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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently! Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The suspicion of the cadres, Chris shot, and the flesh ball fruit ability was launched!!
Shoot Memory!!
For this ability, Chris, who is a flesh ball fruit, is naturally able to do it.
After all, the Meat Ball Devil Fruit is very buggy in some ways.
There is nothing that cannot be done, only the unexpected!!
Otherwise, it would not have been hastily taken offline in advance in the original plot.
And the words spoken by Chris now also instantly made everyone in the Rocks Pirates group not calm enough.
“??? What are you kidding!?? Memories of shooting silver axes ?? Is this serious?? ”
“Chris, you can actually photograph people’s memories??”
“How does it feel a little unreliable, after all, I have never heard of anyone with such abilities in this sea!!!
“It does sound outrageous, but if it is Chris’s words, it feels very real!!!”
“I didn’t expect to be able to photograph people’s memories??
But even if you shoot it, you can actually let others see it!! That’s a real thing!!! ”
“Maybe Chris can really do it!!”
“Why don’t you hurry up and try it, let’s open our eyes!!”
“Hahahahaha, Laozi I’m also a little looking forward to it, Chris, hurry up, hurry up!?”
“mamamamamama!! Does this mean that there won’t be any secrets in front of Chris??
It’s scary to think about it!! ”
“That’s pretty much it, after all, if you can really photograph the memory, and others can see it, then this is naturally the case.”
The conference room of the entire pirate group was also instantly fried.
Suddenly, the cadres of the Roxes Pirates were also amazed by Chris’s words.
There are those who believe and those who do not believe, and there are those who doubt and those who affirm.
Believe, this is because on this sea, there are all kinds of devil fruits.
And now the various abilities that Chris has been showing before are indeed relatively unique.
So there is no doubt about Chris’s words.
As for those who don’t believe it, then it’s relatively normal, Chris’s Devil Fruit ability is indeed very special.
But memory is something in the brain.
Presence that cannot be seen, touched.
How did Chris manage to film it???
“Chris !!?”
“This is not a joke, Laozi, I’m talking about business!!”
Lockes wasn’t quite convinced.
The method in front of you seems bizarre and difficult to accept.
The reason why I asked Chris before was because I thought Chris knew something.
But he didn’t expect that Chris’s so-called method is to shoot the memory.
Then let others look.
Although it does sound like a good idea.
But it still feels a little unreliable.
Of course, it’s more because I’ve never heard of anything like this.
“Oh, huh, don’t you believe it??”
“It’s okay, just give it a try!!?”
Chris was already very desperate to have an experimental subject to conduct a small test of his Devil Fruit ability.
This trick has only just been developed.
Of course, it is more necessary to cooperate with someone.
Otherwise, there is no way to start.
After all, once you don’t cooperate, then you may accidentally shoot the whole person directly.
“Silver axe??”
“I’m the only chance to prove your innocence!!!”
“What do you think? Do you want to try it??? ”
Chris asked.
In fact, the current silver axe also has no choice.
There is no better way than to promise.
If he wanted to prove his innocence and innocence, Silver Axe racked his brains and couldn’t think of any other better way.
The main thing was that it was too bizarre at the time.
Thinking of the beginning, Captain Rocks led the other cadres to leave Beehive Island to rob the World Government’s Skyship Transport.
Vice Admiral Kuroshi Zefa of the Navy Headquarters did not know for what purpose, but also directly landed on the Hive Island with the naval fleet.
After a big purge of the hive island, he seems to be a nobody.
As if ignored by the Navy.
Of course, the silver axe was not without resistance, but in front of the black wrist Zefa, it was still very easy to be arbitrarily held.
It’s been a long time since this happened.
But for the people of the Rocks Pirates, it has always been a thorn in their hearts.
The Silver Axe was also not very welcome, but Captain Rocks did not speak, and the others were not good to say anything.
Now that Lokes has once again mentioned the matter of the inner ghost, the silver axe has also been directly pushed to the cusp.
Because it was not done before, but everyone did not ignore these things, and now it can be said that it is like a stalk in the throat and a mang’s back.
At this moment, the silver axe also looked up at Chris in front of him.
If Chris can really do it, maybe it will be an opportunity to whitewash himself.
Although there is a lot of privacy in the memory.
But there’s really no better way to do it right now.
After all, small lives matter.
Captain Lockes’ treatment of the inner ghost can be said to be very cruel and harsh.
Slowly torture to death, anyway, will not give a pain.
It is certainly impossible to escape at the moment.
In addition to Captain Lockes, there were Worcester, Kleibert, Wang Zhi, John, Miss. Buckingham Stussey, Bigmom, the young Golden Lion Shiki, and Edward Newgate.
The silver axe, naturally, is not the opponent of so many people.
What’s more, everyone has been pit by internal ghosts to a greater or lesser extent.
Therefore, it can be said that it is also guilty of public anger.
“I accept !!!!”
With resolute eyes, Silver Axe also nodded.
That’s all there is to it for now.
Fanned by Bigmom, combined with some of the things he is currently responsible for, and some of the things he has experienced.
As a result, the silver axe has become the object of greatest suspicion.
At present, the method provided by Chris is also forced to try.
The most reasonable way to clear suspicions.
“But you have to start lightly, don’t shoot me to the naval headquarters!!!
The silver axe also couldn’t help but recall the experience of the previous Warring States at this moment.
Directly careless, momentarily negligent, was directly photographed and flew to the pirate base camp.
If Chris messes around right now.
Flying yourself to the headquarters of the navy, Marin Fandor, it is not fun.
“Hahahaha,, how so??”
“You can rest assured!!”
“I have my own measure, you just need to obediently cooperate with me!!”
Chris said with a smile.
It gives people a gentle and gentle feeling, like a spring breeze.
“Lao Tzu, I want to see how you shot the memory of the silver axe!??”
Lockes’ curiosity was also directly hung by Chris.
On this sea, Rocks has been out to sea for so long.
But I have never seen it, and I have never heard of it, that there is something that can photograph people’s memories of their bodies.
This is the first time I’ve heard of it here in Chris.
While maintaining considerable interest, he is also skeptical.
“Chris, let’s get started quickly, let’s get a long look.”
Whitebeard said with a smile.
“It’s a very exciting and terrifying thing to think about, and it feels like the existence of the death of the society!!”
Bigmom was also a little afraid in his heart, some of the things that happened to the giant back then, but they could not be exposed.
So at the moment, Chris’s ability is also quite a little jealous.
“Silver Axe!!”
“Then you are ready to close your eyes, and here we go!!”
Chris slowly walked towards the silver axe.
The flesh ball fruit ability was also slowly activated at this moment, ready to try to shoot the memory of the silver axe directly out of the body.
Achieve a virtual materialization effect.
Let everyone be able to see and feel the memory of the silver axe.
I had never experienced such an operation before, and now Chris was trying it for the first time.

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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bou


Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bounced off by Chris. Even heat, soul, shock waves, injuries, and all kinds of pain were easily bounced off by Chris. Golden Lion Shiji: “It’s outrageous, Chris was able to slash and bounce Lao Tzu’s sword energy!” White Beard: “I’m not the same. The ability of the Zhenzhen fruit was also directly ignored by Chris. What kind of monster is this guy?” The Rocks: “Chris’ talent is second to none!” Roger: “Chris is the only obstacle on my way to becoming king!” Warring States: “A devil fruit that integrates attack, defense, and healing, Chris is really terrifying!” Accompanied by the outbreak of the Valley of Gods war. Facing Iron Fist Garp, Black Arm Zefa! Chris Meatball overturned Garp with a palm! Feilu Novel.com’s exclusive signed novel: “Cutting the Hurouqiu Fruit, God’s Valley Beats Karp!” “; this novel and characters are purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental, please do not imitate.


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