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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! Chapter 44

Between the five old stars.
It has already lightly determined the future direction of a naval admiral, but it does not think that it is inappropriate.
And at this very time.
Suddenly, the phone worm rang.
The five old stars looked over and were slightly surprised.
They are in a position of authority, and there are not many phone bugs that can directly contact them.
Ordinary people who want to contact the five old stars can only report layer by layer, and they are absolutely not qualified to directly call the phone worms of the five old stars.
“That’s Scoander’s phone worm.”
The five old stars recognized it, and the phone worm that rang belonged to the commander-in-chief of the whole army, Gunald.
One of them, slightly puzzled, answered the phone worm in front of everyone.
Over there, the voice of General Marshal Gunald suddenly came.
“Lord Five Old Star, Yuluo he is today…”
Before he finished speaking, the eyes of the five old stars flashed, and he immediately understood.
Sgund, this is for the golden thing.
One of them looked indifferent and interrupted directly.
“We all know about this, what is the result?”
When Sgunder heard these words, his heart fluctuated.
Immediately understood, the matter of asking for gold, the five old stars probably acquiesced.
Sgund’s heart tightened, and he was inevitably silent for a while.
His heart was full of blood, and the soldiers on the front line were born and died for the world government, but they got a little gold, and they actually wanted to take it away.
What is the truth of this.
If it weren’t for Yuro’s efforts, not only would the gold not be obtained, but the heavenly gold that belonged to the world government would also be taken away.
Greedy is simply unreasonable.
Gunald really wanted to resist the wave, but took a deep breath, and in the end, held back all emotions.
He tried to be as calm as possible: “Yulo, he did not hand over the gold. ”
The five old stars were slightly surprised, but they didn’t expect that someone really dared to contradict the world government, all frowning slightly, and they were all a little displeased.
One of them spoke slowly, his voice extremely cold.
Gunald was silent for a moment, took a deep breath, and said in a low voice: “The cause of the matter is that the CP0 leader in charge of the handover has a bad attitude. ”
“They didn’t put Yulo in their eyes, and they were very domineering between words.”
“Yuluo is still young, and his heart is high, which is naturally unbearable.”
“So the three of them couldn’t help but fight.”
“And then… And then…”
Speaking of which.
Gunald stopped talking, but he really didn’t know how to speak.
The five old stars sneered, even if they didn’t hear Gunald say the answer, they knew the result.
I heard that Sfigoba St. that guy is in order to be safe.
Two Commander-level CP0s were dispatched.
When the two join forces, they are naturally invincible.
Looking at the way Gunald wants to say something, he should be ashamed to say it.
“Say, in the end, you actually dare to disobey the orders of the world government, and you will end up with serious injuries, and you will humiliate yourself!”
One of the five old stars sneered and spoke, with a bit of mockery.
They don’t care about the cause of the fighting, and for whatever reason, resistance to the world government is guilty and merciless.
Gunald knew that he couldn’t dodge, and finally gritted his teeth and sighed: “In the end, the two CP0 commanders are fighting with Yulo, and there is no mercy at all. ”
“Yuluo had no choice but to fight with all his strength, and the two commanders were in different places on the spot… Killed by Yulo by mistake! ”
Scound almost stiffly said the final outcome.
Of course, the word “manslaughter” is very heavy, and the emphasis is re-emphasized.
Moreover, it has always been emphasized that Yuluo is helpless to make a move, and it is difficult to keep his hand.
He wanted to excuse himself as much as possible.
Sgunelder watched Yulo, the navy’s rising star, rising with his own eyes.
He knew better than anyone how important a person like Yulo was to the current naval headquarters.
That is a booster that can awaken the fighting spirit of all navies.
In any case, it cannot be destroyed in the hands of the world government.
“What, both commanders are dead?”
The five old stars were stunned for a moment, a little unbelievable, and finally slapped the table fiercely, and Huo Ran got up.
They don’t care about the reasons for the fight or the reasons behind it.
If you dare to rebel against the world government, there will be only one consequence.
“A great admiral, how dare he, Gunald, is this the person you brought out, simply lawless, lawless!”
“Gunald, you should know the consequences of disobeying the world government!”
“Dare to disobey the world government is already a mortal crime, and killing two CP0 leaders directly under the world government is a capital crime.”
“Scound, give you one day, take down that Yulo, send it to Advance City, and wait for it to fall!”
The five old stars were extremely furious, and said one word after another.
Such egregious acts, the heaviest military punishment, the lightest must be pushed into the city, locked up for a lifetime, there is no third possibility.
As for the merits of Yulo.
The world government has never lacked people who can suppress pirates.
If there is one less Yulo, those guys in Lokes can still turn the sky.
Hearing the rare roar of the five old stars, Gunald broke out in a cold sweat, which was even more serious than the picture imagined.
Gunald, however, could not ignore it, and could only plead with his scalp.
“Lord Fifth Elder Star, I know that this matter is extremely serious, and disobeying the world government must be a crime, but the situation is special…”
“For the entire Navy headquarters, and even the world government, Yulo is very important!”
Gunald hurriedly said the words of intercession that had been prepared for a long time: “Yulo has defeated the Roger Pirates and the Rocks Pirates, defended the glory of the navy, and defended the heavenly gold dedicated to the world government. ”
“People have called it the hope of the Navy, and many people in the Navy have ignited the fighting spirit and regarded Yuro as a role model.”
“At such a juncture, if the world government comes forward and detains Yulo…”
“I think the impact is not small!”
Gunald is clearly organized and brings out the matter of heavenly gold, emphasizing that Yulo has also done things for the world government and is by no means a rebel.
After he said everything, he still sweated coldly, and he didn’t know if the five old stars would listen.
The five old stars were much calmer, and I had to admit that there was some truth in this.
If the limelight Yuro is detained, the face of the world government will also be damaged.
The cause and effect of the matter spread to the sea, and those underground forces, the various sea pirate groups did not laugh and died.
“Well, since you said so, the old man will give you this face today, but the death penalty and imprisonment can be avoided, but the living crime is inevitable.”
The five old stars quickly made a decision, and one of them spoke slowly.
Gunald was speechless, and before he could speak, the phone worm was hung up.
In the conference room, the atmosphere was slightly depressed, and one of them said in a deep voice: “This Yuluo is afraid that there is a backbone!”
Even if you have strength, you can’t reuse it! ”
“Hmph! That’s nature, rebelling against Draco, if we don’t deal with it, how can we deal with ourselves? ”
Someone suggested, “Why don’t we interrogate him personally and then stabilize him.” ”
“Let him play a role first, wait for the limelight to pass, and then deal with this matter!”
When the others heard this, they all brightened their eyes and spoke up to agree.
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Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

Arrogant general! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon!

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Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was m


Yuro travels through the One Piece world, binds the Seven Deadly Sins template system, and chooses the crime of arrogance at the beginning to become the youngest army lieutenant general. When the admiral fell and the high-level combat power was missing, he was transferred to the Navy to become a senior general to fill the high-level combat strength of the Navy. Who would have thought that this filling would directly give the Navy a whole job, and the five old stars would be even more of a headache. First kill Walder, then destroy Roger’s regiment, then slaughter Rox… Sengoku Karp: Lying down, is the current army so fierce? Steel Bone Void: Yuro, you come back quickly, let you escort the heavenly gold, not to start a war with pirates! Commander-in-Chief of the whole army: Draco can’t kill … Damn, dare to hang up the old man’s phone! Five Old Stars: The Valley of the Gods is a holy place, and you are not worthy to set foot on it… Yulo arrogant: Thieves can go, I can go! At noon, heaven and the world, I am the only one! The Battle of the Valley of the Gods, Yulo one man and one axe, ended the era of Lokes! Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “Arrogant General! Let the Valley of the Gods end at noon! 》; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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