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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky Chapter 44

Looking at the old man with white hair in front of him, listening to the confidence in his words, Zhang Ruoxi suddenly became a little curious about their magical brain circuits.
With his hands on his back, he scanned the crowd that had completely blocked him here, and scoffed
“Qin Wan, of the Qin family? Are you going to do it with me? ”
Looking at Zhang Ruo’s appearance in his chest, it was still the same as his performance all along, and he didn’t put them in his eyes at all.
For a moment, Qin Wan’s heart was shaken.
This kind of person is definitely not easy to mess with, and if he can’t press to death at one time, the consequences will be quite serious.
He didn’t know if he would really recognize the wrong person, but he was also sure at this moment that this young man also had a big secret.
When I think of their recent hostile targets, the same bad to mess with, the same arrogance, even if they fight with them, they never put them in their eyes.
As if they were all insignificant ants, and only that mysterious force could compare with them.
It was a naked disregard, a silent insult, just like in front of you, never bothering to hide your arrogance.
Do you really want to do it?
The inner turmoil made Qin Wan hesitate, but the arrogance of the emperor and the temptation of the emperor made him have to order
“Stubborn, do it, I can get it from his corpse when I need it.”
With his order, I don’t know how many people responded to the attack.
The sound of the detonation resounded in the sky, rolling up a large cloud of smoke.
The smoke cleared, and everyone’s hopes were dashed, only to see a five-colored brilliance shrouded Zhang Ruoxi.
All the surrounding land was destroyed, the ground was sunken several meters deeply, and the five-colored brilliance shrouded the place was intact.
The strange situation was simply terrifying, and the people present were all monks, and they clearly knew that someone with this kind of power was not something they could afford to provoke.
But now there is no turning back, and I can’t help but look at each other, and my heart is horrified.
But they can’t escape, at least not now, surrounded by tigers and wolves, how can they allow it.
“How about it, this is what I comprehended by myself from the five elements of the Dao Palace, does it have some demeanor of the Great Five Elements?”
A fluttering voice echoed in their ears, they knew who it was, but they didn’t know what the owner of the voice wanted.
Live room,
Fang Han’s figure appeared in front of him for the first time, looking at his eyes were extremely complex, some emotion, some helplessness.
Looking at the figure that was already quite graceful, Zhang Ruo smiled and did not ask again.
He already knew the answer, and he knew in his heart that most of what he had been thinking about was done.
He had long had no hope for the so-called cultivation world, it was not that there were no good people here, but there were more evil people and conformists, so this battle was predictable.
Since he knew that there would be a fight, Zhang Ruoxi naturally would not waste this rare opportunity to show.
He has always wanted to get the three thousand avenues of the immortal world, but unfortunately, just as Zhang Ruoxi can’t look at the characters of the martial arts world, Fang Han naturally can’t look at the supreme who makes himself a ghost or a ghost in order to become an immortal.
Even Zhang Ruoxi’s senses are a little complicated, and he usually only practices in his own world, and hardly participates in the topic of chat groups.
After all, Fang Han’s conditions were indeed much superior to them, and he was still the spirit of the Gate of Eternal Life, and his entry into the realm was extremely fast, and ordinary people did not dare to disturb him.
He got the possibility of the future from Su Xiaoxiao, and he thought that he only owed her a favor, and other people had nothing to do with him.
He naturally knew Zhang Ruoxi’s needs, and the two cultivators in the group were usually able to chat a couple of words, but it only stopped there.
I have never let up until today….
Sometimes that’s it, to play dungeons, you need to have equipment first.
So how is there equipment? Hit the copy, of course.
Finally pried open an opening, Zhang Ruo felt happy from the bottom of his heart, the laughter was incomprehensible, but inexplicably made the monks present creepy for a while, as if it was a harbinger of death.
“You guys are good, I have to thank you.”
“Now, your existence has no meaning, so I have decided to give you an honorary death.”
As the words fell, a violent wind suddenly rose in the flat ground, and Zhang Ruoxi stood in the wind, making waves wherever his eyes could see.
“Gang people, strange.”
His gaze looked at a gang in the crowd, and as his mind moved slightly, the group of people did not have time to harden a little, and they were crushed into powder by the five-hole storm in front of everyone.
Seeing this tragic situation, everyone was shocked and retreated a little.
Zhang Ruoxi didn’t look at the horror on everyone’s faces, and slowly walked forward, surrounded by five-colored brilliance, like a divine residence coming to the world again.
“The Zhang family’s? It turned out to be the Ben family, it seems that the heavens are destined that the Divine City does not need two Zhang families! ”
When the man’s face changed greatly when he heard this, he disappeared into the blue sky and white in the blink of an eye.
“Zhou family’s”
With Zhang Ruoxi’s roll call again and again, everyone present did not dare to stop, and they all ran wildly.
But that was only a futile choice, no matter how far they ran, as Zhang Ruoxi extracted their information one by one, these people were smashed to pieces by the suddenly swept breeze, breeze wind, storm wind, etc. wherever they were.
“If you want to kill me today, I can’t wait!” Qin Wan roared, looking at Zhang Ruoxi who stopped in front of him, his expression was full of despair.
He could only hope that his own background would cause the other party’s scruples, and he looked in all directions tremblingly.
In the end, the people who blocked here with him were killed alive.
Looking at the realm gate where Fang Cai was still lively, there was an inexplicable sense of depression at this moment.
There was no one around, only a silent emptiness, only a few people who were frightened and broke their guts, sat on the ground in confusion, trembling and closing their eyes and waiting for death.
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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is n


Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is not willing. But…… As a result, the chat skirt ran wildly in a strange direction from then on, and it was out of control ever since. Host: If there is a choice, I will definitely give him a plane ticket first.


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