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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 81

“Go and die! Megiddo! ”
The violent doper angrily attacked the two ducks Megiddo!
The chain ball in his hand suddenly slammed into the two duck Migiddo.
Smash two ducks Megiddo to the top, dodge everywhere!
Everyone was surprised to find out.
The live broadcast room of the Knight Grand Prix watching has a new change!
“What’s going on, I have a new live broadcast room here! What’s going on? ”
“The third live room appeared! Is something going to happen? ”
“Everyone look at the third live broadcast room, there is a huge surprise!”
The Knight Grand Prix originally had two live broadcast rooms.
One is to watch Megiddo’s battle with Kamen Rider.
One is watching inside the Sword of Truth base.
Generally speaking.
Only the first live room can be accessed at any time.
The live broadcast room about the Sword of Truth base is rarely opened and cannot be entered.
But now.
Behind the two live broadcast rooms, there is an extra live broadcast room!
Some people who observed this immediately clicked in.
Then I heard the familiar distant voice resounding from this live broadcast room!
The picture of the live broadcast room has also become a violent doper of the fighting!
[Due to the detection of the presence of a new monster, the Dope, the New Knight Grand Prix live broadcast room has been opened for you! ] 】
[At the same time, the second phase of the Knight Grand Prix officially opened! ] 】
The screen in the live broadcast room turned.
It became a U-like silhouette.
[The theme of the second issue of the Knight Grand Prix: Criminals and Detectives! ] 】
[Target opponent: User of Demon Memory – “Four Seven Three” – Dopant! ] 】
“Doping, what is that? Could it be that this person has transformed? ”
“Criminals and detectives! If the doped is a criminal, is the detective Kamen Rider? ”
“I love criminals and detectives so much! Detective Conan, Kaneda Ichi Shōnen Incident Book, how many times have I seen it! This Knight Grand Prix is about to begin! ”
It seems that the call of the people is heard.
The picture in the live room of the Knight Grand Prix has changed again.
The distant voice was introduced again.
【Our earth has its own unique memory! 】
[It will also save everything on the earth as data with things just like we save data!] 】
[We generally call it – Gaia consciousness!] 】
The graph of the globe is displayed in the live broadcast room.
Then it was as if the earth had been dissected, turning the earth into a bunch of special data!
“I’ve heard this! According to legend, Gaia is the name of Mother Earth! ”
“What? Does Gaia, the Mother Earth, really exist? My God, what shocking news! ”
“Gaia consciousness! Sounds like a great guy! ”
Compared to the great book of Genesis in the first issue.
The Gaia consciousness of the second issue is more acceptable to the audience!
There are already Gaia legends and stories on Earth!
Gaia consciousness, also studied!
[Decades ago, by chance, someone inadvertently opened the well of the earth connected to Gaia’s consciousness, and they discovered the secret of the earth’s memory! ] 】
A large well full of green appeared in front of everyone.
At the edge of the green well is a group of people who can’t see clearly!
[In order to harness the power of Earth’s memory, this group of people set up a mysterious organization, the Museum! ] 】
[They concentrated their intelligence, extracted the earth’s memory, and sealed it into a special container with a special program! ] 】
[This birth container is called Gaia memory! ] 】
One by one, silhouettes like U appeared in front of everyone.
They look similar, but the colors are different from the monogram on them!
“Ah, it turns out that he used Gaia memory, I thought it was U!”
“No wonder I just inserted U into the meat and couldn’t turn into a monster, so I made a mistake!”
“Gaia memory! What a fitting name! Inside is a sealed memory of the earth! ”
“What kind of organization is a museum? How can there be this technology to extract the memory of the earth? It must be a ghost of the Jews! ”
People immediately understood the origin of Gaia’s memory!
“Supreme Mage, is what he said true? Does the God of Gaia really exist? ”
Karma Taj.
When the magicians heard this, they quickly came to Gu Yi to inquire.
After all, Gu Yi is omniscient and omniscient in their minds!
“Gaia, Mother Earth, does exist!”
In the doubtful gaze of all the magicians, I saw Gu Yi nodded slightly.
Confirmed by Gu Yi, all the magicians were immediately surprised!
“It’s just that the power of this Gaia memory is also somewhat beyond my understanding!”
Furuichi frowned slightly.
She naturally knew about the existence of Gaia, the mother of the earth.
The other party is one of the ancient gods who once ruled the world!
She is still a little unfamiliar with Gaia’s power.
Gu Yi couldn’t help but continue watching.
“What? Extract Gaia consciousness! No wonder I can’t contact Gaia! It turns out that you guys did it! ”
The wrath of God King Odin resounded through the palace!
Gaia, the mother of the earth, was once his lover!
At the same time, she is also the biological mother of Thor, the god of thunder!
It’s just that it was later given to the god queen Frigga to raise.
Odin was immediately exasperated.
Due to the powerful power that belonged to the Holy Lord of Truth released by Yan Shenghui last time.
Odin began to pay attention to Midgard’s affairs.
And learned about the broadcast of the Knight Grand Prix!
So he specially got a mobile phone from the earth, then stole the WiFi signal of the earth and began to watch the live broadcast of the Knight’s Grand Prix.
And re-watched the content that had been broadcast before.
I learned about the Book of Greatness, as well as the Fantasy Driving Book and the story of Megiddo.
I also know about the existence of Kamen Rider!
He also wants to see how far Kamen Rider’s power can go!
But now it’s time to look back at a new issue.
Let him know that there are humans who are actually stealing Gaia’s power?
Odin suddenly felt that God’s dignity was offended!
But think of the vows he once made.
Consider your current strength.
Odin could only dispel the idea of going to Earth and uprooting the mastermind behind the museum.
He could only continue to watch angrily –
[Gaia memory, because it seals the memory of the earth, it has great power! ] 】
[In order to use this power, the museum inserts Gaia memory into each other after a specific interface surgery! ] 】
[In this way, humans can complete the transformation towards doped bodies! ] 】
A man sat quietly and was subjected to a minor operation by several masked men in black suits with a unique piece of machinery. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
Then he picked up a Gaia memory and inserted it into the interface of the operation!
This person’s body suddenly swelled, twisted, and turned into a doped body!
The process is exactly the same as the Mohican man just now!
Then, this doping body wreaked havoc on the building in front of it!
A building made of reinforced concrete.
Under the full destruction of this doped.
It only lasted a few minutes before it completely collapsed!
This is something that no number of tanks can do in a short time!
“What a strong force! Can you use Gaia memory to gain this power? ”
“Such a strong force? This is not a demon memory, but a realizer of my dreams! ”
“If I get such a thing, no one should dare to bully me when I go to school, right?”
“Don’t worry, with this thing, the police have to raise their hands towards you!”
The terrifying energy contained in Gaia’s memory immediately attracted the love of countless people.
Can you get such a powerful power, just turn into a monster?
And turning into a monster, what’s so great?
What a cool thing!
But just when everyone yearned for the power of Gaia’s memory.
The picture in front of you changes again!
The doped body that had been destroying suddenly changed back to human form.
Then he began to cough up blood, collapsed weakly to the ground, and finally died directly!
[However, it corresponds to a powerful force! ] Gaia memory contains violent toxins! 】
[If the user has strong negative emotions such as anger or hatred, it will react with the toxin and make the user lose control! ] 】
[In addition, because minors are more pure in spirit and body than adults, if the Gaia memory is given to minors for use, the memory will evolve rapidly, and at the same time, the user will lose control and even die due to the thirst for the power of the memory! ] 】
[Gaia memory is a very dangerous thing! ] So it’s called the devil’s memory! 】
“I’ll go, using memory is life-threatening! Then forget it, I’ll still wait for my holy sword! ”
“For me, this side effect is nothing! I still want to use Gaia memory to solve the guys who are bullying me! ”
“Minors don’t care so much! Minors just think that being a doping thing is—”
“Thai pants are spicy!”
Some people saw the side effects of Gaia’s memory and immediately dispelled the thoughts in their hearts……..
But there are still some people who still have a fanatical demand for Gaia’s memory.
Compared to the power brought by Gaia’s memory, this side effect is nothing at all!
What about out of control?
As long as you have strength, the life or death of others concerns you!
[Due to the side effects of Gaia’s memory, the interior of the museum began to split into two parts! ] 】
[Some people think that it is necessary to stop human trials of Gaia memory and wait until the side effects are eliminated before using it! ] 】
[Another part believes that it is necessary to continue and increase the human experiment of Gaia memory, so that the side effects of Gaia memory can be eliminated through a large number of individuals of ordinary people! ] 】
“What do you mean? It is to use the lives of ordinary people to do research, and then keep optimizing Gaia’s memory! ”
“Scary! No wonder there have been so many fewer homeless people in recent years, and it is estimated that they have all been arrested for human experiments! ”
“Indeed, a few of my friends have just lost contact with the United States! It is estimated that he was captured. ”
“Huh! The homeless man is of little use to society anyway, it is better to use it to save data for Gaia’s memory volume, which can also be regarded as a contribution to the progress of mankind! ”
Hearing the words in the live broadcast room, everyone was immediately shocked.
This reminds them of the movies and TV series they often watch.
The demonic scientists who experimented on human beings and led to disaster.
Of course.
There are also some who support human experimentation on homeless people.
They think that homeless people have no effect on society!
I don’t know about people’s quarrels.
The screen in the live broadcast room continues to change.
[The two parts of the museum are divided, and the people who support the use of ordinary people to continue human experimentation account for the majority! ] 】
[This part of the people expelled some people who did not agree to do human experiments, calling them traitors! ] 】
[And in order to prevent the defector from revealing the secrets of Gaia’s memory, the people of the museum hunted down the defector by giving ordinary people Gaia’s memory! ] 】
[In order to fight the dopeds who undermine the safety of the world, the Kamen Rider Alliance helps the renegades of the museum. 】
[And using the pure memory brought out by the defector, various Kamen Rider armor was created! ] 】
[Now, the dopeds have appeared in the city, and the devil’s Gaia memory has also begun to sell! ] 4.2】
[Please participate in the Knight Grand Prix and get the items to transform into Kamen Rider to deal with them! ] 】
[Kamen Rider Rider Grand Prix Phase 2: Criminals and Detectives, the first stage officially begins! ] 】
“The new Knight Grand Prix has begun! All at once, two races are going on at the same time! ”
“Blessed are the people of Hell’s Kitchen, two Knight Grand Prix races are held there at the same time at once!”
“Will two Knight Riders be born in two Knight Grand Prix?”
Hearing the start of the newly-themed Knight Grand Prix, the audience was thrilled!
Many people even use mobile phones and computers at the same time.
Watch two Knight’s Grand Prix in action at the same time!
But others have also found that two Knight Grand Prix live streams can be played together, and each occupies half of the screen!
It seems that the official Knight Grand Prix is for the sake of the audience at every turn!
The audience kept watching back and forth between the two battlefields!
A battlefield on one side.
Kamen Rider, armed with a holy sword, is fighting Migiddo and the rival Kamen Rider.
The battlefield on the other side.
Humans who turn into violent dopeds are also fighting two Megiddo!
“Brothers! Come and this little doped, maybe kill him and become a Kamen Rider! ”
“I recognize this guy, the boss of the Honey Badger Gang! Yesterday the Kangaroo Gang was swallowed up in the evening! It must have harnessed the power of Gaia’s memory! Let’s go up together and avenge the Kangaroo Gang! ”
“It’s not bad to get a Gaia memory if you don’t qualify for Kamen Rider! Kill! ”
A group of gangsters are lustful and actually move towards violent dopeds!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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