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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious Chapter 32

Although I don’t know why this guy Mizuki is so enthusiastic about himself, but if something goes wrong, there must be a demon!
Naruto thought he might still have thoughts about himself!
But this is also Naruto’s heart!
So Naruto also smiled slightly in response!
Two people, one big and one small, smiled and looked at each other for a moment!
Then he withdrew his gaze and prepared to start the exam.
Naruto’s hands were sealed, and the next moment three doppelgangers appeared on both sides of Naruto’s body!
Iruka nodded, both the appearance of the avatar and the details of the various parts of the body were very good, and there was no difference from the body at all.
However, this was also expected by him, after all, with Naruto’s current strength, how could he not pass!
Iruka smiled slightly, “Qualified!” ”
At this time, Mizuki also nodded!
Praised, “Yes, a very good doppelganger, worthy of our Konoha’s genius!” ”
Although Mizuki was obviously praising Naruto, Naruto could feel that this person’s heart seemed to be full of hatred for himself with his super intuition!
Although I don’t know why!
But if you can’t figure it out, then don’t think about it anymore, after all, it’s just a waterwood!
After passing the exam, Iruka handed the brace into Naruto’s hand!
“Congratulations, Naruto, you will be a shinobi from today onwards!”
Naruto took the brace and smiled slightly, “Thank you Iruka-sensei for taking care of me for so many years, then I will go out first!” ”
Iruka nodded, Naruto didn’t stop either, and left the classroom directly!
After returning to the original classroom, everyone in the classroom was jubilant!
After all, six years of ninja school is finally coming to an end!
And they have become official ninjas ever since!
Looking at them one by one with a vision for the future, Naruto secretly shook his head!
The ninja profession has never been something to look forward to!
To put it bluntly, it is just a group of killers and mercenaries, tool people at the mercy of Konoha’s high-level, even if they are as strong as the original White Fang!
In the future, these people will understand when they really experience the life of a ninja!
So Naruto didn’t participate, they just went back to their places and sat down, because wait until everyone is finished with all the exams, Iruka still has something to talk about!
Sitting bored, Naruto looked at the ninja brace in his hand, and suddenly thought with some evil taste, what if he made a scratch on this now!
It’s going to be wonderful!
While Naruto’s thoughts were flying, Shikamaru and several people approached!
“Naruto, don’t you celebrate with them!”
Ino asked curiously!
Naruto smiled, “Didn’t you guys go too!” ”
Ino pulled her hair a little shyly, in fact, she really wanted to go, after all, she was originally a more lively person, but because she saw Naruto and wanted to maintain her image in front of Naruto, she didn’t go over!
“Is there anything to celebrate, being a ninja is not a good thing!”
“The thought of going to do tasks every day in the future makes me feel troubled to death!”
Shikamaru was lying on the table with a helpless face!
“I think it’s good!”
“After becoming a ninja, you can earn money by doing tasks, and then you can buy whatever you want, and you will no longer have to ask your family for money!”
Naruto laughed, “Dingji’s idea is really very simple!” ”
However, Naruto is now financially free, so Dingji’s expectation Naruto can’t experience it now!
However, although several people have different ideas, it is easy to see that they are not too excited about becoming a ninja, and Ino just likes to be fun!
But also, after all, Inuga Butterfly is a famous and powerful ninja in Konoha, and ninjas are probably familiar to them!
At this time, Naruto looked at Hinata, who was sitting in the distance, and seemed to have sensed something, Hinata also turned his gaze, and the eyes of the two touched together like this!
The moment the two of them touched their eyes, Hinata quickly turned his head back like a frightened kitten, and his little face turned red!
Hinata seems a little strange today!
It seems that I have been subconsciously hiding from myself since we met in the morning!
Naruto keenly felt that everything seemed to be because of the gift she gave herself in the morning!
So what is it?
Naruto’s curiosity couldn’t help but become stronger!
Would you like to open it now?
However, thinking of what Hinata said, Naruto once again resisted the desire to open it, so let’s wait until he gets home!
Thinking about it like this, Naruto didn’t want to stay here for a moment!
Fortunately, just then, Iruka walked in from outside the classroom!
As soon as I came in, I couldn’t help but turn dark when I saw everyone who was celebrating wildly!
“Give me all quiet!”
“Don’t you know if there are exams in other classes, give me a little voice!”
With Iruka’s reprimand, the class finally quieted down!
Seeing this, Iruka nodded in satisfaction, and then his originally serious face turned, and he said loudly with a gentle smile on his face.
“Congratulations to everyone in our class, all passed the graduation exam!”
“Wow, that’s great!”
Suddenly, the classroom, which had just quieted down, cheered again!
But fortunately, this time the sound was much quieter than just now, so Iruka didn’t care anymore!
Then a hand pressed down, and then he spoke, “Although you have graduated now, you are not officially a ninja, and you are going to register at the Naruto Building next, which is very important, don’t you forget!” ”
“Got it!”
Iruka nodded!
“In addition, after you become a ninja, the village will group you and arrange instructors, and the specific time is at the briefing meeting on the 15th, starting at nine o’clock in the morning, also in the school classroom, please remember not to be late!”
“Then now everyone can leave on their own!”
After that, Iruka also left the classroom!
“Then let’s go first!”
After saying hello to Shikamaru and a few people, Naruto left directly!
Only Ino was left with a disappointed face!
“I was going to ask Naruto to go to dinner together!”
“It’s okay, Ino!”
“Look at Naruto’s estimation of something, next time I will eat the same!”
Ino nodded, but suddenly thought of the explanation meeting on the 15th, Ino suddenly thought, “I will be divided into groups then, if only I could be divided into a clan with Naruto!” ”
“When the time comes… Hey, hey, hey! ”
While Ino was fantasizing, Ding Ji suddenly interrupted, “Then do the three of us want to go to the barbecue!” ”
“I heard that one family has very delicious barbecue!”
The fantasy was suddenly interrupted, and Jing Ye looked at Ding Ci with an unhappy expression, “It’s best not to share with you two guys!” ”
Ding Ci scratched his head blankly, “What a piece of time!” ”
Shikamaru said helplessly, “What does it have to do with me, I didn’t speak!” ”
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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】


Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】 [Shouting in the classroom that I like Hinata’s fat times] 【In front of Jiraiya, he confesses to Tsunade, and expresses that he is thirsty and wants to drink milk】 【Tell Obito that Lin is still alive and very happy】 [Make out with Kaguya in front of Heijue and let Heijue call him father] But in order to become stronger, it doesn’t matter if it is dishonest. At worst, I don’t want this face anymore! So a guy with the most engaging mentality in the ninja world was born like this!


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