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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently! Chapter 15

Bigmom, Golden Lion Shiji, John, Wang Zhi, Silver Axe, and others were also confused at this moment.
I didn’t understand the meaning of Captain Rocks’ words.
When did Pirates have new members?
Moreover, as cadres, they will actually have no idea!!
As a senior cadre of the Rocks Pirates, he also has quite a say in the Pirates.
The big and small things of the Rocks Pirates are basically clear.
Captain Rocks said that new members would join
Lockes naturally saw everyone’s dazedness.
Everything seemed to be expected.
Without excessive hesitation and explanation.
In an instant, Rocks raised his palm.
Snap –
With a crisp crackling sound.
At this moment, applause also blew throughout the island with the sea breeze.
“Come here!!”
“Chris !!!!”
“The Rocks Pirates are welcome to join!!”
Rocks D. Gibeck said quietly.
The thick voice spread throughout the Hive Square.
Hear the name called out to Captain Lockes.
Golden Lion Shiji and others also chanted words at the corners of their mouths.
I have to say, the name sounds a little familiar.
It’s as if I’ve heard of it somewhere, and I haven’t heard of it.
But I still don’t think much about it.
In my mind, it seems that there is no impression.
And in the confused gazes of everyone in the pirate group.
At a certain moment.
It’s like a fresh breeze.
In an instant, a figure flashed in an instant.
Like an arrow from a bow, the speed was also extremely fast, and everyone only felt a gust of wind blowing.
Time to blink.
Next to Captain Locks.
A lean and somewhat personable man suddenly stood next to Lokes.
The man’s face smiled.
“Hello la la la,,, no need to look around!!”
“I’m here!!”
“In the future, I will ask you for more advice.”
Chris said lightly.
A smile on his lips.
The words also attracted the attention of all the cadres of the Rocks Pirates.
At this moment, Chris also directly became the focus of the audience!
Almost all eyes fell on Chris.
“?? Well?? This ,,, this, is this guy the new crew that Captain Rocks said? ”
“What are you kidding???? Such a hairy boy??? It still looks like it’s still smelly, right!? ”
“Being personally invited by the captain must have been outstanding!!”
“Mammamamama, no one should be seen! This little guy old lady, I still feel very unusual. ”
“Hahahahahaha, Laozi, I’ll take a look and don’t express an opinion!!”
“But seriously, Chris, I haven’t really heard of this name.”
“It can’t be some pirate in the Deep Sea Prison! But at the moment, this age does not seem appropriate. ”
“Captain Rocks should not invite weak chickens, let’s take a look first!!
Seeing Chris’s first glance, at this moment, everyone in the Rocks Pirates group was also noisy.
Because Captain Lokes invited a guy who was not familiar to the crew and was too unknown on the sea.
Of course, there are many who believe in the vision of Captain Lockes.
However, the members of the pirate group are more skeptical.
The Rocks Pirates are the premier overlords on the sea.
Every pirate is basically famous.
If you put it in the first half of the Great Route or other seas.
In a sense, it is simply the existence of dimensionality reduction strikes.
In the opinion of the skeptical.
The person who can be invited by Captain Lokes must be someone powerful.
But on the surface, Chris doesn’t seem to have that.
One by one, they also questioned and quarreled.
For this moment in front of him, Chris is not surprised.
It was expected!!!
Of course there is not much to say.
The Rocks Pirates pay attention to strength internally.
Chris knows that too.
Wait for the big deal to show your hands when it’s too late.
Those who were not convinced directly slapped one by one.
Have a good great voyage tour.
At that time, you will know that the rice is made of rice.
Except for the members of the Rocks Pirates.
At this moment, Admiral Senshi of the Navy Headquarters also saw Chris.
At the first glance, the pupils dilated, and the face was shocked.
I can’t believe what I see in front of me.
Blink hard and blink.
But Chris still stood there.
It also shows that what is in front of you is not an illusion.
It’s real.
“You !!!!”
“You……… You bastard…… It turned out to be the ??? of the Rocks Pirates ”
Sengoku roared angrily.
I was also shocked fiercely.
It’s a little unacceptable, I can’t believe it.
Know that there are many monsters of the Rocks Pirates.
But as an old opponent for many years, in the impression of the Warring States, there is really no such person as Chris.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been slapped by Chris before.
After all.
If they knew that it was the pirates of the Rocks Pirates, the Warring States would also be careful and take it seriously.
It won’t be on the way.
In the end, it is also because the young Warring States are too arrogant and underestimate Chris.
Thought it was just an ordinary character.
Of course, it is more because Dimitri has been hiding the information he has and has not reported it to the Navy headquarters.
This results in poor information.
Otherwise, it will not end up being slapped by Chris using his fruit ability.
“I said goodbye in a hurry before, but I didn’t expect to meet again so soon, General Sengoku!!”
Chris teased.
Chris’s words once again ignited the mood of the Sengoku.
“You bastard!!”
“I haven’t answered my question yet???
Sengoku looked excited and roared.
At the same time, it is also a struggle.
It is a pity that the flowers are bound by the sea lou stone weapon.
No matter how much you struggle, it will be useless.
It will only waste energy in vain.
And the scene in front of them also made the golden lion Shiji and others more and more dazed.
It’s really incomprehensible.
Everything is bald.
In the clouds and fog.
One by one, they became Menggu people.
First, a new crew member emerged.
Secondly, the expression of the Warring States was suddenly so excited after seeing it.
As if there was something festive on both sides.
At this moment, slowly, everyone’s eyes also fell on Lokes.
But at this time, Rocks didn’t seem to want to answer.
Instead, fold your hands in fists in front of your chest.
Watch quietly.
The words that John wanted to ask were also swallowed back.
Since you are so curious, it doesn’t hurt to tell you!! ”
Seeing such an urgent request from the Sengoku, Chris spread his hands.
Sooner or later it’s all to know anyway.
It’s the same for early and late.
Basically, there is no difference.
Then said lightly.
“Not before!!”
“It’s !!! now”
“Not long ago, a few minutes ago to be exact, Captain Rocks invited me to join the Rocks Pirates again!!”
Chris said with a smile.
A few minutes ago… Again…… Hearing these words, Golden Lion Shiji, Bigmom, Silver Axe and others also had numb expressions.
It was like a drummed look.
It’s a little bit true, I don’t understand.
But anyway, the row is enough.
After all, it was Captain Rocks who personally invited it.
Of course, the reason why it is said again is because it is now the second invitation of Rocks.
Time goes back a month to a month ago on the island of Ibris only.
Because of the relationship between the branch general Dimitri and sending troops to capture Chris, Chris briefly attacked.
Rocks D. Gibeck was also on the island at the time for some reason.
Looking at the Devil Fruit ability and talent and potential that Chris displayed, he showed great interest.
Very boldly, he directly asked Chris if he wanted to join the Rocks Pirates.
However, because the Navy is chasing, it is not done.
And now, not long ago, Lockes, who had just finished talking business with the Dark Emperor of the Underworld and the arms leaders, was on Hive Island.
On the way back to Hive Island, Rocks relies on his own sources.
On the way back, I also heard about the incident that happened at the base of the Admiral Branch of the Dimitri Branch of the Navy.
Especially when I heard that Chris had a brief face-to-face kung fu and directly slapped the Warring States away.
Rocks was also even more shocked by Chris.
I didn’t expect Chris’s Devil Fruit ability to be so outrageous!!
At this point, the interest in Chris has deepened.
I don’t know if it’s fate or providence….
Then, even more unexpectedly, when he arrived at the hive port, he actually ran into Chris, who was watching the fun of the Warring States.
Under a series of …
In the end, Lockes didn’t think too much, is it a matter if Chris is such a potential man and doesn’t invite him to his ship? ?
Immediately invited again.
Threw an olive branch.
And at this moment, in the face of Locks’ warm invitation again, Chris also agreed.
Now it’s Lockes’ second invitation.
Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that Rocks gave too much.
At this time, Chris also ate more simply to find a place to eat and stay.
Develop well, develop the ability of the Devil Fruit, cultivate domineering, enhance the strength and so on.
After all, the navy borers rat poop – as soon as the branch general Dimitri died, many things could not be hidden.
It will be slowly investigated by the headquarters of the Navy.
Then he will become a key target of the Navy headquarters.
It’s just a matter of time.
To avoid unnecessary trouble.
But I have to say that Rocks is quite generous and gives too much.
Of course, in addition, Rocks also painted a lot of pies.
I have to say, big and round.
So in the end, Chris also agreed again.
Anyway, Chris just wants to find a place to eat and live to enhance his strength.
As for the other favorable conditions that Lokes promised, Chris regarded it as the icing on the cake.
So there is what happened before.
Listening to Chris’s answer, Sengoku was also stunned.
For a moment, I didn’t understand the meaning of Chris’s words.
What is it called before it was not, now it is ??
Anyway, it’s a sure thing that Chris is currently a member of the Rocks Pirates.
But even if it does, it’s too late.
At this moment, the Warring States have become prisoners.
Nothing can be done.
“Damn it!!”
When the words of the Warring States full stomach came to his lips, they all became these words.
I didn’t expect myself to be careless.
But compared to this.
What surprised the Warring States even more.
Loks Gibeck actually appeared.
Then I am afraid that the instructions for the demon slaying order he launched before will have to be sent.
Configured according to the general standards of the Demon Slayer Order.
It is not at all the opponent of the members of the Rocks Pirates in front of him.
Sengoku felt a little regret in his mind that he had pressed the golden phone worm before.
Because with the return of Lokes, the ordinary configuration of the Demon Slayer Order fleet will absolutely fail miserably.
There is no doubt about it
Not to mention Chris, a monster with unknown abilities!!
At present, the naval fleet will basically only die in vain.
Besides, he is also bound by the chains of Hailou Stone right now.
It’s hard to get to the rescue.
“Captain Rocks!!”
“The situation . It seems a little unpleasant!! ”
“I just found such a thing in the body search of the Sengoku.” ”
“And… When it was taken out, it seemed that this thing had been activated by the Warring States!! ”
Wang Zhi said while also throwing a golden phone worm over.
It’s a golden phone bug,
That is, the phone worm that the Warring States pressed the button of the demon slaughter order before.
The moment you see the golden phone bug.
The members of the Rocks Pirates also had different expressions.
The ordinary pirates were panicked.
Only Rocks and the cadre members are very calm.
“This is……… Golden Phone Bug ??? ”
Lockes took it and fiddled with his hands, also very surprised in his heart.
This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing.
I didn’t expect that the Warring States actually carried such a thing with him now.
For the role of the golden phone bug, Rocks also understands.
Within the Navy, only the Admiral of the Navy Headquarters has it.
And is unidirectional use,
That is, it can only transmit signals, but can not achieve call monitoring
This is the most basic difference from ordinary communication phone worms.
“… It seems that this guy in the Warring States is still planning to move the rescuers!! ”
Rocks said quietly.
“Is it really immortal!?”
Rocks glanced at Sengoku.
Sengoku closed his eyes tightly and did not intend to say anything.
Since it has already been caught, it is only a matter of time before it is discovered.
“Devil Slayer Order!!”
“That’s a special operation authorized by the World Government to the Navy!?”
“Once it starts, it won’t give up!”
Bigmom laughed.
“Hahahahahaha, I’ve never heard of it, I haven’t seen it before!!”
The devil knows if it was blown out. ”
Golden Lion Shiji said lightly.
“Because I’ve seen . All dead! ”
“The Navy Demon Slaughter Order is an indiscriminate devastating blow to the target area!!”
“Right now, it looks like it’s a little trouble!!”
The silver axe fiddled with the axe in his hand and looked at the sea of the hive island.
The whole sea is tumbling.
There is a tendency to storm.
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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bou


Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bounced off by Chris. Even heat, soul, shock waves, injuries, and all kinds of pain were easily bounced off by Chris. Golden Lion Shiji: “It’s outrageous, Chris was able to slash and bounce Lao Tzu’s sword energy!” White Beard: “I’m not the same. The ability of the Zhenzhen fruit was also directly ignored by Chris. What kind of monster is this guy?” The Rocks: “Chris’ talent is second to none!” Roger: “Chris is the only obstacle on my way to becoming king!” Warring States: “A devil fruit that integrates attack, defense, and healing, Chris is really terrifying!” Accompanied by the outbreak of the Valley of Gods war. Facing Iron Fist Garp, Black Arm Zefa! Chris Meatball overturned Garp with a palm! Feilu Novel.com’s exclusive signed novel: “Cutting the Hurouqiu Fruit, God’s Valley Beats Karp!” “; this novel and characters are purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental, please do not imitate.


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