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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky Chapter 14

[Everything in this group operates in accordance with established rules, there is no black box operation, a group member should not have bad ideas, hope to know. ] 】
Zhang turned a deaf ear to the warning.
On the contrary,
Looking at this sudden warning, he immediately concentrated on mobilizing all the mana in his body.
Even the power that had always been regarded as an enlightened external plug-in, hidden deep in the depths of his soul, was ready to be used passively at all times.
Now, just wait for the fish to take the bait….
Daoji Tianzun: Huh! It’s not dark according to the rules?
Daoji Tianzun: There are also salary collars for part-time workers, you the emperor and Lun Hai are both a thousand points a day, do the chairman and the toilet sweeper all get the same money?
Daoji Tianzun: Are you stupid for me? Sooner or later, one day I will tear you down, and when you are weak, you will do things honestly, and you will take advantage of it. You already have a way to take .jpg death
After speaking, he took a deep breath… Attentively waiting for the inevitable counterattack that will be launched in anticipation….
Who knew that after waiting for a long time, Zhang Ruoxi found nothing, which made him look a little funny.
Fortunately, this is actually good news.
A little depressed to sweep away the dust of the quiet room, Zhang Ruoxi couldn’t understand this guy’s routine.
“I’m so provocative, no matter who it is, even if they are not ready to kill me, the necessary punishment should always be there!”
“Or is that thing already weak?”
The warnings of the chat group were not taken to heart, and if this chat group had really been capable, he should have started to fight back when he discovered and began to study the imprint.
He looked at an extremely fine particle inside his soul, and at this moment there was a small imprint hidden in it, and if it were not for his external plug, it would be impossible to find this incongruity among the many particles.
Zhang Ruoxi thought that either he didn’t have any skills, but this idea was quickly abandoned by him.
Without him, it is unrealistic.
The existence itself can already show that the chat group has at least two abilities, one is the ability to locate the imprint to the heavens, and the other is the means of purification of integral transformation.
Maybe count taking people to cross? Zhang Ruoxi suspected that the group leader was taken through.
The purpose should be to hide yourself!
Either they are in a weak state and urgently need to be replenished.
Judging from the sudden intervention of this chat group, it is most likely in weakness, otherwise why do it necessary.
Although Zhang Ruoxi couldn’t make a clear judgment on his value, he couldn’t help but know what height the powerhouse in this world could reach.
The chat group can’t just come for him, the crosser, then the target must be above this world.
Then you should never say such a thousand words a day in the humanitarian field, how much heart it takes.
Just this sentence directly burst it, so that Zhang Ruoxi explored a little truth, and decisively tested a wave.
Anyway, such actions have long been in his plan, but it is only a matter of time.
If the chat group is really strong and incomprehensible, then no matter how much he prepares, it will not help, and there is no need to continue to deduce.
As for why the chat group is weak, it is not something that Zhang Ruoxian needs to care about.
His seemingly impulsive temptation just now had almost put himself on the surface, but the chat group did not act at all except warning.
“Hehe, it seems that this thing is not very powerful, and you don’t need to pay too much attention to it in the future.”
He walked out of the quiet room and looked at the clear blue sky, in a happy mood.
Even the green mountains in the distance became vibrant.
“Then the first thing that needs to be solved at the moment is the problem of points, although I don’t know what the points are converted with, but since even people I can’t understand need to peek, it must not be bad.”
“But I still don’t understand what the specific effect of that imprint is, maybe you need to advance to the Sendai so that there is hope to spy after the rapid growth of divine consciousness.”
Thinking about it, Zhang Ruoxi smiled again.
The fog in front of him had almost dissipated, and he was naturally full of joy.
Daoji Tianzun: You didn’t kick me out of the group, couldn’t you? Or unwilling to give up?
Daoji Tianzun: Interesting, I obviously jumped backwards, just waiting for you to come, but unfortunately there was neither erasure nor punishment, and I didn’t wait for anything, otherwise I could have demolished you earlier.
Daoji Tianzun: Also, although I don’t care what you took away from my world, it doesn’t mean that I can accept that I have been pitted, maybe it is your death? Is it dismantled once and does not increase memory?
Divine Hexi: Oh, did this friend discover something? Can you share it, it seems that your temptation has gained a lot!
Merlot Heavenly Court,
Hexi projected the content in the chat group in front of him, looked at Kesha, who was interested next to him, and said with a smile:
“How’s that, do you see something?”
“Hehe, I didn’t expect that this Daoji Tianzun is quite brave, and the traversers are so bold? Well…… Perhaps there are also unknown dependencies, they call these plugins? ”
Keisha smiled while flipping through the projections, constantly analyzing the information that came out of them.
“It seems that the state of this chat group is indeed not very good, according to calculus, it needs to launch at least one attack, whether it is destructive or punitive, otherwise it will not be able to establish its own majesty.”
“And now, as that Daoji Tianzun said, he didn’t, and didn’t kick him out of the group chat, there are logical loopholes in this, perhaps…”
Her expression was as cold as ever, her eyes were completely white, and she had entered a state of deduction.
“He guessed correctly, there is a high probability that the chat group has been destroyed, or because of unknown factors, it is particularly weak now, of course, it is also possible that Daoji Tianzun itself has unknown power, and the chat group does not dare.”
“Yes,” Hexi nodded in agreement
“It seems that you can let go a little in the chat group in the future.”
“And we also need to hurry up, borrow this chat group to develop as soon as possible, and then find a way to get rid of this unknown factor.”
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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is n


Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is not willing. But…… As a result, the chat skirt ran wildly in a strange direction from then on, and it was out of control ever since. Host: If there is a choice, I will definitely give him a plane ticket first.


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