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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky Chapter 9

The appearance of the golden sword made everyone’s hearts tremble, and they all ran Xuangong, carried divine energy, and in an instant, the Xuangong around them was blazing, and the originally somewhat gloomy room was illuminated.
No one expected that Zhang Ruoxi would make a move at this juncture, and the speed of the shot was so fast that it was almost impossible to react.
The black-robed old man faced the golden sword at this moment, and his face couldn’t help but be like death.
He looked at the golden sword that seemed to be broken at will, and couldn’t help but roar, a large amount of mana gods could gush out from the sea of suffering, from the body, from all the places that could squeeze out mana.
A True Destiny Weapon made of Da Luo silver and gold rushed towards the golden sword in an instant, and the silver-white ruler was overflowing with light, seemingly never retreating.
The Mana Impactor Golden Sword, which had been condensed to the extreme, finally…
The golden sword was completely broken.
In the end, it was combined by Zhang Ruoxian’s mana guidance, and Zhang Ruoxi really only had Dao Palace Realm cultivation.
A smile immediately rose on the black-robed old man’s face, and before he had time to rejoice that he had survived another catastrophe, his face suddenly changed.
The law of explosion was like an unstoppable sword, easily piercing his defenses.
Poof, a mouthful of blood was spewed out, and he himself stood in place, staring at the strange teenager from a distance, full of regret.
“It’s a pity that the old man actually fell here.”
“Great Elder” Shaking Light Saint Son exclaimed, quickly stepped forward to help the old man, and at the same time a magic sword that was almost identical to the one just now flew out and was held by him in his hand.
He glared angrily at Zhang Ruoxian, and the divine energy in his hand continued to fluctuate, as if he was about to activate the forbidden weapon to fight with him in the next moment.
At this moment, Shaking Light’s heart was filled with anger.
Even if he and the Great Elder didn’t pay much, and sometimes even darkly thought of some bad ideas, it definitely didn’t include such a situation.
Seeing this, the rest of the people also used the same means, and when they landed, the small secret land bloomed like the light of the sky, and only after shaking the light, they joined forces to surround and kill the enemy.
Zhang Shouhui was dark and solemn, not understanding why the development of things had come to this step, and cold sweat fell from his forehead.
He quietly looked at his youngest son, who was still “calm and calm”, and a strange touch suddenly appeared in his heart.
At this moment, an old and weak voice stopped all this.
The old man was supported by the shaking light and fell to the ground weakly, but he still couldn’t let things slide to the point where it was inevitable.
“Ahem, poof…” His voice seemed to exhaust his strength, and he involuntarily vomited another mouthful of blood.
However, the old man still held on and stopped everyone’s offensive.
“Little friend… What you want, the husband can give you, can you let these children go. ”
Zhang Ruoxi and Devouring the Sky did not have hatred, of course, they did not mind letting them go.
Now that there is hatred, he doesn’t care either.
His purpose is very clear, from beginning to end, it is just to look at the Emperor Sutra, and in what way to see it, he does not care very much.
If, on this basis, some captures can be obtained, then of course it is best, no also… Oh, quite a few have been acquired.
That’s okay.
“Give it to him, shake the light.” The Great Elder’s voice immediately sounded, and he made a decision before the Shaking Light Saint Son could react.
But…… He looked at the dying Great Elder, a little hesitant, a little overwhelmed, as if he had something to say but didn’t know what to say.
The Great Elder nodded at him without unnecessary words.
Although everyone present was talking about it, they didn’t know what they were thinking, but they didn’t refute it on this occasion.
Although some people still do not understand, some of the people who have turned their brains quickly have already understood.
The two scriptures slowly flew towards Zhang Ruoxi, and he reached out to take it, and found that it was still carried with treasures.
After carefully looking at the content of the record, he confirmed that it was the Heaven Devouring Demon Skill and the Immortal Heaven Skill, and immediately retracted his gaze and turned to everyone, nodded peacefully, and handed over his hand:
“In that case, I won’t stay much, and you all have a chance to see you again.”
He walked away gently, leaving only a mess.
“So we came out? From that Longtan Tiger’s Den? Zhang Shouhui’s eyes were still confused, feeling how the world was different from what he recognized.
There were just dozens of people surrounding him! Right now?
Is there something wrong?
But I obviously have no problem, Zhang Shou turned his gaze to the young figure, that is, he has a problem?
“How else? Fight with us? What’s the point? Looking at Zhang Shouqiu’s confused expression, Zhang Ruoxi also felt inexplicable in his heart.
Isn’t that easy to see?
In order to survive and Zhang Ruoxi to seek wealth, the fundamental conflict lies in the Emperor Sutra.
Zhang Ruoxi is obviously strong, and the situation is not good, then he will definitely not be able to keep the Emperor Jing.
Therefore, the imperial scripture must be given
Otherwise, Zhang Ruoxi would not let go, and the consequences would be something that the Great Elder did not want to see.
What the Shaking Light Saint Son could think of, he, the old fox who had lived for an unknown amount of time, could naturally think of it.
Zhang Ruoxi is obviously a big enemy, not only now, but also in the future, and the result of entanglement with such a strange and difficult opponent needless to say, it will definitely not be better anyway.
But how to give, you can still pay attention to it.
“That old man is not a simple guy, should he be said to be a Great Emperor Daoist? Although he has fallen to this point, there is still no shortage of spirit and determination. ”
Muttering, Zhang Ruoxi turned his head to look at the courtyard that appeared in the darkness, the evening breeze blowing the ends of his hair, he stood as if he saw through time and space, and saw the shaking light holy place that rose brilliantly countless years later.
“Are you betting everything on the future, but will there be anyone like you?”
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Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Chat group People are in fantasy, understanding is against the sky

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is n


Traveling to the fantasy world, becoming a member of a monk family, and gaining a heaven-defying understanding. Just when Zhang Ruoxu felt that his life was about to skyrocket, he was invited by the chat skirt. If there is a choice, he is not willing. But…… As a result, the chat skirt ran wildly in a strange direction from then on, and it was out of control ever since. Host: If there is a choice, I will definitely give him a plane ticket first.


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