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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky Chapter 1

Big Dipper
Baiyun Mountain, Cloud Peak, sit and forget.
Zhang Ruoxi casually put the book aside, staring at the ethereal place where the clouds and smoke were like the residence of immortals, and sighed faintly for a long time
“According to historical records, the last emperor was the Nanling Heavenly Emperor, which was no less than 20,000 years ago.”
“If my knowledge is not bad, this Nanling Heavenly Emperor should be the second or third body of the original Heaven-Swallowing Female Emperor.”
“Then in the Immortal Temple Nirvana, he was attacked by the Immortal Temple Instrument Spirit, and since then he has disappeared in the eyes of the world, and now I am afraid that he is between life and death…”
At this point, his expression suddenly became extremely solemn, and he was no longer indifferent between words
“Then more than 1,000 years ago, this vain vacant historical fault line…”
“And there are many children of families walking outside the world, and it is difficult for scattered cultivators and so-called powerful masters to compete with them, let alone occupy a place…”
“Obviously, without the suppression of the Great Emperor, the avenue is no longer high, but a withering scene in the world, plus various metaphors that are hidden in the classics, and hundreds of years of disappearance…”
Dark turmoil
This scene, which was once regarded by Zhang Ruoxi as the protagonist pretending, really entered his eyes at this moment.
“I don’t know who the next emperor is, and I don’t have time to develop.”
Zhang Ruoxi was very worried
Since opening up the sea of suffering a month ago, after the divine energy stirred and caused Su Hui to awaken, he obtained the incomparably heaven-defying golden finger – supreme understanding.
After a simple experiment, the effect is quite strong.
Simply put, it raises Zhang Ruoxian’s thinking logic to countless levels out of thin air.
When he looked back at the Dao Scripture Wheel Sea fragment that was used to open up the sea of suffering, he felt like a mental retard.
Whether it is the depth and breadth of thinking, as well as what you do in practice, it is not ideal.
And therefore decided to start the reconstruction,
Using fragments of the Tao Sutra as a guide, plus some miscellaneous whims from previous lives, a scripture was created.
He decided to climb to the supremacy of this realm, and named it the Dao Ji Jing.
The rebuilding process went smoothly
But after all, he was not from a family in the Holy Land, and his ancestor was just a little cultivator with a bit of luck, and he was lucky enough to get the legacy of this cave sky, and this is the Zhang family that has been passed down for thousands of years.
Zhang Ruoxi is just an ordinary clan member of the Zhang family’s generation, and the resources allocated are really limited.
After completing the four realms of the wheel sea five days ago, the accumulated resources were basically used up for seven seven eight eight, and he could only absorb the spiritual energy that escaped between heaven and earth, and the gap in cultivation efficiency plummeted to him.
This is why I have to go out of customs and prepare to go out to find another creation.
With nothing to do, Zhang Ruoxi began to look through past memories and classics, probing the general situation of the current life, and at the same time comparing with the descriptions in the memories of the past life to see where it was easier to obtain benefits.
This investigation almost frightened him.
Zhang Ruoxi really couldn’t imagine that when he was ready to march forward with his invincible talent, a group of dark supremes suddenly appeared in the sky.
What an egg.
“It’s only been a thousand years since the last harvest, and the leeks haven’t grown well, so that group of old immortals shouldn’t get out of the customs so quickly.”
“The original book also did not make it clear, the emperor who came out of this period of time is probably Hengyu, Shenzhou, and the emperor?”
“It’s not so unlucky to meet the void…”
Zhang Ruo thought to himself
He did not dare to act completely according to the original book, he would only look at the trend along the general context, and he did not see that there was no record of the one thousand years ago.
The original book is too one-sided after all, and the devil knows how many similar things there are.
It is not a dark turmoil that was deliberately launched by the historical fault of thousands of years ago, but a certain supreme just woke up and found that there was no emperor in the world, and harvested it casually.
As long as he hit it once, Zhang Ruoxi felt that his small body really couldn’t be recruited.
At this moment,
He suddenly heard a pleasant bell sound.
[Ding, the Heavenly Chat Group has sent you an invitation, please ask if you want to join the group].
This is…… Chat groups?
Looking at the interface that appeared in his mind, Zhang Ruoxi was a little stunned and looked inexplicable.
As a crosser, he certainly knows chat groups.
But…… What do that chat group look for him for?
Do you want to treat me like a sheep?
Having said that, he didn’t plan to refuse, and was ready to go into the group to take a look.
This thing suddenly appeared in his head, but he couldn’t find the source, with his current level of this round of sea realm, there was nowhere to start, it was better to go in and see what happened.
Heavenly Chat Group
【Ding! 】
[Welcome Daoji Tianzun to join the group chat].
[Welcome the horse keeper to join the group chat].
[Mortal wisdom is welcome to join the group chat].
Looking at these labels, Zhang Ruoxi was a little confused, and he flipped through the list of group members and determined that he was probably the second batch of group members to join the group.
“What kind of way is this, doesn’t the chat group talk about the basic law?”
“Why did you get such fierce people from the beginning, and be sure that the group leader can withstand it?”
Daoji Tianzun was undoubtedly himself, and he had only made up his mind before, perhaps there was a metaphor for the future.
But Zhang Ruoxi himself also has a number, if there is no natural disaster such as the Dark Supreme level in the future, with the understanding of the supreme level, his future achievements will definitely not be bad.
At the same time, he is also a traverser, and if the group leader is just an ordinary person who uses chat groups to pretend to be ghosts, it means nothing to him at all.
The spirit of raising horses,
The probability is Fang Han in eternal life, the achievements are self-evident, and the ups and downs along the way are extremely terrifying, not a good match.
Mortal wisdom,
This guy Zhang Ruoxi was impressed back then.
Although he is only a mortal, if he really has the description of the script in infinite horror so weird, the group of people who mainly want to pretend to be ghosts may be finished in minutes.
Yes, weird.
Zhang Ruoxi can only describe it this way, if he is the leader of the group, I am afraid that his head will explode.
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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is n


Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is not willing. But…… As a result, the chat skirt ran wildly in a strange direction from then on, and it was out of control ever since. Host: If there is a choice, I will definitely give him a plane ticket first.


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