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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! Chapter 2

Nine o’clock in the morning.
Under the red earth continent.
Army ports, navy arrived.
On the warship, a vice admiral in the navy headquarters was the rising star of the navy, Zefa, and his adjutant standing next to him.
There were a large number of ordinary naval soldiers, and their expressions were solemn.
Such a lineup shows that the Navy attaches great importance to the new general.
Zefa’s gaze swept over, and he saw that the army port was empty at the moment, and he couldn’t help frowning, and said in a low voice: “I heard that the overall quality of the army is not as good as the navy, but I didn’t expect it to be so bad.” ”
The adjutant also frowned: “The quality is too poor, if there is a sudden attack of pirates, these troops will be caught off guard and will suffer a big loss.” ”
“I hope the commander-in-chief’s statement is accurate.”
Zefa shook his head and did not say anything more out of trust in the commander-in-chief.
He was actually a little dissatisfied in his heart, after all, an army lieutenant general, why did he run to their navy to compete for the position of general, it stands to reason that he, Karp and Warring States already have a certain ability to bear the position of general.
An army lieutenant general, how can He De?
Zefa was naturally proud, and his heart was ultimately unconvinced.
If it weren’t for the hard demands above, he would be the first to stand up.
Including this time to meet the new general, it was also Zefa who sent out.
Zefa just wanted to take this opportunity to take a good look at the new general and see if he was as powerful as the commander-in-chief said.
If there is the slightest bit of falsehood, Zefa does not mind returning empty-handed.
At the same time, looking up at 10,000 meters above, on the edge of the huge red earth continent, a figure loomed appeared.
Standing on the edge of the Red Earth Continent, Yulo raised his eyebrows.
He is two meters tall, of average build, and wears the military uniform cape of the army.
His face was handsome, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, his eyes were slightly arrogant, and his eyes looked down and he clearly saw a naval warship.
“So, what is that?”
The adjutant suddenly noticed the black shadow in the sky, and the corners of his mouth trembled slightly.
His strength is limited, he can’t see too clearly, he only knows that it is a vague figure, and his heart can’t help but shake, who is qualified to stand on the Red Earth Continent, and who will stand there looking down on the world?
Zefa looked up, and he could see the figure more clearly than the adjutant.
Suddenly, the figure of the figure separated by 10,000 meters moved, and I saw a small black dot, falling at an extremely fast speed, falling in the eyes of Zefa and the adjutant, getting bigger and bigger, Zefa and the adjutant wanted to see clearly, but it was difficult to do it.
That black spot was faster than lightning, and it was almost about to smash into the sea in the blink of an eye!
Zefa saw that his scalp was numb, and he suddenly reacted, making a big move, wanting to order the warship to retreat.
However, everything slowed down!
A thunderous bang set off!
Instantly monstrous waves, turbulent spread!
The rolling waves seem to turn into the most turbulent disaster, even if the naval warship is extremely strong, it is difficult to resist, suddenly shaking, it seems that it will be overturned at any time, the originally calm sailors are completely panicked, and their eyes tremble!
“Don’t panic, stabilize the warship!”
Zefa was extremely capable in the end, and did not lose his mind, and immediately shouted.
Zefa’s subordinates were also elite generals, and they quickly reflected, moved separately, and finally stabilized the warship without being washed away.
The waves gradually subsided, and the sky was calm.
“So, what the hell is that?”
The adjutant turned pale with fright, trembling all over, looked at the place where the black dot fell in front of him, and said, “That, that looks a bit like a person!” ”
At the beginning, the adjutant was almost sure that there was a figure in the sky, but seeing the other party jumping down from a height of 10,000 meters, he didn’t dare to confirm it at once, if it was a person, it would be too daring, and actually jumped from 10,000 meters!
Where is this person?
Monster, definitely a monster!
The adjutant did not dare to confirm, and he looked nervous!
“It’s a person.”
Zefa was also a little confused at the moment, looking ahead vigilantly and giving an answer in a low voice.
It’s not that he can see the falling black spot clearly, the black dot jumped down, it can be said that it is fleeting, even if it is him, he can’t see clearly, but his perception of seeing and hearing is indeed the breath of life.
This 10,000-meter jump is no joke.
Moreover, the person jumped straight and did not make any unloading means, and the person was not happy to jump like this.
At least.
This is beyond Zefa’s knowledge!
“So high, you must have fallen to death.”
The adjutant got an affirmative answer, but was even more uneasy, it was difficult to imagine that anyone would do such a thing, and said nervously: “Lieutenant General, do you need to go over?” ”
“Go check it out.”
Zefa pondered for a moment, but finally nodded.
“No matter who it is, you still have to see, after all, this is a military port, if it is an outsider, we must raise the alert as soon as possible, and if it is not an outsider, he has the courage to jump from such a high place, he may still be alive, maybe he can rescue it.”
“Yes, you are thoughtful.”
The adjutant nodded, took a deep breath, raised his hand and ordered.
It’s just that before many navies can act, the warship suddenly sank!
“The whole army is on alert and ready to meet the enemy!”
Zefa’s sight and hearing were crazy warnings, and he immediately shouted.
“Excuse me, are you the navy responsible for taking me to the headquarters?”
A mighty figure appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, followed by a gentle voice.
The two-meter-tall figure and handsome appearance immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
This person is probably the lieutenant general, Yulo.
The corners of Zefa’s eyes trembled, and he was surprised in his heart, just looking at his appearance, Yuro was younger than he thought, even younger than himself.
He opened his mouth and was about to ask.
“Purr, gurgler.”
The telephone worm suddenly rang, it was the telephone worm connected to the army headquarters.
Zefa hesitated and connected personally.
“I’m Zefa.”
“Lieutenant General Zefa, Yuluo has already come, he is alone, and ask Lieutenant General Zefa to take more care, by the way, after seeing Yulo, don’t care what happens, but also ask Lieutenant General Zefa not to be strange, forgive me.”
Zefa’s expression was a little subtle, and he answered.
Since the army headquarters said so, it means that there is no problem with the identity of the other party.
“I’m Zefa, Vice Admiral of the Navy headquarters, hello.”
Zefa nodded, took the initiative to step forward, and stretched out a hand.
“I’m Yulo, hello.”
Yulo smiled and reached out to shake Zefa’s hand, appearing very polite.
“It’s been hard work along the way, let’s go to the cabin to rest first.”
Seeing Yulo’s attitude, Zefa felt a little more good in his heart and ordered people to entertain him.
A sailor immediately came up and led Yulo to the cabin at the back to rest.
The adjutant was completely shocked, and so far he didn’t react, and couldn’t help but say: “Lieutenant General Zefa, is he really just a lieutenant general?” ”
Zefa was calm on the surface, and nodded: “Yes, but he will take the vacant general position.” ”
Zefa’s heart was also shocked, before he was afraid that Yuluo was too weak, but now it seems that it is only stronger than expected, the ease of that jump, the speed of the ghost, is something he can hardly do, at least it cannot be so easy.
The key is that the other party is still so young and has unlimited potential.
This kind of strength is indeed qualified to be transferred to the rank of admiral.
The adjutant understood and said in shock: “No wonder, no wonder he jumped from the Red Earth Continent, he wants to prove his strength, future admiral, Yuluo!” ”
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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

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Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was m


Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was missing, he was transferred to the Navy to become a senior general to fill the high-level combat strength of the Navy. Who would have thought that this filling would directly give the Navy a whole job, and the five old stars would be even more of a headache. First kill Walder, then destroy Roger’s regiment, then slaughter Rox… Sengoku Karp: Lying down, is the current army so fierce? Steel Bone Void: Yuro, you come back quickly, let you escort the heavenly gold, not to start a war with pirates! Commander-in-Chief of the whole army: Draco can’t kill … Damn, dare to hang up the old man’s phone! Five Old Stars: The Valley of the Gods is a holy place, and you are not worthy to set foot on it… Yulo arrogant: Thieves can go, I can go! At noon, heaven and the world, I am the only one! The Battle of the Valley of the Gods, Yulo one man and one axe, ended the era of Lokes! Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “Arrogant General! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! 》; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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