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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! Chapter 34

Time flies.
Twelve o’clock in the afternoon.
At noon, the sun shines brightest during the day.
At the base of the G1 branch, many naval soldiers were on duty against the blazing sun.
Although the heavenly gold has completed the handover work.
But at the request of Yulo.
The atmosphere of the entire G1 branch became much more serious.
Even when nothing happens, the number of personnel on duty has become more and the attitude is more rigorous.
Yulo was in the office, leisurely enjoying lunch.
He personally completed the handover of the heavenly gold, and there was nothing he needed to do in the future, and time was empty.
At noon.
It is when the magic of the sun is at its most exuberant.
Yulo’s size skyrocketed to more than five meters, sitting on a wooden office chair, even the chair seemed small.
A fiery aura faintly emanated and permeated the entire interior of the office.
“Tuk tuk!”
The knock on the door suddenly sounded again.
However, this time, before Yulo could respond, he saw the adjutant break in with an anxious face, as if something big had happened.
“Report, report, General Yuro!”
The adjutant even forgot to salute, panting, and his tone was very anxious.
“There is intelligence from the scout’s side, saying that it is the gold thief Wunan, not long ago, he landed on the Red Earth Continent, not far from the base…”
As soon as these words came out.
The adjutant saw Yulo at this moment.
In an instant, his lips twitched, and the whole person was stunned in place.
I saw that at this moment, Yuluo was like a little giant, everything seemed to have become a pocket toy, and the picture seemed extremely contradictory.
A sense of oppression emanated, making him shudder.
The adjutant’s burning eyebrows cooled down directly, and he turned a little afraid.
Compared to Yulo when he did the handover ceremony with CP0 in the morning.
At this moment, Yuluo in front of him was simply like a different person.
“Got it, stand down.”
Yuro raised his eyes slightly, his gaze was very indifferent.
He again took care of himself and did not show anything.
“Yes, yes…”
The adjutant swallowed, carefully left the room, and closed the door.
When the adjutant learned that the gold thief was nearby, he subconsciously thought that the person who came was not good, so he would hurriedly report it to prevent trouble.
He had wanted to remind Yulo whether to take action or not.
I see that the image has changed dramatically.
Even Yulo, whose breath has changed.
After all, the adjutant did not say a word of reminder and honestly retreated.
Because of the terrifying aura on Yuluo’s body, it was like a crow in his throat for a while, and he couldn’t say what he wanted to say at all.
The room was quiet again.
Yulo did not take the adjutant’s words to heart at all.
Even if a mortal came to the Red Earth Continent, he couldn’t do anything.
In other words, when mortals violate the ban, he will go out again, and it will be completely time, and the power of the gods is far from being something that mortals can compete with.
Yulo’s personality has changed, and this is the ultimate arrogance at noon.
After eating slowly, Yulo prepared his regular lunch break, which was exactly half past twelve.
Because the meal was disturbed just now, unpleasant emotions brewed in his chest, which made Yuluo want to vent very much.
This is one of the reasons why he takes a lunch break until noon.
And right at this moment.
The office door was pushed open again.
The adjutant hurried over and came again to report.
He was even more anxious than the last time, stumbling, his hat fell off, and he finally picked it up again and put it on.
“Yu, General Yuluo!”
The adjutant hurriedly saluted, his tone tense.
“The scout sent intelligence that the gold in the sky was attacked, and it was the gold thief Unanggan!”
“CP0 requests support, General Yuro, send troops immediately!”
The situation was critical, and the Heavenly Gold that the Draco valued was about to be lost, and the adjutant could not care about the fear in his heart, and quickly reported.
Yulo frowned, a little displeased.
He gave the adjutant a chance to disturb him once, but came a second time, which is really, really unpleasant.
“Whatever happens, don’t bother me.”
Yulo’s gaze turned to the adjutant, his expression was extremely indifferent, and his tone seemed to suppress a wave of anger.
“Everything, wait until after the lunch break.”
A word fell.
The temperature in the vicinity has been pulled down a little bit.
The adjutant’s lips trembled, and the fear in the depths of his heart spread again.
He quickly lowered his head, did not dare to disturb him again, trembled, and left the office again as if fleeing for his life.
Walk outside the door.
My legs and stomach are shaking.
Phone bugs from all over the place kept ringing.
Among them were from the Navy headquarters, CP0, which was responsible for protecting the escort ships, and some people from the G1 branch, asking if they wanted support.
The adjutant’s face was pale, and cold sweat was like rain.
He picked up one phone worm after another and relayed Yulo’s words.
When those people heard the voice of the adjutant, they were all a little dissatisfied, and they named Yuluo to come forward, which was a major matter related to heavenly gold.
The adjutant remembered Yulo’s indifferent eyes, how dare he?
He hung up the phone one by one, didn’t care about anything, and stood in front of the office door, ready to be dispatched.
As for going in and disturbing Yulo….
Impossible things, he still wants to live.
The time gradually passed, and soon it was three o’clock in the afternoon.
The adjutant kept paying attention to the time, and saw that there had been no movement in the office for more than two hours, which could be described as anxious.
Two hours.
I don’t know how many phone bugs came in.
The adjutant is really a minute long, and he has never suffered such grievances in his life.
But he could only bite the bullet and deal with it one by one, never daring to enter the room and disturb Yuluo at the moment.
And at this time, I saw that the door of the office was pushed open, and it was Yulo, who had already woken up.
Compared to noon.
Yulo’s body size has recovered a lot, only three meters remaining, but his breath is still terrifying.
The adjutant’s lips trembled, and he quickly suppressed the messy emotions, and reported what happened at these times in a trembling voice.
“At one point, CP0 calls for help again…”
“At two o’clock, the heavenly gold was robbed, and the three CP0 people were killed…”
“At two and ten, Marshal Steel Bone Air ordered the pursuit, and at half past two, the General Marshal personally ordered the pursuit …”
The adjutant remembered the angry steel bone, and his scalp was numb.
He himself did not expect that one day he would actually ignore the words of the steel bone, and all this was because Yuluo was too terrible!
Just finished the report.
I just listened to the phone worm ringing, and there was the sound of steel bones.
“The position of the heavenly gold is about to disappear, don’t hurry up to support!”
“Got it.”
Yuluo’s gaze swept away, arrogantly responding, and even the face of the steel bone empty was not given.
Steel Bone Void seemed to be stunned for a moment, and then reacted and asked: “Yuluo, why did you respond now, you…”
“Why ask more, wait for news.”
Yulo shook his head and hung up the phone worm directly.
Without saying a word, his figure disappeared in place, and he launched a pursuit of the heavenly gold.
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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

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Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was m


Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was missing, he was transferred to the Navy to become a senior general to fill the high-level combat strength of the Navy. Who would have thought that this filling would directly give the Navy a whole job, and the five old stars would be even more of a headache. First kill Walder, then destroy Roger’s regiment, then slaughter Rox… Sengoku Karp: Lying down, is the current army so fierce? Steel Bone Void: Yuro, you come back quickly, let you escort the heavenly gold, not to start a war with pirates! Commander-in-Chief of the whole army: Draco can’t kill … Damn, dare to hang up the old man’s phone! Five Old Stars: The Valley of the Gods is a holy place, and you are not worthy to set foot on it… Yulo arrogant: Thieves can go, I can go! At noon, heaven and the world, I am the only one! The Battle of the Valley of the Gods, Yulo one man and one axe, ended the era of Lokes! Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “Arrogant General! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! 》; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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