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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious Chapter 35

Inside the Hokage office.
The whole room was smoky and hazy!
If you don’t know, I’m afraid you think it’s on fire!
The third generation of Hokage Ape Flying Sun Chopper was holding a pipe in his hand at this time, looking down at the crystal ball on the table and silent!
After a long time, the three generations sighed!
He had a slight impression of this ninja, but it didn’t matter anymore!
Dare to induce Naruto to steal the Book of Seals, I have to say that this idea of his can be said to be bold!
The Book of Seals records some very powerful but dangerous ninjutsu, and once it is circulated, it can be said that it is unimaginable!
So for safety, three generations will keep it at home!
But I didn’t expect that even this would attract the covetousness of others!
This is something that three generations did not expect!
Such an act, now Mizuki has been sentenced to death in the hearts of three generations!
But maybe it’s also an opportunity!
The three generations suddenly thought in their hearts!
“Go and bring Naka Shinobi Mizuki’s information!”
“Yes, Naruto-sama!”
A black shadow flashed quickly, and soon the members of the dark department reappeared, and then handed the information to the three generations!
The three generations did not check the information for the first time, but opened the window first!
The smoke in the house drifts outside with the air, and the air inside the house becomes much fresher!
The three generations stood in front of the window for a moment, feeling much better, and then returned to their seats, picked up Mizuki’s information, and began to look it up!
Mission experience: 0 times in Grade S, 0 times in Grade A, 128 times in Grade B, 85 times in Grade C, and 103 times in Grade D
In addition, the information also includes the specific details of Mizuki’s mission!
After reading it all, the last three generations came to the conclusion that a very mediocre ordinary middle ninja!
But even if it is ordinary, in the eyes of the three generations, there is his value!
Just use this opportunity to test Naruto!
Three generations mused
Just use it as waste!
Originally, it seemed that the third generation did not need this test, after all, Naruto grew up watching him!
But thinking of Naruto’s sudden change in the recent period, the three generations still made up their minds and decided to test it!
It’s good to say everything by passing the test, but if Naruto doesn’t pass his test then…
The eyes of the three generations gradually became deeper!
Hope that doesn’t happen!
I won’t let anything that threatens the village!
On the other side, Naruto had already returned home at this time!
The exam thinks about the actions of the night!
His purpose is to get the Book of Seals and learn the ninjutsu above, and now that the three generations have known their plans, can Mizuki still succeed in stealing the Book of Seals!
And what will the three generations do!
After thinking about it a little, Naruto felt that it was nothing more than two possibilities!
The first is that Mizuki’s operation to steal the Book of Seals fails and then he is imprisoned and arrested, then he can only temporarily give up his plan to take the Book of Seals, and talk about it later!
And the second one is interesting!
Under the premise of knowing Mizuki’s plan, and being able to let Mizuki successfully steal the Book of Seals, then there is only one possibility!
Three generations to test him!
Why so sure?
Because Mizuki is a waste and has no value!
So the purpose of three generations can only be themselves!
Thinking of this, Naruto smiled slightly, and already had some thoughts in his heart!
Putting these things to the back of his mind, Naruto suddenly remembered the gift Hinata gave him this morning!
His eyes lit up!
I don’t know what it will be!
Then he took out the package Hinata gave himself from his pocket!
With curiosity and a slight excitement, Naruto turned it on!
Then I couldn’t help but be stunned!
Because inside the package, it’s still a package!
Naruto couldn’t help but cry and laugh!
What’s going on here?
Matryoshka doll!
Then Naruto patiently opened the package!
And the same inside is another layer of wrapping!
Naruto was slightly helpless, and he didn’t know what Hinata gave him!
So mysterious!
Then it was disassembled again!
After opening layer after layer, finally after opening the sixth layer of the package, the package at this time was already small to the size of only one hand!
And Naruto also sensed that this seemed to be the next layer!
Thinking of this, Naruto began to slowly open this last layer of package slowly with curiosity!
When you see what’s inside, a moment!
Naruto’s pupils shrank sharply, and his mouth slowly widened!
The body can’t help but stiffen!
“I… I’m not mistaken! ”
“This is!”
“Fat !!?”
Naruto cried out in shock!
“It turned out to be Hinata’s fat ji!”
This was something Naruto he could not have imagined anyway!
Suddenly, Naruto’s mind recalled when he asked Hinata what was inside in the morning!
She said she liked it!!
“I lean!”
Naruto remembered his own second check-in!
The corners of his mouth couldn’t help twitching!
It’s over, his image in Hinata’s heart can’t be washed even if he jumps into the Yellow River!
No wonder Hinata behaved so strangely all day today, and the gifts he gave were so tightly wrapped!
It turns out that it is because of this!
I thought about opening it when I was in the classroom, and now I think about the fear in my heart!
This was the first time Naruto had felt so scared since eating the Shining Fruit!
What a surprise, obviously a fright!
It’s good that it wasn’t opened, otherwise Hinata would have tore me alive!
But not necessarily, with Hinata’s personality, it is more likely that steam directly comes out of the head and then evaporates in place!
Thinking of this, Naruto couldn’t help but smile bitterly!
Shall I go back and tell her that I am really not a pervert!
But it doesn’t seem feasible to think about it!
It is estimated that Hinata has great courage to give this to herself, and if she sends it back again, it is estimated that she may faint directly!
In that case, I had to stay!
Naruto sighed helplessly!
The night soon came, Naruto looked up at the moon tonight, it was quite round!
It is estimated that Kaguya Otsuki lives quite well in the moon!
And the big tube wood family on the moon!
Thinking of this, Naruto suddenly felt that he should go up and take a look in the future!
If nothing else, at least you must get the reincarnation eye, even if you don’t use it, you can give it to Hinata!
Just take it as your own gift for this gift!
Walking out of the house, Naruto stopped and spoke into the thick darkness of the night in front of him, “Come out!” ”
Soon, a figure appeared in front of Naruto!
Exactly Mizuki without a doubt!
However, unlike during the day, Mizuki is fully armed at the moment, and he is carrying an oversized shuriken behind his back!
“How did you find me!”
At this time, Mizuki said with a puzzled look!
If you say that you accidentally exposed your whereabouts during the day, but now it’s night!
Under the cover of night, he didn’t think he could be discovered by a newly graduated Shinobi, even if he was a genius!
“I didn’t find out!”
“Just talk casually!”
“I didn’t expect you to really come out!”
Mizuki suddenly had black lines all over his head.
I really want to poke Naruto Uzumaki to death with the shuriken behind his back!
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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】


Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】 [Shouting in the classroom that I like Hinata’s fat times] 【In front of Jiraiya, he confesses to Tsunade, and expresses that he is thirsty and wants to drink milk】 【Tell Obito that Lin is still alive and very happy】 [Make out with Kaguya in front of Heijue and let Heijue call him father] But in order to become stronger, it doesn’t matter if it is dishonest. At worst, I don’t want this face anymore! So a guy with the most engaging mentality in the ninja world was born like this!


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