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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious Chapter 3

But in the process of using the Shining Fruit, Naruto also discovered a problem, that is, his physical strength was not enough!
The ability to use the Shining Fruit does not require Chakra, it only requires the consumption of physical strength!
However, when I had just used the sun that I had developed haphazardly on those villagers, it was obvious that I was very short of physical strength.
However, this is also normal, because he is still relatively young at this time, and he has not carried out special physical practice during this period of time.
As for why he didn’t exercise and practice physical skills, it was very simple, because his money was only enough to fill his stomach, and he didn’t think about balanced nutrition or anything!
The malnutrition in his daily diet caused him to exercise and consume less energy than supplementation.
He also did not think about relying on self-reliance to supplement nutrition and improve his diet, but after crossing from the modern city, he obviously did not inherit the original survival skills in the wild.
It takes a long time to catch each fish, and even if you catch a fish in the river, you will probably run away because of your slippery hand!
Of course, he also tried to make weapons such as harpoons to fish, but the seemingly simple fishing method is not so simple in practice.
But that’s just before!
Naruto soon came to a small river.
At this moment, you can also see a small fish emerging from the river and looking at him with bubbles in its mouth, as if mocking Naruto, this guy who always can’t catch fish is here again!
Naruto looked at the small fish in the river with a smile on his face.
Slowly stretched out a finger, and the next moment a laser shot out from Naruto’s finger and then accurately hit the small fish in the river, and then the huge energy in the laser burst out in the river water.
With a boom, a huge wave exploded on the originally calm water, and the river water spilled to the shore, followed by a broken fish body, and the head of the fish had been blown up and disappeared!
It was the little fish that spat bubbles just now!
The first time I use a laser, even if I have tried my best to control my output, the power is still a little great.
The whole fish is fried and crushed, and there is almost no way to eat it!
But after all, it is the first time that I am not familiar with it, as long as I practice more!
So looking at the fish that were still bouncing alive in the river, Naruto smiled and continued to stretch out his fingers and began his own fish bombing action!
A loud bang continued to sound deep in the forest.
If it weren’t for the fact that this place is some distance from Konoha’s residential area, I am afraid that it would have been complained about disturbing the people and thus found by the ninjas!
Finally, after some time passed, Naruto finally stopped frying fish, but not because he didn’t want to fry anymore, but because he was about to run out of stamina!
But even so, he has gained a lot at the moment.
I saw that the shore was scattered with fish that Naruto had fried from the river, and because he had gradually figured out the strength needed to fry the fish, the body of the fish was very complete and exuded a faint barbecue smell.
Smelling this smell undoubtedly made Naruto hungrier!
So without delay, he directly set up a grill for grilling fish, and then a ray of laser went down, and a flame was generated, and then the wood was instantly ignited.
So dogs don’t eat burnt fruit!
The first time you grill fish, you have no experience, some are burnt after the heat, some are lightly grilled and not cooked, but it doesn’t matter, because there are still many fish.
In the spirit of not wasting, he ate all the fish that was fried.
After eating and drinking, Naruto rested a little and began to exercise and practice.
Physical exercise is not something that can be completed overnight, it requires perseverance, and although it is impossible to do the same rigorous practice as Kai and Xiao Li, Naruto has also set himself a strict training plan.
His goal is to be able to fight for ten days and nights without rest, like Admiral Pheasant and Red Dog.
That monster-like physical strength is what he wants to have!
After all, he was also a natural Devil Fruit ability, and he didn’t want to be compared.
However, because different people in the world have different physiques, qualifications and food, it is very difficult to exercise like that, but Naruto will not be discouraged.
Because after all, I am also open!
Maybe when you will get a check-in reward that can enhance your physical fitness.
Of course, this is just the best possibility, and he will not pin all his hopes on it!
After all, who knows when it will come!
So exercise he will not slack.
And while Naruto’s side was trying to exercise and increase his physical strength, in the Hokage office of the Hokage Building, the third generation and Danzo were arguing endlessly!
The occasional passerby in the corridor outside the office heard the sound and did not have any surprised expressions, and they were all surprised by this.
The quarrel between these two people is almost a common thing, three days and a small quarrel, five days and a big quarrel, but no matter how the final quarrel is, it is finally ended by three generations and one sentence I am the Hokage!
And Danzo will not be outdone, say something you will regret and turn away, which is already very familiar to people working in the Hokage Building!
Even in private, he would occasionally tease Danzo-sama’s perseverance, and every time he would be deflated, but next time he would quarrel with Naruto-sama as usual, without being affected in the slightest.
This kind of cheeky, oh no, is the unwavering spirit that is worth learning from them!
At this moment, the office was full of smoke, and I don’t know if I was annoyed by Tuan Zang, and the pipe in the mouth of the three generations has not stopped, and the tobacco has been burning.
And Tuan Zang didn’t feel choked and was still chattering about his opinion.
“Sarutobi, you also saw this Uzumaki Naruto’s action today, he actually dared to pee on your head, what is this behavior?”
“He is defying the Hokage and ignoring the authority of our Konoha high-level!”
“And what else did he say to trample everyone underfoot!”
“To be able to say such a thing, you see it Ape Fei, this is the result of your indulgence with him all along!”
“The idea of such a lawless little devil ape flying you before doesn’t work at all, I suggest handing Naruto Uzumaki into the hands of the old man!”
“Under the old man’s training, it is guaranteed that he will become our strongest weapon in Konoha!”
“After all, he is the pillar power of the nine-tailed people, the most powerful existence in the tailed beast!”
“Ignoring like yours will only waste his talent!”
“Human pillar force does not need emotion!”
“So Sarutobi, hand over Naruto Uzumaki to the old man!”
“Only the old man can make Naruto Uzumaki exert his true power!”
“You’re still too weak, Ape Fei!”
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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】


Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】 [Shouting in the classroom that I like Hinata’s fat times] 【In front of Jiraiya, he confesses to Tsunade, and expresses that he is thirsty and wants to drink milk】 【Tell Obito that Lin is still alive and very happy】 [Make out with Kaguya in front of Heijue and let Heijue call him father] But in order to become stronger, it doesn’t matter if it is dishonest. At worst, I don’t want this face anymore! So a guy with the most engaging mentality in the ninja world was born like this!


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