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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky Chapter 42

“Interesting, it turned out to be a war across two domains, but I didn’t expect such a big event to happen during my retreat.”
Zhang Ruoxi became more and more curious.
He was very clear that the Shaking Light Holy Land still existed in the future life, that is, the Heaven Devouring Dao System still existed in the world, so now this force hostile to them must have been killed.
So who exactly are they? Why fight with a great emperor? And why go against others?
I’m afraid there is a lot of secret in this.
If you change to someone else, you may also mix it with one hand, whether you take the opportunity to pick up a bargain, or a backhand to catch it all, you will definitely be able to eat a pot.
It’s a pity that it was Zhang Ruoxi who discovered the secret, and he didn’t care about those who hadn’t.
The Emperor Sutra already had two copies in his hands, which were enough for him as a reference.
With Zhang Ruoxian’s ability, he doesn’t care much about this kind of thing now, after all, no matter how good other people’s things are, they are also someone else’s.
Moreover, he did not consider his Scriptures to be inferior to others.
It is not that he is boasting, but the conditions are not allowed, and the conditions of others can be the same as his?
If it’s an imperial soldier… Sorry, Zhang Ruoxi must be the fastest runner.
His future is bright, how could he touch something like the imperial soldier.
Really want to, when the time comes, won’t it be over to build one yourself… This thing is really the kind of thing that you can’t get what you want, and you don’t necessarily care much about what you want.
“Yes, yes, does the young master want to take a look?”
Seeing that Zhang Ruoxi’s interest was aroused, Yaojing immediately came to him and held his arm and shook it gently.
This is a secret that she accidentally discovered when she was close to Zhang Ruoxi these days.
She found that her young master seemed to be different from the usual family master, and did not care much about the so-called superiority and inferiority, and after becoming familiar with it, he was quite tolerant of himself.
“The parents of people have not gone far away when they are so old, and the young master is the same, it is better for us to go around and see how the situation of those people is by the way.”
After speaking, she did not have too many words, still adhered to her duty as a maid, and did not ask excessively.
It’s just that the pair of watery peach blossom eyes Ai Ai looked at Zhang Ruowan, and the charming and resentful little eyes made Zhang Ruowan’s heart feel inexplicably comfortable.
He casually pinched the pretty face that could be broken, and then stopped caring about her, causing a burst of coquettish anger to echo in his ears.
As the flow of people flowed, the pace of the two gradually slowed down, and the more they walked inside, the more dense the crowd became.
As an airport in ancient times, despite several terrorist attacks, there is no shortage of people here.
The tall realm gate stood in the center, and as a large number of cultivators gathered in a fixed place, from time to time, you could see the realm gate flashing with spiritual light, ushering in groups of people.
It’s just that now the guard here has actually risen by several levels, and from time to time you can still see the gathering monks surrounding some people, I don’t know what happened, anyway, no one thinks it’s a good thing.
“What a pity…”
Looking at the tall realm gate, Zhang Ruoxi not only shook his head, but sighed secretly in his heart.
He vaguely remembered that there was no such building in the later life, and there was also no so-called divine city in the Eastern Wilderness.
For the city, the people of the Eastern Wilderness are not so extravagant as to give up their use, which can only mean that in the future, the Divine City will eventually fall.
And since the Divine City can be defeated, the only way is to destroy the realm gate and completely cut off its prosperous roots.
After thinking about it, Zhang Ruoxi did not find such a giant object as the boundary gate from the records of later generations, and most of them were such and such holy places of a certain family and a certain holy place to send people away with altars and other things.
“This time, it shouldn’t be the cauldron of the Dark Supreme.”
After thinking about it, Zhang Ruoxi smiled a little.
I don’t know when that group of supremes has become a special back-of-the-pot object, anyway, whether there are some or not, in all kinds of books, those people dare not write openly, but they inevitably rub the basin up secretly.
Walking around again, Zhang Ruoxi stopped before a notice.
There is nothing wrong with the content of the notice, probably similar to the recent terrorist attack on Yunyun, and there is a portrait on it.
The painting is quite realistic, more realistic than the photo, and has a sharp edge.
It is just a picture standing in the void, but it is exposed by the domineering attitude of the person who wrote it, and there is a kind of coercive demeanor.
But Zhang Ruoxi was stunned, and finally shook his head helplessly.
This person he had seen a few times, and he was quite famous in the Divine City, and he was the main member of the attack on the Divine City that night, when he stood high in the air to face most of the combat power inside the city.
At that time, Zhang Ruoxi was busy looking for the group of people who shook the light, and because he thought that the person would most likely die, he didn’t care too much.
“Now it seems that I have lost my eyes! This guy should not be a simple character either. ”
He whispered, but couldn’t help but smile.
The monk’s memory is ridiculous, as long as he sees it, he will not forget it, but the picture in front of him depicts the person as such.
It can only be said that the art processing of this thing is really incredible.
The life span of cultivators is very long, it is impossible to practice in retreat every day, plus the Beidou atmosphere is still in the ancient period, the appropriate Tao Yi sentiment has become one of people’s choices, basically the family is better, everyone has a stunt.
Of course, this is excellent, Zhang Ruoxi himself will also have a hand, originally did not feel anything bad, but now it does not seem to be a good thing.
If you really want to find it exactly according to the people on this map, I am afraid that it will be impossible in this life.
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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is n


Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is not willing. But…… As a result, the chat skirt ran wildly in a strange direction from then on, and it was out of control ever since. Host: If there is a choice, I will definitely give him a plane ticket first.


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