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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 90

“Nope! No way!!! My Gaia memory !! ”
The purple man Kilgrave looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief.
Yan Shenghui just casually stretched out his hand.
Actually took the power of the puppeteer Gaia’s memory away from himself?
At that moment just now –
He felt a big hand in front of his eyes!
No matter how you jump, you can’t escape – the palm of the other party’s hand!
And seeing that Yan Shenghui simply stretched out his hand, he deprived the purple man of the power of the memory of the puppeteer Gaia.
The crowd immediately exclaimed.
“What? Just stretch out a hand and deprive the damn Guy Purple Monster of the power of Gaia’s memory? ”
“He obviously didn’t do anything! Just separate the Gaia memory! Oh my God! ”
“Is this the horror of Almighty Power? Gaia memory can be easily extracted from the doped body!! ”
“The Holy Lord of Truth is definitely much more powerful than a doped body! I estimate that even if the members of the museum come, they will be vulnerable in front of the Holy Lord of Truth! ”
“I only use one hand against you?! Holy Lord of Truth, horror is like this! ”
In fact.
Yan Shengshui was able to extract the puppeteer Gaia’s memory from the purple man’s body.
This is not because of the power of the all-knowing and all-powerful power in him.
Rather, due to the capabilities of the system host!
But others don’t know.
I thought that the power of Almighty was terrifying!
“What? The Holy Lord of Truth was actually able to extract the Gaia Memory from the doped body? What kind of terrifying ability is this!! ”
Agents such as Nick Fury and Coulson looked at the scene in front of them.
Suddenly, there was an earthquake in the pupils.
The big drama of anticipation did not come.
Not even foreplay.
Just climax!
A purple man who becomes a doopeteer’s doped body.
was actually stretched out by Yan Shenghui——
Just lose all abilities!
It’s like.
The level of the two is very different.
Yan Shenghui dealt with him, it was as simple as stepping on an ant!
“If the doping body is exchanged for us, we need at least an elite squad of fifty people and full armor!
And it must be accompanied by fire support from armored vehicles and gunships! ”
Coulson’s face was also solemn:
“But the Holy Lord of Truth, just casually stretched out his hand and solved it! It’s terrible! ”
“It’s normal, too.”
Natasha on the side flickered her eyes slightly:
“His two guards, Kamen Rider Hengjian and Kamen Rider Sword, are so strong.
As the Holy Lord of Truth, as the Sword of Truth, it is unexpected that he is not strong. ”
Nick Fury only frowned slightly.
He was thinking about his old acquaintance, Captain Marvel.
I don’t know if Captain Marvel is the opponent of the Holy Lord of Truth!
“This dude is really more troublesome than me!”
Tony, who was far away in the Middle East, exclaimed, looking at Yan Shenghui’s oppressive body:
“In terms of the ability to pretend, he is no weaker than me!”
“Hmph! He has a Gaia memory in his hand, maybe I can go back to New York and ask him to work with him! ”
“Genius Tony Stark personally came to the door to ask for cooperation, even if it is the Holy Lord of Truth, it should not give face, right?”
Tony touched his chin.
Tomorrow, it’s time for him to go back!
“He is the Holy Lord of Truth! It’s not to be underestimated! ”
Odin watched Yan Shenghui’s movements, his eyes narrowed slightly.
In Yan Shenghui’s actions, he seemed to feel a fluctuation of rules!
Even he couldn’t help but be surprised.
To know.
The power to control the rules is the ability of the ancient gods in the universe!
Or use the six Infinity Stones to do it!
Unexpectedly, the Holy Lord of Truth in front of him just stretched out his hand and had such ability.
“With him, this so-called museum shouldn’t be able to turn over any waves, right?”
Odin couldn’t help but think.
“What a powerful strength!”
Karma Taj.
Supreme Mage Gu Yi narrowed his eyes.
One magic array flashed in front of him, as if he was calculating something.
But extrapolation comes and goes, and nothing can be found.
“The body of the Holy Lord of Truth was suddenly covered with everything!”
“What kind of organization is the Sword of Truth? Why do people who join in not only can’t see the future, but also can’t peek into the past? ”
“What kind of existence is it that held this Knight Grand Prix?”
“In front of this person, even if it is Emperor Weishan, Dormammu and the others, it is just that, right?”
The Supreme Mage was suddenly a little relieved.
There is the Holy Lord of Truth guarding the world.
The world should be safe for the time being!
She still has to quickly find a successor to her place!
“Lord Saint is actually so powerful! Reid, sister, Ben, see? ”
A research center in New York.
All four of the Fantastic Four are watching the Knights Grand Prix.
Johnny looked at the performance of the Holy Lord of Truth, and suddenly jumped up and down with excitement.
The more powerful the Holy Lord of Truth, the more it shows that he is not following the wrong leader!
“The Holy Lord of Truth is indeed terrifying!”
Susan and Ben nodded in agreement.
“This is the Holy Lord of Truth! Although it doesn’t have Kamen Rider armor, it shows much stronger strength than yours! ”
Mr. Wonder Reed looked stunned.
He is also studying Gaia memories these days.
Since there are no entities, only some data inference can be done.
But just these inferred data can also prove that Gaia’s memory is amazing!
But now.
Gaia’s memory body was in front of Yan Shenghui, but it was vulnerable!
Easily deprived!
Then Yan Shenghui’s strength was obviously beyond his budget!
“This is the power of Almighty? It’s terrible! ”
Reid shook his head.
This kind of power makes him a physicist a little unsure how to study.
“As it should be! A small Gaia memory, what strength is needed to deal with it? ”
Walt Group.
The people of the motherland looked at Yan Shenghui’s shot.
Naturally, he nodded.
Doping with Gaia memory should be so easy to deal with!
There is only such a powerful existence as oneself.
It’s worth the sword of truth to transform into Kamen Rider!
Or the other party two hit themselves one!
No, it’s three hitting yourself one!
At that time, although the Holy Lord of Truth did not make a move, it definitely gave the two Kamen Riders a powerful boost!
Otherwise, why don’t you have no backhand?
He only lost to the Holy Lord of Truth!
Second in the world yourself, no shame!
The people of the Motherland thought confidently.
Back to the scene.
“The workmanship seems to be good!”
Yan Shenghui ignored the purple man who had changed into his original form.
Just looked at the memory of the puppeteer Gaia in his hand.
Seems interested in it.
“This thing, how did you seal Gaia’s consciousness inside?”
Yan Sheng looked at the purple man Kilgrave.
“I don’t know! This thing was given to me by someone else! ”
The purple man suddenly shook his head, indicating that he had nothing to do with this thing.
“Who gave it to you?” Yan Shengshui asked.
“It was given to me by a monster-like dope! He said this is for me! I want to use it! ”
The purple man was a little anxious, and hurriedly explained to Yan Shenghui:
“Lord Truth, I really don’t know anything! You have to believe me! ”
The purple man was a little anxious.
It was feared that Yan Shenghui would execute him.
“Don’t worry! Did you know it, it shouldn’t be up to me to decide! ”
Yan Shengshui collected the puppeteer Gaia’s memory into the system space.
Everyone only saw Gaia’s memory disappear in an instant in his hand. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
I thought it was the special ability of the Holy Lord of Truth, and I didn’t suspect that he had a system or something.
Just bring a burst of surprise, cheering for the power of the Holy Lord of Truth.
Yan Sheng looked at the purple man:
“In fact, in the legal sense, although I am the Holy Lord of Truth, I still do not have the power to judge you!
However, stopping crime is the duty of every citizen!
So, I will hand you over to the police for trial! ”
“Leave it to the police!”
The purple man was stunned, but his heart was ecstatic.
The last thing he is afraid of is the police!
His ability can basically work for ordinary people!
He doesn’t think that a group of small policemen who rely on their daily salaries can resist their hormones!
He just went to prison!
The police arrived at the scene.
Looking at the three Yan Shenghui in front of him, there were also purple people.
The policemen were so nervous that they swallowed their spit.
They had just seen the Holy Lord of Truth and the Purple Man make a move.
Know that neither of them is a simple character!
Especially Yan Shenghui.
That’s the Holy Lord of Truth with boundless power!
“Hello! Holy Lord of Truth! I’m NYPD Commissioner George Stacy! ”
One road was given way among the police.
A middle-aged policeman who looked just and honest came to Yan Shenghui.
He was also a little nervous, thought about it, and stretched out his hand towards Yan Shenghui.
“Hello! Director Stacey! Please arrest the purple man! He should have done a lot of evil! ”
Yan Sheng held George’s hand.
Knowing that he is Gwen Stacy’s father.
“Okay! Thank you for your contribution to policing New York! ”
George was held by Yan Sheng.
I feel an incomparably heavy feeling!
Immediately had the determination to sweep away all dark forces!
“Arrest him and take him away!”
George personally took out the handcuffs and walked towards the purple man.
In the puzzled eyes of everyone.
Yan Shenghui stretched out a finger towards the purple man.
The ripples visible to the naked eye swung towards the purple man!
The purple man’s face immediately changed.
He found that he could no longer send hormones out!
“Purple people can manipulate others by sending special hormones! But I’ve blocked his abilities!
You can be arrested with confidence! ”
Yan Sheng withdrew his hand and said lightly.
“Thank you! Holy Lord of Truth! ”
George expressed his gratitude to Yan Shenghui, and then looked at the purple man in disgust.
“Take away!”
A group of police officers immediately violently pressed the purple Gilgrave into the police car, and then left with a whoosh.
“Wow! He really, I cried to death! As a great Holy Lord of Truth, he is not illegal! No lynching! The Holy Lord of Truth is certainly a person with a good heart! ”
“Got such a powerful ability, but obeyed the law and waited for the arrival of the police.
The Lord of Truth does not place himself under human beings, but is willing to respect us! He is a benevolent king! ”
“A king who obeys the law! It’s worth learning from all superheroes! Like the Lord of Truth, they obey the law, but they think they are beyond the law! ”
Countless people were immediately impressed by Yan Shenghui’s actions!
Unexpectedly, Yan Shengshui held such a powerful power and was willing to obey the laws of ordinary people!
This is really touching!
“Oh? The Holy Lord of Truth still has this idea! ”
Batman looked at Yan Shenghui’s actions, and suddenly couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.
Immediately felt that he and Yan Shengshui had some common characteristics.
Oh, yes.
It’s good to catch the criminals, why do you have to kill them?
Killing to stop killing will only create more hatred.
And killing does not bring happiness, it only makes people fall deeper into the abyss!
Bruce put away his admiration for Yan Sheng.
Feel like he’s the same kind of person as himself!
“Stupid! For criminals, they should be completely executed! ”
But there are others who disagree with him.
Inside the small clinic of Hell’s Kitchen.
The midnight nurses welcomed two regulars.
Daredevil Matt and Punisher Frank lie in a hospital bed.
Both were wounded in the battle with Kim and his subordinates.
Frank’s immortal body only works when using skull memory.
So now it’s also hurt.
The computer on the side played the contents of the Knight’s Grand Prix.
Looking at Yan Shenghui’s actions.
Frank snorted coldly in disdain.
He is a staunch revanchist.
Adhere to the principle that guilt must die.
“Frank! I don’t think so! I think what the Holy Lord of Truth did was right! ”
Daredevil Matt retorted to Frank.
He is a lawyer.
Pursue not only consequential justice, but also procedural justice.
He supports bringing criminals to court.
“You are all stupid!”
Frank didn’t have a good face to show Matt.
Although he and Matt have fought side by side many times.
But Matt has also stopped him from killing many times!
“Criminals, there is only one place to stay, and that is hell!”
Frank finished.
Moved his arm.
Then pick up your own things and go.
Claire, one of the midnight nurses, looked at the departing Frank and shook her head helplessly.
Take the hundred dollars left on the other person’s bed.
Frank never owes anyone anything!
“After he got the Gaia memory and transformed into Kamen Rider, he became even more stubborn!”
Matt shook his head and sighed:
“This will hurt him!”
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yan Shengshou traveled to the dangerous world of American comics. Fortunately, he got the Kamen Rider Grand Prix System. As long as you keep holding the Knight Grand Prix, you can keep getting rewards! Megiddo, the book demon who was born from the book, and the swordsman who transformed into a book? The weirdo Gurungi and the ancient warrior Kuuga who are constantly engaged in a killing contest? The evil demon who destroys everything and the Kamen Rider who realizes the ideal world? Nick Fury: “No matter what, SHIELD must win more rewards in the next Knight Grand Prix! This way we can protect the world!” Tony Stark: “To deal with a few monsters, just have my Mark Armor…ahem, rabbit, tank!” Captain America: “I will definitely stop Grunge from killing people, even if it brings about the ultimate darkness!” Batman: “Knight survival game? Watch my survival night ride to stop everything!” Spider-Man: “I will definitely seal all the undead creatures, because I am here to fight!”


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