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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 29

“Didn’t you say before that Kamen Rider affected the popularity of the Super Seven?”
Yan Shenghui looked at Annie speechlessly.
Two days ago, she also felt that Kamen Rider affected the popularity of the Super Seven.
Now, he wants to join the Knight Grand Prix and become a Kamen Rider.
This woman also changed her face too quickly!
“Before, because I didn’t know about Kamen Rider!”
Hearing Yan Shenghui’s words, Annie snorted arrogantly.
Like a kitten, he arched in Yan Shenghui’s arms, and then said with a smile:
“Now, after the blind spot has become Kamen Rider, I find that becoming a Kamen Rider and becoming a Super Seven do not seem to conflict!”
Annie looked at Yan Shenghui with a gossip color:
“You know what? They all say that the Lamplighter will soon be quitting the Super Seven!
Then, change from the blind spot of Kamen Rider’s blade to supplement the position of the lamplighter! ”
There was a longing look in Annie’s eyes:
“Then after I become Kamen Rider, can I also become a Super Seven?”
“Yes! I believe that you can take the place of the Motherland! ”
Yan Sheng pouted.
“Well, you dare to laugh at me!”
Hearing Yan Shenghui’s words, Annie suddenly opened her teeth and danced her claws at him.
“How, do you want to overcome me? The day before yesterday, you lost! ”
Yan Shenghui looked at Annie with disdain.
“Hmph! That’s my mom coming out of nowhere! Today you wait, my mom went to school for a meeting today!
Today I will definitely ask you for mercy! ”
Annie viciously pounced on Yan Shenghui!
Walt Building.
“Welcome, blind spot! No, Kamen Rider Sword Blade! ”
Edgar, who was the president of the Walt Group at the time, looked at the blind young man in front of him and stretched out his big hand.
“Thank you! Mr! Although the blind spot was not visible, Edgar’s voice he could accurately discern.
This is undoubtedly the current top leader of the Walt Group!
I shook Edgar’s hand.
“Welcome to Super Seven, Blind Spot!”
On the other side, a mighty figure came to the blind spot.
The Motherland stretched out his hand and tightly held the palm of the blind spot.
The blind spot feels like being held in the palm of your hand like a big brother of a large family.
Then, this big brother intimately took his hand and brought himself into the big family!
The blind spot feels incomparably warm and happy.
“Welcome! Blind spot! ”
Watch the Motherland intimately lead the blind spot to the conference table.
The rest of the Super Seven also stood up and applauded warmly.
Queen Maeve, Locomotive, Deep Sea, Transparent Man, Lamplighter, Dark Color.
Lined up unanimously, whether the heart is willing or not, several people warmly welcome the arrival of blind spots!
“Thank you!”
The blind spot is very naïve, and I think that I really entered some true, good, and beautiful justice organization.
“I’m the lamplighter, Blindspot, I’m glad you’re here!”
When the blind spot sat down, the lamplighter lovingly held the blind spot’s arm.
He helped the Walt Group do a lot of dirty things, so much so that he couldn’t care about it in his heart.
So, he wanted to quit the Super Seven and stay away from the center of power.
“Lamplighter, I…”
Blind spots are somewhat ashamed.
He knew he would take the place of the lamplighter.
He didn’t know how to talk to the other person.
He felt that it was because of his own reasons that the Walt Group kicked the lighter out of the position of the Super Seven.
“Don’t be sorry to me! I myself am going to quit the Super Seven! ”
The lamplighter comforted the blind spot and smiled
“You’re going to have to come on later! Super Seven isn’t an easy way to stay! ”
The tone and expression of the lamplighter were somewhat meaningful.
But the blind spot is because of the excitement, but it does not understand.
Looking at the blind spot that quickly integrated into the few people, Edgar, president of the Walt Group, and Madeleine, vice president, looked at each other and smiled.
New York Aerospace Research Base.
“Sister! Reid, Ben! ”
Johnny looked at the three people who arrived by plane and ran over excitedly.
“Johnny! You did a great job! ”
Susan praised her brother.
Johnny’s performance in New York was seen by everyone.
Timely reinforcements saved New York from the ravages of the disaster.
Susan is proud!
“Because of you, the laboratory here is willing to provide us with a stable environment and let me give Ben the antidote to recovery!”
Reid and Ben also looked at Johnny gratefully.
“That’s wonderful!”
Johnny looked at Ben happily.
All four of them were exposed to cosmic rays in space.
But the three of them are no different from ordinary people when their bodies do not use superpowers.
Only Ben, who was working outside the space station at that time, received the most exposure to his body.
Turning into this stone man caused a lot of trouble to his life.
Even his fiancée left because she couldn’t accept his appearance.
It can be said that he lived the worst of the four!
Just when Johnny was about to say something.
“Wait, the Knight Grand Prix begins!”
Susan suddenly took out her phone.
Sure enough, there was movement in the live broadcast room of the Knight Grand Prix!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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