyone’s field of vision!
The collision of the power of all-powerful and the power of eternity is terrifying!
A huge mushroom cloud rises up at the place where the two are fighting!
Huge waves of qi surged around!
“Hurry up and save people!”
In the distance, Harvey and the others felt the power of this qi wave.
They immediately rushed towards the people who were still inside the factory.
Take it out of the reach of the engagement!
The people of the Motherland who originally wanted to run.
Looking at what they did, it seemed like it was a good opportunity to save their image.
Immediately help them move the masses!
Wait until the crowd has just moved!
The huge air wave will already come to the factory from the back mountain!
In an instant, hundreds of meters high chimneys, factory buildings, reactors, walls, substations …
Everything in the factory was destroyed in an instant!
And this wave of qi is still blasting towards the distance!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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