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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix Chapter 92

“I’m a real detective!”
Philip looked at the big men in front of him, and his outstretched hand was placed there so firmly.
A few big guys, you look at me, I look at you.
They swallowed their spit, then coughed lightly.
“Boy! You better be a real detective! ”
The big man handed the envelope in his hand to Philip.
“And the gift box!”
Philip took the envelope and looked at the rest of the people.
Under Philip’s ultra-serious vision sweep.
The rest of the people were also unwilling to put a few cruel words, and then put the things into Philip’s hands.
“I’d rather see what level you really have!”
The crowd handed the evidence to Philip, and then looked at him with a fierce eye.
“This Asian brother is quite daring! Dare to ask so many big men for something! ”
“Isn’t it just an ordinary girl cannon! I don’t believe he has any strength! ”
“If you look ugly, don’t just say that others are sissy! Do you dare to grab something among so many people? ”
“I hope your strength is worthy of your arrogance!”
Watching Philip come out of nowhere, he grabbed the gift boxes and envelopes sent by the suspects from among the big men.
Everyone wants to see it.
Why does this quiet-looking Asian boy have such boldness!
Is it really what he said?
Is he a real detective?
In full view.
Philip started his own show.
“There are no fingerprints on the gift box or on the envelope! It shows that the murderer is wearing gloves when doing this! ”
Philip looked at the boxes and envelopes with a professional instrument.
“The gift box has the address of the production, from Yiwu, Huaxia, let’s find out how many people buy this kind of gift box in Yiwu these days!”
Philip had a portable computer.
I don’t know where to connect to the network, so I checked it directly.
“Within a month, the United States placed more than 300,000 orders from Yiwu, Huaxia! And then the exclusion begins…
Confirm our destination address – Los Angeles!
There are only more than 1,400 orders left!
Let’s portray the suspect – 29 The suspect is a die-hard fan of mold and even an illegitimate powder!
There must be plenty of moldy posters and records at home!
This person will definitely not have any money!
Because the gift box and stationery used are the cheapest!
Due to the purchase of a large number of mildew albums and peripherals.
So his life will not be too good!
Look at his letter –
Although the content of the letter is vulgar, it can be described comfortably from the writing, word and sentence formation, as well as the grammar!
And he knows how to keep envelopes and gift boxes without fingerprints.
This person has a certain higher education!
Not only that.
There are also some Internet hot memes in the content of the letter, indicating that he is not old!
On the edge of the letter, there are some oil stains, indicating that he rented a small room, and the dining table and the letter table are the same place!
It’s not a bedroom, it’s a rental house!
There’s a good chance he’ll graduate!
So what we’re looking for.
It was a twenty-two to twenty-five year old, with a sloppy life and a tight hand.
Although he has a higher education, he did not find a job due to his personality or was mainly a part-time worker.
A young man living in a cheap rental house full of moldy posters! ”
Philip’s reasoning made everyone around him open their mouths.
Here are some papers and gift boxes.
How do you see so much content?
“Really fake! How powerful is this person? So much can be seen from a pile of rags! ”
“Liar, he must be! I don’t believe anyone is so powerful! ”
“What’s so about this! Real detectives are so powerful! Otherwise, people are at the same level as you, how can you be a detective? ”
“Look! If the suspect is not what he says! Then he’s a clown! ”
“This Asian, go to Gotham! Batman is going to cry! Because of the lack of you clown! ”
Philip’s brilliant inference blew the audience’s eyes.
I didn’t expect from a few simple gift boxes, and a few letters.
He was able to get so much useful information!
It even seems.
He also seems to know the image of the suspect!
This made everyone a little surprised and a little questionable.
Many people admire him, and many people laugh at him.
“Where is the cheapest rental housing area here?”
Philip immediately asked the big men around him.
He didn’t know about the ridicule of himself online.
Even if you know, you won’t care.
Because the end is already doomed and will hit these people in the face!
He didn’t rely on this simple evidence to solve the case.
No matter how good the evidence is, there is also the possibility of error.
In fact, just when others thought he was thinking.
He entered the Earth Library once!
At the Earth Library, he used the evidence to determine the answer.
“It’s suing the district!”
The big men answered immediately.
“Tell the district!”
Philip entered the address into the computer.
Another search.
“There are only four shops that sell such gift boxes in the Suoben area! Check them one by one, it’s too late! ”
Philip put away the computer and got up immediately.
I don’t know where to ride a bicycle and pedal it quickly.
“What are you waiting for! Keep up with him! ”
When a group of people saw Philip’s movements, they immediately got into their own vehicles and quickly chased after Philip.
What’s more, he has already taken a step ahead of Philip and reached the suing district!
Inform this district.
It is at the foot of the hill where Tyrese Swift lives, Billy Manor.
Although it is very close to the villa area of hundreds of millions of units such as Billy Manor.
However, most of the people living in this area are poor.
Most people can only live on helpers and odd jobs.
It is a stark contrast to life in the mountains.
“Quick! Four places to sell gift boxes, where! ”
The crowd followed Philip and walked down the street.
Although the district is not rich, there are quite a lot of people.
Watching so many people pouring into this district.
It is not surprising that the residents of this district are supplied.
Because they’re all watching the Knight Grand Prix too!
Know what these people are here for.
“Four places, the first one is here!”
Philip came to a small gift shop.
The packaging in this gift shop is exactly the same as the packaging that the suspect placed at the head of the moldy bed!
But Philip shook his head and ruled it out.
“The gift box here has to buy gifts to get, and the suspect can’t have so much money to buy four gifts!”
Hear Philip’s words.
Everyone immediately turned and left.
The next location is a small clothes store.
“Children’s clothing? No! ”
Philip glanced at it, shook his head again, and walked away.
Came to the third location.
It was a large supermarket on the block.
At this time, there are many people helping the supermarket to unload!
It seems to be an hourly worker at a supermarket!
Looking at the scene in front of him, Philip narrowed his eyes.
“See? There’s a gift box in that corner! And unattended! So whoever goes along with a few will not be discovered! ”
Philip pointed to the corner of the large supermarket in front of him and said.
Although the crowd did not say anything on the surface.
But now he basically has Philip as the backbone.
A group of people immediately stepped forward.
Surrounded the management of the supermarket.
Surrounded by so many people, the supermarket owner revealed a very useful information!
That’s a young man named Hank, who just graduated from state school this year.
He worked as a helper in this supermarket for a few days!
He has a bad temper and has a bad relationship with many people.
And, especially like Thérèse Swift!
How much do you like it?
Listen to an insider.
This Hank made a flying cup with a moldy head printed on it!
“Lower head man! What a head! ”
“It’s disgusting! How can there be such people! ”
“Wait! In this way, Philip’s portrayal is all closed! ”
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This suspected youth.
and the suspect portrayal that Philip did before.
It cannot be said that it is basically the same.
It can only be said that it is exactly the same!
According to the supermarket owner.
A group of big men suddenly found the place where this Hank lived.
Sure enough, it was a very cramped rental house!
And it’s full of stains and oil!
It was very sloppy to see the owner!
More critically.
There are also conspicuous envelopes and gift boxes on the table in the rental house!
“This is it! We found it! ”
The crowd immediately cheered.
This feeling of searching for a suspect is amazing!
“You’re amazing! Philip! ”
Everyone now looked at Philip’s eyes, and only admiration remained!
That’s awesome!
According to the only things.
In a short period of time, the suspect was found!
The suspect is really almost exactly the same as what he said!
“My fault! I shouldn’t doubt the intelligence of Asians! ”
“Is this a detective? It’s so terrifying! With a few letters and gift boxes, the suspect was found within an hour! ”
“I have nothing to say except the groove!”
“The few mockers in front of you understand who is the real clown?”
Seeing that Philip’s portrayal is so accurate.
The audience who previously supported him is also honored!
But in the face of everyone’s praise.
Philip frowned.
“Something is wrong! At this time, Hank did not work! Not at home either, why? ”
Next second.
Philip’s eyes lit up with a bad light.
“Mildew is dangerous! Let’s go back quickly! ”
Hear Philip’s words.
The crowd also realized that something was wrong.
This Hank.
I’m afraid I also watched the live broadcast of the Knight Grand Prix.
Understand, everyone has found out his whereabouts.
Well, now he may go directly in the direction of mold!
A large group of people, immediately began to turn back.
Head towards Billy Hills, where Mildew lives!
One enters.
The security guards of Billy Hills fell to the ground.
“Don’t worry! This is what we did when we came in before! Just knocked out the stunned! ”
Several big men turned red and dragged the security guard’s fainted body aside.
Security at Billy Hills is tight.
But in the face of hundreds of them, they fell to the ground without pulling out their guns.
Just as everyone walked to the gate of Billy Hills.
A scream sounded from not far away.
“It’s mold!”
Whether it’s the people who are there, or the people in the live broadcast room.
Everyone heard the attribution of this voice!
It is the squeals of mildew!
“Go and help!”
Everyone immediately ran to the door of the moldy villa.
I saw the door of the villa wide open.
Mildew’s assistant glasses girl fell to the ground.
And the figure of mold has disappeared!
“Over there!” 207
Philip rode his bicycle and quickly pedaled towards the back hill of the villa.
I saw one exactly the same as what Philip said before-
My eyes are red, my hair is messy, I don’t know how long I haven’t washed.
The dirty figure on his body is holding mold hostage.
“Mildew! I like you so much! I really like you! ”
Hank looked at Mildew, baring his yellow-black teeth, and kept giggling.
Followed by.
I actually want to bring my mouth to the mold!
“Shut up! You trash! How can you kiss my mold! ”
“You’re a! Don’t do this to my mold! ”
Look at the mold that is about to be tainted by Hank.
The audience killed his heart!
A gunshot!
I don’t know who brought a shotgun and hit the tree next to Hank!
The huge movement immediately stopped Hank’s behavior.
“Abominable! You damn humans! ”
Hank looked at the crowd who arrived and immediately gritted his teeth.
“Then solve you guys first! Pamper my mold again! ”
Hank held out his hand.
I saw that in his hand, He had a Gaia memory!
Turn on the switch of the cockroach Gaia’s memory.
Hank lifted his feet, covered with long nails and black stains.
His memory interface is actually on his feet!
Insert the Gaia memory into the interface.
Hank’s figure quickly turned into a cockroach doper!
“Mildew, you wait for me for a while first!”
The cockroach doping body extends its hand to the mold.
A burst of black and blue liquid was sprayed, and it actually stuck the mold to the tree!
Everyone finally knew how the black and blue slime in the gift box came from before!
“Next, it’s your turn!”
The cockroach doped body rushed towards everyone!
It’s extremely fast, much faster than regular dopants!
In the blink of an eye.
It just broke into the crowd!
One punch and one kick!
One person flew out!
“What to do?”
Look at the mighty cockroach doped body.
Everyone was terrified.
They are just a group of ordinary people, how can they deal with dopants?
“I know!”
Right at this moment.
Philip on the side smiled.
“Where are the rewards for this Knight’s Grand Prix hidden, I know!”
I saw Philip quickly run back to the moldy villa.
Came to the moldy assistant glasses girl.
A burst of rummaging.
A green Gaia memory, and a lost drive.
appeared on his hands!
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American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

American comics The opening reveals the Knight Grand Prix

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