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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! Chapter 32

Hive Island.
Rocks Pirates Base Camp.
In the conference hall of the Skeleton Castle, five cadres endured their injuries and sat at the conference table with their heads down.
The battle of heavenly gold has been all reported.
They could hear this phone worm clearly.
Newgate and others watched as the phone worm hung up.
Captain Rocks fell silent, all bowed his head, and looked very weak.
The next moment.
Just listen to the bang!
A crisp explosion sounded.
Rocks looked cold, rarely angry
One hand directly crushed the phone worm.
In fact, he rarely got angry, but now he hated Yulo to the bone, not because of the meaningless provocation just now.
It’s because of the battle of heavenly gold.
The original victorious battle, because of the existence of Yulo, was all out of order.
Now, in just half a day, Heavenly Gold lost his hand, and John, one of the cadres, died on the spot.
Currently a captain of the fan, Kaido, who had high hopes for him and had the resources of a cadre, was also killed.
These two points alone were enough to make Rocks furious.
The strength of the six major cadres is second only to the generals, and they are basically the same as those of the generals.
The target is the highest combat power of the Navy headquarters, the admiral!
Even with the financial resources of the Rocks Pirates, it is not easy to cultivate a strong cadre.
Two died in half a day, and the loss could not be described as serious.
And this is not the point, no matter how difficult it is to train cadres, it is not completely impossible to train.
If Rocks himself is there, the Rocks Pirates will not have an accident.
The most important thing is that the informant at the highest level installed in the navy, Fairman, can no longer be used because of the defeat of Yulo.
A good plan, all disrupted by Yulo.
Today, it is almost the biggest defeat that the Rocks Pirates have experienced since its establishment.
The five cadres felt the breath naturally emanating from Lokes’s body, and their scalps were numb.
They had never seen it before, and Captain Rocks was furious to this point.
They were all silent, and their faces were equally gloomy as water.
They have gradually realized that the Navy headquarters pulling out a Yulo is not as previously speculated, creating momentum.
Instead, it declared the world that the headquarters of the Navy would begin to fight back.
Yuluo, who seems to be young and unknown, suddenly ascended to power, is the trigger for everything.
The battle of heavenly gold.
The headquarters of the Navy will certainly not hide it.
Tomorrow’s headlines will be all about it.
Half a year ago, Captain Rocks killed the general and shocked the world, which also made the prestige of the Rocks Pirates unprecedentedly prosperous.
The greater the reputation, the better it is for development.
In the past half year alone, there have been countless strong people who have joined the Rox Pirates.
And now, after the battle of the heavenly gold, the Rocks Pirates have accumulated for a long time, have surpassed the prestige of the navy, and will collapse in one fell swoop.
The Navy will once again reach the top and declare a counterattack.
It has to be said.
This has no small impact on the entire Rocks Pirates.
The fall of a cadre and the fall of a captain who has the potential to become a cadre is directly related to the strength of the top.
And the change in morale.
It will also make many pirates under the Rocks Pirates choose to leave.
Not to mention, many powerful pirate groups who are watching see the naval headquarters and comprehensively target the Rocks Pirate Group, afraid that they dare not join.
The trade-off is too great.
The Rocks Pirates are big, but they are not alone.
There are too many strong people on the sea, and just the guy named Roger often troubles them and is difficult to deal with.
After this battle, I don’t know when I will recover.
The atmosphere in the hall was dead silent.
For a long time, Lokes gradually calmed the anger in his heart, a cold light flashed under his eyes, and looked at the five cadres below.
Lingling and the others immediately lowered their heads.
“Avoid it for the time being, wait for Lao Tzu to come back!”
After saying a word, Rox held a breath and left straight on the spot.
The five cadres looked at the back of the captain leaving, looked at each other for a while, and were curious in their hearts, not knowing where the captain went out at this critical time.
Of course.
They didn’t ask much either, knowing that Rocks had his own plans.
As for Lockes’ final advice, even if they didn’t need Rocks to say it, they knew in their hearts that it was inevitable to avoid the edge for the time being.
The reason is simple….
I can’t beat it at all, how can I retaliate against this?
The premise of wanting to show your edge is that you have to be sharp.
The five cadres witnessed John’s death with their own eyes, and naturally did not dare to show their heads, who knows if the next cadre to die will be them.
“Go busy, pay attention to naval movements.”
Newgate sighed and was the first to walk out of the hall.
Several other cadres also had a depressed atmosphere and left in silence.
Soon the next day, a newspaper spread across the Great Voyage, and suddenly the world shook and all kinds of voices were heard.
All voices converged into one sentence, the navy is about to return the king!
In order to seize the heavenly gold, the Rocks Pirate Group almost poured out except for the captain, and the six major cadres made a move, which was bound to be obtained.
The newly promoted general, Yulo, stopped the delusions of the Rocks Pirates.
It is rumored that this newcomer general is terrifyingly strong, and he fought the four major cadres alone, and killed the famous cadre John on the spot.
Photographs of John’s body also appeared in the newspapers.
The veteran general Aylot took the initiative to declare that Yulo’s strength was far better than any previous general!
This news excites the world.
The Rocks Pirates used to be really powerful and attracted many strong people to join, but they were pirates, pirates who did all kinds of evil.
Looking at the world, most people are just ordinary people.
Pirates are enemies, navies are dependent.
Hearing this good news, the whole world was overjoyed and added two extra chicken legs for lunch.
The new world is even more turbulent, and countless pirates tremble.
It is rumored that many powerful pirate groups who originally planned to join the Rocks Pirates are discouraged.
Yuluo’s momentum naturally also reached the top in one fell swoop.
The entire navy also followed suit, and morale soared.
In the new world, a sea area under a clear sky, a group of pirates sailing, it is the Roger Pirates who have recently become famous.
On the deck, the cadres were also stunned.
“This Yuluo is really ridiculously strong, fighting alone against the four major cadres, and killing one, occupying the initiative.”
Jabba was amazed and looked at Roger: “Captain, even you can’t do this, right?” ”
“If it’s true, I really can’t do it!”
Roger shook his head without hesitation, and laughed: “Okay, good, that guy from Rocks has been arrogant for too long, and finally suffered a loss!” ”
“Captain, what’s there to be happy about?”
Renly looked solemn and shook his head: “Locks, their defeat proves that Yulo is very strong, maybe similar to Locks.” ”
“He’s the navy and he’s an adversary.”
When Roger heard this, he couldn’t laugh anymore, and his eyes looked at the sea.
“What are you doing, so many monster opponents, take one step at a time!”
The cadres sighed in their hearts, because they knew that although Roger said this, his eyes flashed with expectation.
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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

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Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was m


Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was missing, he was transferred to the Navy to become a senior general to fill the high-level combat strength of the Navy. Who would have thought that this filling would directly give the Navy a whole job, and the five old stars would be even more of a headache. First kill Walder, then destroy Roger’s regiment, then slaughter Rox… Sengoku Karp: Lying down, is the current army so fierce? Steel Bone Void: Yuro, you come back quickly, let you escort the heavenly gold, not to start a war with pirates! Commander-in-Chief of the whole army: Draco can’t kill … Damn, dare to hang up the old man’s phone! Five Old Stars: The Valley of the Gods is a holy place, and you are not worthy to set foot on it… Yulo arrogant: Thieves can go, I can go! At noon, heaven and the world, I am the only one! The Battle of the Valley of the Gods, Yulo one man and one axe, ended the era of Lokes! Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “Arrogant General! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! 》; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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