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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently! Chapter 26

Obviously, the Warring States couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them, and at the same time couldn’t accept it?!!
What is happening at the moment sounds so outrageous!!
Not to mention Chris.
If it’s Lokes Gibeck, or Edward Newgate, or Skee!!
Then there is still a possibility.
Of course, it’s just possible.
I didn’t expect it to be Chris!
“On……… Are you kidding?? ”
“How is that possible??”
“That’s the Demon Slayer Order fleet!!”
“How can it be destroyed by one move???”
Although he was slapped by Chris unknowingly.
It really shows that Chris’s Devil Fruit ability is very weird.
It has never appeared on the sea before, and the Warring States have never experienced it.
Hence the momentary carelessness.
It is undeniable that Chris’s Devil Fruit ability is indeed very weird.
But it’s just weird.
On this sea, all kinds of devil fruits can be said to be too many.
After all, the Devil Fruit comes from human imagination and fantasy.
So any kind of devil fruit will exist.
As for the Warring States themselves, it can only be said that they are too careless.
Be careless for a moment, and then measure such a big mistake!!
But Chris was able to destroy a fleet with only one move???
Such an outcome is obviously unacceptable to the Warring States.
Chris is on the sea, but not famous.
And before that, Sengoku had never heard of such a figure.
It was the first time they met at the naval base in Dimitri.
It can be said that in the cognition of the Warring States, there has never been such a character as Chris on this sea before this.
“Cut !!!?”
“You guy still doesn’t believe it, does you??”
“Laozi, I didn’t want to tell you yet, it’s not that you are too pitiful, see that no one talks to you, and then you have nothing to eat, so I nag you for two words!!”
The admiral of the dignified navy actually fell to such a point.
It can be said that it is really outrageous.
At the moment, even the pirates who are guarding are directly inappropriate.
This is the prisoner under the steps!!
There is no dignity and no face left.
It can really be said that the tiger fell and Pingyang was bullied by dogs.
“To tell you the truth, Captain Lox and the other cadres of the Pirates were also present!!”
“They saw it with their own eyes!!”
“Do you still doubt their vision?”
“Hey, hey!!!”
Sengoku was stunned!!
The gaze was a little dull.
I have to believe it now.
The fact before us is that the hive island is singing, dancing, joyful, and mingling.
This is the excitement of the banquet banquet.
And this also means that the Demon Slayer Order fleet has been destroyed.
Otherwise, how could you still be in the mood for a banquet???
“Chris !!!”
Sengoku clenched his fists and muttered at the corners of his mouth.
I already have this name in my mind.
One day, if you can leave the hive island, then naturally, you will have to return it well!!!
It’s just that the chances are too slim.
Sengoku’s heart is also very clear that the chance of leaving the hive island alive is too slim.
This is the base camp of the Rocks Pirates!!!
“One more thing to tell you…”
“Forgot to tell you.”
The pirate in charge of the guard ate a bite of chicken drumsticks fiercely, and randomly drank the wine in the cup.
“Captain Rocks said that when Captain Edward returns, I will deal with your affairs!!”
“As for what happened, Captain Lokes said that you should have a number in your own heart!!”
“So in the meantime, give you a period of time first, so that you can weigh yourself well!!”
“How long you can live depends on your worth!!”
The biggest worry is that it really comes.
Why is it not clear in the heart of the Warring States???
The Navy and the Pirates can be said to be mortal rivals.
And he has not been tortured and killed for a long time, mostly because for the Rocks Pirates, he may have some value.
I just want to take advantage of myself.
If there is no value, then I am afraid that only death!!!
Sengoku sighed deeply and slowly closed his eyes.
I am also very clear about my fate and the result.
The hope of living is even more remote.
The other side.
Staff officers Karp and Tsuru, who had left the naval branch base, were still on their way to the island of the hive by boat.
Because it is a small wooden boat made of a few simple logs, its power is far less than that of a regular naval warship.
Plus at this moment, the wind is not smooth, and there is no suitable current.
As a result, the speed is also very slow.
“Eh, this goes on… It takes the year of the monkey to reach Hive Island!! ”
Tsuru stood at the end of the boat and sighed deeply.
“I can only say that Chris’s bastard thing is really humiliating! Before leaving, all the naval warships were damaged!!! ”
Karp scolded and said with a grin.
“This… It can only be said that the guy is too thoughtful and meticulous!! That’s already the case now. If I grow up in the future, I am afraid it will be even more difficult to deal with!!! ”
“It’s not all to blame for Dimitri that bastard thing, that guy is really dead!! Otherwise, there would be so many broken things behind. The Warring States will not be able to be patted away. ”
“Eh, what’s the use of saying so much now? Everything has already happened, so think of a solution, that’s the most important thing!!! ”
Bulu Bru Bru—
Bulu Bru Bru——
Just as the two were talking, the phone worm in Lieutenant General Tsuru’s pocket also suddenly rang coldly.
When it was recognized by the appearance of the telephone worm that it was the marshal of the steel bone who asked for the call.
Tsuru was also stunned.
But soon the phone was connected.
The other end of the phone.
The sound of the steel bone empty also sounded.
“You two guys hurry, immediately, immediately, return to the headquarters of the navy!!!!”
As soon as the phone worm was connected, a slightly anxious voice came out.
Because Steel Bone Kong already knew at this time, what did Karp and Tsuru want to do?
“Did something happen?? Marshal of the Steel Bone Air ?? ”
There is no lack of dealing with people on weekdays, so at this moment, Tsuru also felt the unusualness of the steel bone.
Because the steel bone is empty, he is very calm on weekdays, and he is wise and foolish, and he rarely has an impatient expression.
But right now, it sounds like it’s hot, as if something major has happened.
“Sengoku, and I have heard about his order to slaughter the devil, do you two want to go to the hive island alone to rescue that guy from Sengoku??”
“Yes, what’s wrong? Marshal of the Steel Bone Air ?? ”
“You better not go for now, come back and think about the long run!!! There is currently an unknown power on that island!! ”
The steel bone is hollow.
“Unknown power??? What unknown power??
Speaking of this, the small wooden boat that Karp and I were riding on just now also felt the strange noise and strange from the hive island!! ”
“Yes, yes, the good downflow of the sea suddenly goes against the current, and the waves are wave after wave!!!
Even the small magnetic needle of the recording pointer leading to the Hive Island is constantly shaking from side to side, is something special and important really happening over there? ”
Karp also followed the crane and said.
The phone worm was also silent.
About 10 seconds later.
Steel Bone Void said slowly.
“It’s like this……… The Navy Slaughter Order fleet dispatched by the Headquarters!! ”
“While carrying out the shell ploughing of the hive island, the cannon fire washes the ground!!”
“It was destroyed by a pirate named Chris in a very strange way, and all the warships were completely destroyed!!!
“There was a violent explosion at the time!!!”
“At present, the battle damage is still being counted, but most of it should be hopeless!!”
Karp and Tsuru were also silent.
I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.
It’s unbelievable.
“It’s actually that guy again!!!”
“I really didn’t expect to be with Lokes!!!”
“But that guy’s ability is really quite weird, first he slapped the Warring States away with one cold blow, and now he can destroy a reorganized Devil Slayer Order fleet with one move!”
Tsuru said with slight trepidation.
“After all, it is the Devil Fruit ability!!!”
“I still don’t believe that my domineering can’t cure him!!”
Karp clenched his fists and said fiercely.
“So anyway, now anyway, you guys will return to the headquarters of the Navy immediately!!”
“The affairs of the Warring States are considered in the long run!!!”
“You two don’t go it alone anymore, the Rocks Pirates, now that Chris has joined, I’m afraid it’s even more difficult to deal with!!!”
“Please also note that now I am asking you on the orders of the marshal!!”
“Return to the headquarters of the Navy as soon as possible!!!”
“No trip to Hive Island!!!”
Out of his understanding of Karp and Tsuru, Steel Bone Sora said again in a very stern tone.
After all, the Iron Triangle of the Navy is not a joke.
On weekdays, whether at the headquarters of the Navy or out on mission.
It is no exaggeration to say that the three people are basically inseparable from each other except for sleeping and going to the toilet.
And now the Warring States have encountered such a thing again.
Then Karp and Tsuru will inevitably have other ideas.
After all, the relationship is so ironclad.
However, Karp and Tsuru are currently the mainstays of the navy headquarters.
As a marshal.
Steel Bone Kong was naturally not happy to see anything happen to the two of them again.
“Anyway, don’t worry, you two, I will strive to support you and rescue the Warring States within my duties!!”
“So now, before investigating Chris’s details, don’t act rashly!!!
One thought of weird speed.
Leng Buding’s slap slapped the Warring States away.
Then it was another direct move to destroy and defeat the entire naval fleet!!
Such a terrorist force has already had to be taken seriously by the Navy.
“Okay, we know!!!
“Karp, let’s turn course and prepare to return!!”
Looking at the steel bone, the emphasis is emphasized repeatedly.
Tsuru also calmed down.
Analyzed the situation in front of me.
It is also true that do not be too impulsive.
Chris’s power is indeed something that has to be taken seriously.
Otherwise, it would be a big loss!!!
Sengoku is a good example.
Karp took a deep look in the direction of the hive island.
Immediately, it was as if he had made up some kind of determination.
He bit his lip fiercely.
The clenched clenched fists creaked!!!
And the hive island at this moment.
A ship with a skeleton flag like a beard also slowly approached the hive island.
On the bow.
A burly man with blonde hair and a golden beard was standing straight.
In his hand, he holds a large beak knife!!
It is the congratulatory cloud cut of one of the legendary supreme fast knife twelve skills!!
And the man is, the strongest man in the future world———— young whitebeard!!!
But at the moment, it looks a little embarrassing.
It was as if it had just gone through a fierce battle.
“Finally arrived!!!”
“It’s really!!!
“I didn’t expect Hachinos to have an inner ghost.”
“Don’t let me find out, huh!!!”
Young Edward Newgate huffed and jumped off the bow.
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[Then, I will show you the bugs of the Meat Ball Devil Fruit ability!!] 】”

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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bou


Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bounced off by Chris. Even heat, soul, shock waves, injuries, and all kinds of pain were easily bounced off by Chris. Golden Lion Shiji: “It’s outrageous, Chris was able to slash and bounce Lao Tzu’s sword energy!” White Beard: “I’m not the same. The ability of the Zhenzhen fruit was also directly ignored by Chris. What kind of monster is this guy?” The Rocks: “Chris’ talent is second to none!” Roger: “Chris is the only obstacle on my way to becoming king!” Warring States: “A devil fruit that integrates attack, defense, and healing, Chris is really terrifying!” Accompanied by the outbreak of the Valley of Gods war. Facing Iron Fist Garp, Black Arm Zefa! Chris Meatball overturned Garp with a palm! Feilu Novel.com’s exclusive signed novel: “Cutting the Hurouqiu Fruit, God’s Valley Beats Karp!” “; this novel and characters are purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental, please do not imitate.


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