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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious Chapter 46

How to assign Naruto to put it in the back of his head first, because he has more important things, after all, Naruto has not forgotten the tips of the previous system!
So I checked in immediately!
[Sign in successfully and get one of the twelve charms: the horse charm].
As the sound of the system fell, a charm carved into the shape of a horse appeared in Naruto’s hand!
However, because Naruto had already put his hand in his pocket, no one noticed!
Naruto was stunned for a moment, and then the ability of the horse charm gradually appeared in his mind, and a surprised expression immediately appeared on his face!
I leaned, hit the jackpot!
The Horse Charm is transformed by the magic of the Holy Lord, one of the eight demons in Jackie Chan’s Adventures, and has the ability to heal and restore.
It can ensure that the holder will not be eroded by external forces, and at the same time, it can also remove all abnormal effects caused by external forces in the body.
It can be said that it is a very practical ability!
With the ability of the horse charm, it can be said that it will be difficult for Naruto to die in the future!
Except, of course, natural old death!
However, if you can draw the dog charm in the future, plus the ability of the horse charm, it will be a real immortality!
Moreover, in the means of healing, Naruto can be said to directly ascend to the sky in one step, and even Tsunade will not be his opponent!
So this time I really hit the jackpot!
Naruto couldn’t help but sigh.
But then Naruto frowned slightly.
The storage of this charm is a problem, even if you wear it on your body, you may not pay attention to lose it, so where to put it!
As if in response to Naruto’s distress, the next moment the horse charm gradually melted into his body.
Naruto was stunned for a moment, then felt a little surprised.
Is it still okay like this!
This way, you won’t have to worry about losing spells!
And seeing Naruto stunned, Kakashi thought that he was stuck in a tangle of not knowing who to give the bell to, so he squinted and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet, but yes, this kind of decision may be a little difficult for you!” ”
“Do you want me to help you decide?”
Naruto also came to his senses at this time and smiled slightly, “No thanks, Kakashi-sensei! ”
“I’ve decided!”
Sakura and Sasuke next to them looked at Naruto, wondering what Naruto would choose!
Sakura’s heart suddenly felt a little nervous.
This drill hardly did anything, and the only shot was only with Sasuke, and it was mainly Sasuke’s hand.
In addition, Naruto and Sasuke are almost geniuses in school, only they are just ordinary people, and Sakura’s eyes are a little sad for a while!
It would probably be me!
But at this moment, Naruto’s fist clenched hard!
The two bells were crushed into pieces in Naruto’s hands!
“Naruto! You! ”
Sakura covered her mouth in surprise, Sasuke was also a little shocked, he didn’t expect Naruto to do this!
Kakashi raised his eyebrows, “Oh? ”
“Naruto, you know what you’re doing, if you do this, no one will have a bell, and you will fail all of them!”
Naruto smiled.
“Of course I know what I’m doing, Kakashi-sensei!”
“But I haven’t forgotten what the purpose of this assessment is!”
“That’s all of us through!”
“So I’m not going to give up on anyone!”
“Since this bell can’t do this, then there is no need for it to exist!”
“Then the choice is up to you now, Kakashi-sensei!”
“Is it decided to let all of us pass together or fail all of them!”
“Anyway, with my strength, even if I am returned to school, I can graduate quickly!”
When Kakashi heard this, he looked at Sakura and Sasuke again!
“What about you, what do you think?”
Sakura looked at Naruto a little moved, and then plucked up the courage to say, “I agree with Naruto’s words, either pass together or go back to school together!” ”
Sasuke nodded, “I also agree, we are now one, if we pass, then we will pass together, and we will not give up anyone!” ”
“You guys!”
Kakashi’s face suddenly became gloomy!
“In that case, all of you!”
The air around them seemed to be much more oppressive.
Sakura’s mood became more and more apprehensive, and at this moment, Kakashi’s expression instantly turned cloudy.
said with a smile on his face.
Sakura was stunned when she heard it!
She was ready to fail.
“Teacher, what did you say?”
“I said you all passed!”
Kakashi said with a smile.
Sakura jumped up excitedly.
A smile appeared on Sasuke’s face too!
“The teacher’s assessment this time is the teamwork between us!”
“You guessed it?”
Kakashi suddenly wondered.
“No, it was Naruto who told us before!”
“It is very likely that this assessment is the teamwork between us!”
Kakashi looked at Naruto in surprise, “Since you all know, why do you have to come with yourself alone to grab the bell with me!” ”
Naruto smiled helplessly, how could he possibly say that he was here to check in!
I could only say, “I just want to test my strength!” ”
“And I also believe that Sasuke and Sakura will work well together!”
“So it is!”
Kakashi nodded.
“Although you guessed the purpose of this assessment in advance, if you pass, you pass!”
“This will not change!”
“And you guys did a beautiful job in this exercise!”
“Both the cooperation between Sakura and Sasuke and the strength shown by Naruto far exceeded my expectations!”
“Of course, the most important thing is that you have not given up on your companions!”
“That’s why I’ll let you through!”
“Remember, you will encounter a variety of missions in your future ninja career, and whatever you encounter, you must deal with it calmly!”
“At the same time, anyone who violates the rules and iron laws of the ninja world will become waste, but those who ignore their companions and do not cherish their companions are not even waste!”
“I hope you keep that in mind!”
Sasuke and Sakura looked at Kakashi with some admiration.
I didn’t expect that this person who looked lazy and not at all in tune could say such a thing!
They suddenly felt that they had a new understanding of Kakashi!
Naruto didn’t feel anything, after all, he already knew, he just wanted to go back and study his horse charm quickly!
“Then the drill is over here, all qualified!”
“The seventh shift will officially carry out its mission from tomorrow!”
After speaking, Kakashi waved his hand, “Disband!” ”
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Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Crossing Uzumaki Naruto, my check-in is not serious

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】


Travel to the world of Naruto and become Naruto Uzumaki, and have a golden finger sign-in system. It’s just that he found that this sign-in system is a bit unscrupulous! 【The man who urinated on Hokage Rock and shouted to be Hokage】 [Shouting in the classroom that I like Hinata’s fat times] 【In front of Jiraiya, he confesses to Tsunade, and expresses that he is thirsty and wants to drink milk】 【Tell Obito that Lin is still alive and very happy】 [Make out with Kaguya in front of Heijue and let Heijue call him father] But in order to become stronger, it doesn’t matter if it is dishonest. At worst, I don’t want this face anymore! So a guy with the most engaging mentality in the ninja world was born like this!


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