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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! Chapter 10

Quincy’s words directly made the atmosphere at the scene inexplicably stiff.
Steel Bone Kong quickly laughed and revealed the topic: “Unexpectedly, before I arrived at the headquarters of the Navy, I destroyed the Valde Pirate Group and eliminated a pest for the world, which really brought me a surprise.” ”
“With the help of Admiral Yulo, the strength of our naval headquarters has finally made up for the deficit, and it is even better than before.”
“Even if you face the Rocks Pirates, you can win!”
Steel bones’ words were like a bell, and in a blink of an eye, they spread throughout the corner.
His eyes flashed, and he looked at the warship, and the words just now were addressed to the ordinary naval soldiers below.
Tell the soldiers of the navy, the identity of the person who came, and the addition of another admiral to the navy headquarters.
At the same time, it also shows that the famous and famous Wade Pirates have been buried in the hands of Yulo to boost morale.
That’s not a small person in the end.
His words were also addressed to Yulo.
The steel bone void is relatively smooth in this point, and seeing that Yuluo has not come down for a long time, he actually knows it.
Knowing that Yuluo is the new official who takes office with three fires, that is, Liwei, simply follow his wishes, this is not harmful, but can make Yuluo more active.
In Crescent Bay Square, the naval soldiers watching were all startled, with surprise in their eyes.
“Just now, I saw that Lieutenant General Zefa seemed to have ordered someone to carry down a corpse, which was a little familiar, but it was already unrecognizable, and I couldn’t recognize who it was.”
“That corpse, it’s actually the infamous Walder??”
“My God, Wald is originally called the destroyer of the world, and the Wade Pirate Group under it is even more evil, but in addition to the Rocks Pirate Group, it is one of the few also known sea pirate groups, and the strength is extremely strong!”
“Yes, I heard that the headquarters sent many lieutenant generals to surround and suppress them, but not only did they not capture Walder, but they suffered heavy losses!”
“Originally, I thought that only the general could catch that guy!”
Many naval soldiers were shocked in their hearts, and they couldn’t help but talk about this not small matter, the death of Wald.
And, the new admiral, Yulo!
“It seems to mean that General Yulo killed Wald, who is General Yulo?”
“I heard that there will be a new general to take over in the past two days, and finally look forward to this day, presumably it is the general Yuluo said by the marshal, his strength is really strong, he actually destroyed the Wade Pirate Group as soon as he came, how fierce!”
“Finally another general!”
“Wald’s strength is not weak, General Yulo easily killed it, the strength is really very strong, with his help, what is the Loks Pirate Group!”
One by one, the Navy soldiers were encouraged by this news, and their eyes were full of expectation.
They all looked at the warship, with countless eyes, including the eyes of Steel Bone Kong and others.
Although they had learned the news early, they had not yet seen the true face of this so-called General Yuluo with their own eyes.
Quincy saw that a group of naval soldiers were encouraged, but Yulo never came down, and couldn’t help but snort coldly, but did not say anything.
After all.
The two sides are not in the same army, one navy and one army.
The first time Yulo came to the headquarters of the Navy, he was qualified to be a senior admiral, this position, but not small at all, Liwei is very important, he did so, reasonable.
Seeing that Yuluo had not come down for so long, Quincy was somewhat dissatisfied, and said meaningfully: “This general of ours, the shelf is really big, do you want the old man to personally invite him before he is willing to come down?” ”
Steel Bone Kong also frowned slightly, hearing the veteran’s dissatisfaction.
He actually has some thoughts in his heart, no matter how powerful you are, you can’t stand on the head of a veteran general like Quincy.
He looked at Zefa and immediately ordered: “Zefa, you have communicated with General Yuluo along the way, or you should go and ask Yuluo to come down.” ”
Zefa replied without saying a word, but then remembered something and said, “When General Yuluo just arrived, the army specially told me, saying that Yuluo’s character is somewhat strange, and if he does something, I hope we will take more care.” ”
Steel Bone Kong was silent for a moment and asked, “How weird?” ”
“I can’t say the specifics, probably acting arrogantly and domineeringly, it seems, it’s a little difficult to get along with.”
Zefa hesitated for a moment and replied as it was.
Steel Bone Kong and the others were surprised for a while, it was really a strange instruction.
But they have been in the army for so many years, what strange people have not seen, it is normal for the strong to have some arrogance.
Quincy, for example, is a character who does not admit defeat.
So they didn’t pay much attention to it.
Ayirot showed a kind smile and said lightly: “At a young age, you can be qualified to be a general of the headquarters, and some tempers are also normal. ”
Everyone was undeniable and nodded.
Zefa and Karp and others are top lieutenant generals, and they all have some arrogance.
What’s more, Yulo is younger than them, and his strength is much stronger, such a person, it is a strange thing not to be proud.
In the cabin, Yuluo frowned, a little angry.
Before the lunch break was over, the sound of the system rippled from the bottom of my heart.
【Ding! 】
The system’s prompt sound was very crisp, but it directly woke up Yulo.
[Fusion degree increased by 5%, current fusion degree 54%, congratulations to the host! ] 】
Yuluo opened his eyes, but his expression was cold and unhappy.
A good lunch break was actually disturbed by the system like this.
It was a little past noon, and the arrogant character had not yet retreated.
“Didn’t I already tell you? The integration level of things, you don’t need to remind you. ”
“When I need it, I will naturally take the initiative to check, and if I dare to remind you without permission, I will tear you to pieces sooner or later.”
Yuluo didn’t give face at all, his voice was low, and he said coldly: “Remember, this is my last reminder.” ”
System: […]
I don’t know if the system is angry, but it really quieted down.
Just at this moment, a noisy voice outside came in.
Yuluo’s eyes flashed slightly, and his unhappy mood became more and more intense.
Immediately got up directly and walked to the deck step by step.
Suddenly, his figure attracted everyone’s attention.
“That was…”
“So tall, taller than the two generals and marshals, so domineering, this person, the strength is definitely not weak.”
“Look at his face, he’s still very young, isn’t he!”
“Yes, you see, he is estimated to be about the same age as me, such a character, has actually become a naval admiral, powerful, killed Wald in seconds, my God, it’s unbelievable!”
“What a terrifying talent this must be?”
“However, looking at his expression, it seems that something is not quite right…”
When many sailors saw the great figure coming out of the cabin, they were all intently and couldn’t help but discuss in a low voice.
When they saw Yuluo’s cold things, they inexplicably had some heart palpitations.
Steel Bone Kong and the others also stopped communicating, their eyes narrowed slightly, and looked at Yuluo.
They knew that this must be Yulo, but this first side, they did not feel kindness from Yulo.
On the contrary, it was a wave of indifference.
The heart is as strong as them, and they all have a feeling of trembling.
Yulo stood at the front of the deck, condescending, looking down coldly.
An arrogant voice slowly sounded, interrupting the discussion of the naval soldiers.
“You guys .
It’s so noisy! ”
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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was m


Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was missing, he was transferred to the Navy to become a senior general to fill the high-level combat strength of the Navy. Who would have thought that this filling would directly give the Navy a whole job, and the five old stars would be even more of a headache. First kill Walder, then destroy Roger’s regiment, then slaughter Rox… Sengoku Karp: Lying down, is the current army so fierce? Steel Bone Void: Yuro, you come back quickly, let you escort the heavenly gold, not to start a war with pirates! Commander-in-Chief of the whole army: Draco can’t kill … Damn, dare to hang up the old man’s phone! Five Old Stars: The Valley of the Gods is a holy place, and you are not worthy to set foot on it… Yulo arrogant: Thieves can go, I can go! At noon, heaven and the world, I am the only one! The Battle of the Valley of the Gods, Yulo one man and one axe, ended the era of Lokes! Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “Arrogant General! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! 》; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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