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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 114

“The Knight Grand Prix has begun! This time the battlefield is back in New York! The swordsmen are here! ”
“It’s been a long time since I saw the swordsman against Migiddo! Looking forward to a new Kamen Rider! ”
“Alas! After seeing the power of museums, I have little to expect from Megiddo! Megiddo’s power is much weaker than that of a doped! ”
“Oh my God, so many Megiddo, can Kamen Rider handle it?”
“Oh? Kamen Rider Hengjian and Kamen Rider Sabre actually went to battle! It seems that the Sword of Truth is indeed not enough in number! ”
The audience was talking and watching the Knight’s Grand Prix begin.
I saw the scene.
The four of Stellius, Zios, Rachel, and Kamen Rider Sword faced Kamen Rider Constant Sword and Kamen Rider Sword.
Six men fought together.
The goddess brothers and sisters are at ease!
A secluded park.
Kamen Rider King Sword and Kamen Rider Sword are fighting each other!
The pink and purple-black energy is constantly stirring!
The roof of a building.
Catastrophe and Kamen Rider Sword Slash fought while talking to each other in trash talk.
Whenever the perspective turns to the two of them, parents always take the opportunity to cover the children’s ears and eyes.
And Johnny, Blindspot, Ben three.
He began chasing six Goblin Migiddo, ready to defeat them!
“I’m here to help!”
Just when the three of them felt struggling.
A heroic figure arrived quickly!
Wonder Woman Diana, arrived!
I saw her holding the Vulcan Sword in one hand and the Divine Power Shield in the other.
Charge at a goblin Migiddo!
The Vulcan sword slashed heavily on Goblin Megiddo’s chest, instantly splitting it out!
Diana raised her divine shield and struck Goblin Migiddo’s chest in the same position!
Sparks are everywhere!
Dust is everywhere!
The concrete road in the city center fell apart in an instant!
Goblin Migiddo’s body is deep in the ground!
Although Diana can’t beat the museum high-level such as Aurora Doping.
But against an ordinary Megiddo, there is still no problem!
Not only that.
A large number of strangely dressed people also joined the battle.
They are all bells and whistles, but they have unique 450 powers!
Temporarily restricts the actions of Goblin Megiddo!
“It’s the superheroes of the Walt Group!”
“The Walt Group is also here to help!”
“Cool! Queen Maeve is here with a host of superheroes! ”
A slim but sturdy figure burst out with a punch!
Fly the goblin Migiddo in front of you!
Queen Maeve looked at Wonder Woman on the other side.
Wonder Woman also immediately looked over.
The two people are dressed in a somewhat similar style.
In terms of power, Wonder Woman is even stronger.
But in defense, Queen Maeve is superior!
It seems that the two are equally divided.
But Wonder Woman’s face and figure are still much better than Queen Maeve!
Queen Maeve is unhappy with this new superhero who has stolen her limelight.
She waved her fist and vented her dissatisfaction on Goblin Migiddo!
Seeing this, Diana seemed to know what the other party meant.
She smiled softly, then shook her head and ran to the goblin Migiddo on the other side!
This time the Knight Grand Prix is going in a good direction!
A goblin Migiddo quickly got up from the ground.
Then I opened the blank driving book in my hand!
The whole space is brought into a fantasy world!
“Wait! Something seems to be wrong! ”
“Why are there six pillars of light?”
Everyone discovered the abnormality this time!
I saw six pillars of light appear in six different neighborhoods of the city!
Each pillar of light corresponds to the position of a goblin Migiddo!
“This time there are six blocks, and I have been pulled into the fantasy world!”
Johnny and others soon discovered this peculiar phenomenon.
But they also don’t understand what is going on!
“Don’t care how many blocks there are, it’s still the same as before! As long as you destroy the alternative driving book, you can take the real world out of the fantasy world! ”
Daqin Temple said to several people:
“Quickly solve Goblin Migiddo!”
“Got it!”
Johnny nodded quickly.
The Goblin Migidor in front of him has begun!
“Fire Flame Tornado Slash!”
“Kill to finish reading!”
“Agni draws the knife!
Two volumes chopped!
A pair of huge energy wings appeared behind Johnny!
The energy wings waved, rolling up a firestorm!
Johnny himself jumped into the storm!
Turn into a flame tornado and slash at Goblin Megiddo!
Goblin Migiddo’s body instantly exploded and disappeared into this world!
Finish solving Goblin Migiddo.
Johnny was relieved.
But he suddenly noticed that the fiery sword in his hand flickered!
Then when he looked up, he was surprised to find that the pillar of light on his head turned red like flames!
“What’s going on?”
Johnny was stunned, not knowing what was happening.
“Water potential chop!”
The other side.
Kamen Rider Sword Blade also launched a special kill against the Goblin Migidor in front of him.
“Kill and read through!”
“Flowing water pulls the knife!
Lion! PeterFan
Two volumes chopped!
The clear water slashes the goblin Migidor in front of him with a sword!
“Water potential sword flowing water!”
And the blind spots are also felt.
Your own water potential sword flashes on the water!
He held his head high.
But it turned the pillar of light in the sky into a blue like a water potential sword!
“What’s going on?”
Blind spots are also confusing.
“Big break!”
Ben held the local tyrant sword and stirred the earth, and used his special skill to directly blast the goblin Migidor in front of him!
But after solving each other.
The local tyrant sword actually shines on the earth!
The pillar of light in which he was in suddenly turned into a brown like a local tyrant’s sword!
Ben raised his head, a little confused for a while!
“Look at the move!”
On the roof.
Catastrophe and Deadpool are at war!
Deadpool deliberately sold a flaw to exchange injuries for injuries.
The Wind Double Sword Jade Wind directly knocked out the natural disaster!
The natural disaster fell from the hundred-meter-tall building and smashed on the ground.
Smashed the cement pavement into a big hole!
Catastrophe immediately stood up and looked at Deadpool with trepidation.
“Hey, hey! You little shitshell boy, be stunned! See how I solve you! ”
Deadpool smiled triumphantly.
“Swift Wind Sword Dance Second Company!”
“Emerald Wind Speed Read! Endure! Endure and endure~! ”
Deadpool turned into a whirlwind and quickly slashed towards the natural disaster!
But I saw the natural disaster that was originally standing still, and flashed!
Deadpool’s special move fell on the goblin Megidor behind the natural disaster! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
Goblin Migiddo exploded directly!
And on the wind double sword emerald wind, there is also a light.
The pillar of light here turned green!
“Idiot! You’re really fooled! What a fool! ”
Tianji smiled proudly, not at all embarrassed before.
He also deliberately sold flaws and led Deadpool to be deceived!
Deadpool suddenly looked overhead.
The green pillar of light made him stunned for a while.
Myself, it seems that I have done something wrong!
“Leave it alone! Solve your shell man first! ”
Deadpool frantically swung his sword and quickly attacked towards the natural disaster!
“Hand over your Dark Sword Moon Secret! You don’t deserve it! ”
Daqinji raised the sonic sword tin sound gun mode, and shot light bullets with dessert elements at the Kamen Rider King Sword non-stop.
Casillas laughed while blocking:
“If you can, take it off me!”
“Hmph! Then I’ll beat you first! ”
The speed of Daqin Temple shooting was much faster.
Casillas seemed to be unaware for a moment, and was shot in the chest!
“Good opportunity!”
Looking at Casillas, whose body had paused, Daqin Temple’s eyes lit up.
“BeatLolipopper! (Lollipop Crit!) )”
“Hansenatz and Grete! YeahYeahYeah! ”
“Tin pronunciation! YeahYeahYeah!! ”
The sweet energy suddenly converged on the muzzle of the sound gun sword tin sound gun playing mode!
Then shoot a huge light bullet containing dessert elements at Casillas!
Right at this moment.
Casillas’s body turned rapidly!
The energy light bullet did not hit Casillas’s body.
Instead, it hit the goblin Migiddo behind Casillas!
Goblin Migiddo’s body exploded.
But Daqin Temple was keenly aware.
On his own sound gun sword tin sound, a burst of light flashed!
The pillar of light in front of him also turned the same pink as the sound gun sword Xiyin!
“What’s going on? Why does the pillar of light change the color of the holy sword every time a Migiddo is knocked down? ”
“Could it be that the Megiddos have some kind of conspiracy?”
Watch the aberrations on the field.
The audience was also puzzled.
“We seem to have been fooled!”
Johnny, Blindspot, and Ben came together.
Looking at the scene in front of them, several people didn’t know what happened!
“It’s all done! Kamen Rider Sword, it’s up to you! ”
Suddenly, a burst of wild laughter rang out.
Everyone looked at the Stellius who was fighting with Kamen Rider’s sword.
They are looking proud, and it seems that some scheme has succeeded!
In the eyes of everyone’s surprise.
I saw that the Kamen Rider sword was impressively separated from the battlefield on the side.
The yellow thunder flashed on his body, and he came to the last goblin Megiddo at a very fast speed.
“Sun Thunder!”
The slash containing the power of yellow thunder mercilessly slammed into Goblin Megiddo’s body!
The last goblin Migiddo, was also wiped out!
The Thunder Sword Yellow Thunder really shone brightly!
And the last pillar of light turned the same yellow as the thunder sword yellow thunder!
And when the six pillars of light lit up in unison!
A huge pillar of light appeared in the center of the six pillars of light!
“What’s going on? Another world has appeared in the sky! ”
“Oh my God! Fantasy world! It’s a fantasy world! The appearance of the fantasy world is revealed! ”
“Why did the fantasy world appear in front of us?”
The pupils of the crowd vibrate.
I saw that after the light pillar in the center lit up!
There was suddenly a huge passage above the pillar of light!
A corner of a huge world appeared in front of everyone’s eyes!
“Haha! Thank you, Kamen Rider! ”
I saw Stelius slowly speak, looking at everyone with a mocking face:
“At the moment!
The fire energy of Kamen Rider’s Holy Blade.
Kamen Rider Sword Blade’s Water Energy.
Kamen Rider Sword Flash’s Sound Energy.
Kamen Rider Sword Slash’s Wind Energy.
Kamen Rider Great Sword’s Earth Energy.
The thunder energy of Kamen Rider’s sword.
The energy of these six holy swords has been collected with your help!
The door to this fantasy world has finally opened! ”
Stelius burst into a wild laugh:
“Look! Look at how this world is engulfed by the fantasy world!
The real world is extinguished! ”
“The real world is dying!!”
Hear the words of Stellius.
Everyone immediately had a pupil earthquake!
They don’t think that Stelius is untargeted!
“Liar, huh? The real world is going to perish? Must be lying to me! ”
“Groove! I took a nap and the end of the world came? ”
“Destruction is good! This way my mortgage and car loan don’t have to be repaid! ”
“The world must not be destroyed! I just bought a private jet and yacht! I only sat down once! ”
Hearing Stellius’s words, the reaction of the crowd was mixed.
But panic is the emotion brewing most in the crowd!
Right now.
The distant voice of the Knight Grand Prix live broadcast room also sounded.
[Megiddo’s laid down the formation! ] With the power of six holy swords with different attributes, the door to the fantasy world was opened! 】
[If you don’t destroy all the pillars of light in front of you as soon as possible, stop the invasion of the fantasy world! ] The entire real world will be assimilated by the invaded fantasy world! 】
[When the real world and the fantasy world are integrated, the real world will completely perish! ] 】
The words of the Knight Grand Prix live broadcast room undoubtedly confirm the words of Megiddo!
This world is really on the verge of extinction!!
“The world … It’s going to perish! ”
Kamen Riders look at the more and more fantasy worlds that appear.
His eyes slowly became firm.
“Then fight! Cut off all the pillars of light! ”
Johnny roared.
With the help of his original flame power, he quickly slashed towards the pillar of light in the sky!
When his fiery sword slashed at the pillar of light!
The pillar of light does not move!
Not even a trace!
“Haha! Useless! Your power is to cut the pillar of light in front of you! ”
Stelius looked at Johnny, but mocked.
“I’ll come too!”
The crowd does not believe in evil.
Immediately, one by one, they launched all their might, trying to destroy the pillar of light!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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