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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious Chapter 42

Naruto’s voice is not loud, but it is very shocking!
Sasuke and Sakura looked at Naruto with a surprised look, they didn’t expect Naruto’s dream to be so big!
Sakura suddenly regretted it a little, and felt that the self-introduction she had just introduced was a little too casual!
But it’s a pity that it can’t be changed anymore!
Kakashi was also a little surprised by Naruto’s answer at this time!
Change the world!
It’s not an easy dream!
However, seeing Naruto’s determined eyes, Kakashi felt that Naruto didn’t seem to be joking!
So let me wait and see!
Kakashi said secretly!
“Well, all three of you have a lot of personalities and are very interesting!”
“Since you guys have finished introducing me, then I’ll introduce myself a little!”
“My name is Kiki Kakashi!”
“What I like and what I hate, I don’t want to tell you!”
“Speaking of dreams for the future, there are many interests and so on!”
Sasuke Sakura and the two have a black line!
“What, it’s the same as saying it and not saying it!”
“But fortunately, Naruto has already told us about Kakashi-sensei, your information!”
Sakura couldn’t help but complain.
Kakashi’s eyes narrowed!
Seeing this, Sakura was slightly stunned, and said a little cautiously, “Did I say something wrong?” ”
Kakashi replied in a relaxed tone, “No! ”
“It’s just that I’m a little curious about how Naruto learned about my intelligence!”
Naruto smiled slightly, “I don’t want to tell you!” ”
Kakashi’s face suddenly turned dark!
I didn’t expect that what I just said would be used against myself!
Suddenly, I felt like I was lifting a rock and shooting myself in the foot!
Sakura and Sasuke sat in place and laughed, only thinking that Naruto did a beautiful job!
Kakashi quickly changed the subject.
“Okay, now that everyone has been introduced, then we will start the mission tomorrow!”
Sakura wondered, “What kind of mission to do?” ”
“Let’s start with the task that only the four of us can complete!”
“Survival drill!”
Kakashi said with a straight face.
“If it’s a drill, we’ve done it many times in school, why do it!”
Sakura said with some dissatisfaction.
“This is no ordinary exercise!”
Kakashi suddenly looked at several people with a mysterious expression!
“Of the 27 graduates, only 9 were recognized as Shinobi, and the other 18 had to be sent back to school.”
“In other words, this exercise is a super difficult test with an elimination rate of more than 66%!”
Of the three, only Sakura’s face instantly became ugly!
How so!
Naruto and Sasuke are both geniuses, only I can get the results of the written test, and tomorrow’s test will not fail!
If I don’t pass and get returned to school, won’t I be laughed to death by others!
I’m afraid Ino will laugh at me every day!
This is the test for me, you must pass!
While Sakura was constantly cheering herself up with psychological cues, Kakashi suddenly said, “Ah, by the way, remember not to eat breakfast!” ”
“Will vomit!”
“Then disband and assemble at the exercise ground at five o’clock tomorrow morning!”
After saying that, Kakashi left directly!
Only the terrified Sakura was left, and even Sasuke was a little apprehensive by Kakashi’s words!
Seeing that the two were a little nervous, Naruto spoke, “Don’t be so nervous, no matter what kind of exercise it is, it is inseparable from strength in the end!” ”
“Sasuke, aren’t you confident in your strength?”
“And Sakura, what are you worried about with us!”
Two words easily made Sasuke and Sakura completely relaxed!
In order to save his face, Sasuke snorted coldly, “Tomorrow’s drill will be handed over to me no matter what it is!” ”
At this time, Naruto shook his head again, “Kakashi is a famous powerhouse in the village, if he doesn’t want you to pass the test, then you can’t have a chance!” ”
Sasuke’s brows suddenly frowned, feeling that what Naruto said made sense!
Sakura was a little worried, “So what should we do with tomorrow’s test!” ”
Sasuke looked at Naruto’s relaxed expression and asked rarely, “You must already have an idea!” ”
Naruto nodded!
“That’s right!”
“Actually, you might as well think about it!”
“Will Kakashi make us completely unable to pass this survival exercise?”
Seeing Sakura shake his head, Naruto spoke, “That’s right! ”
“It’s impossible!”
“So he will definitely give us a chance, and that opportunity is the key factor in whether we can pass the test!”
“But also relatively, if we can’t seize this opportunity, then Kakashi will definitely not be able to let us pass!”
“Then Naruto, what is this opportunity you are talking about!”
Sakura wondered.
Seeing that the two were still clueless, Naruto shook his head helplessly and reminded again, “Why do you think the village divided us people into groups of three instead of acting independently!” ”
All reminded here, if the two still can’t guess, then Naruto won’t remind anything!
But fortunately, the two are not stupid and immediately understood!
“Teamwork!” ”
Naruto smiled slightly, “That’s right! ”
But then Sasuke asked suspiciously, “But how did you know that Kakashi would test this!” ”
Naruto spread his hands!
“I don’t know!”
“But it’s not hard to guess, isn’t it!”
“Needless to say, my strength naturally goes without saying, Sasuke is also a genius in school, although Sakura is not a genius, but she is also at the top of every exam, do you think Kakashi will be stupid enough to test our strength?”
“Then if both Sasuke and I are eliminated because of this, then I’m afraid no one in the school will graduate!”
“So since it’s not a test of our strength, then I’m afraid that we can only do the factor of teamwork, isn’t it!”
Naruto’s words came down to Sasuke and Sakura were stunned!
Is it so simple?
After saying that, Naruto didn’t plan to stay any longer.
“Then I’ll go, but one last thing to remind you, don’t forget what Kakashi did today!”
After saying that, Naruto turned into a cloud of smoke and dissipated in the air!
“What did Kakashi do?”
Sasuke and Sakura wondered!
But soon Sasuke figured out what Naruto meant!
Looking at Sakura, who was still wondering, he remembered what Naruto said about teamwork before, Sasuke said patiently, “Wasn’t Kakashi the last to come today!” ”
After Sasuke’s reminder, Sakura immediately understood!
Surprised, “So Naruto meant that Kakashi-sensei would be late tomorrow too!” ”
Sasuke nodded, “That’s what it should mean!” ”
After saying that, Sasuke no longer delayed and hurried to leave, he still had to rush back to cultivate, after all, Naruto had been practicing for a day today, and he couldn’t be pulled too far!
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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】


Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】 [Shouting in the classroom that I like Hinata’s fat times] 【In front of Jiraiya, he confesses to Tsunade, and expresses that he is thirsty and wants to drink milk】 【Tell Obito that Lin is still alive and very happy】 [Make out with Kaguya in front of Heijue and let Heijue call him father] But in order to become stronger, it doesn’t matter if it is dishonest. At worst, I don’t want this face anymore! So a guy with the most engaging mentality in the ninja world was born like this!


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