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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently! Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Rox’s reward, actual combat to enhance domineering, shoot to the world government!
At this moment.
Since Chris has the experience of shooting the memories of the silver axe before.
Therefore, there is no rustiness before.
It’s a light car that knows the road and is at ease.
Three down five divided by two.
Soon Worcester’s memory was directly photographed out.
Just time in the blink of an eye.
In the conference room, there was also an instant…
Memory is also a white flocculent, sphere-like thing.
It has a diameter of five or six meters.
It was also floating in front of Chris.
Basically, it is not much different from the previous silver axe.
“Chris, this is really yours, more and more skilled!!!”
“This time to get the memory out, it’s really much faster than before!!”
“It’s really outrageous, it was the first time before, and now, in this short period of time, the ability to use the fruit is really visible to the naked eye!!”
“What an enviable and fearful ability!”
Seeing that Chris was so fast this time, he shot out Worcester’s memory using the Devil Fruit ability.
The cadres of the Rocks Pirates were also secretly frightened.
In a way, it can be seen that Chris is indeed very talented in the development and use of fruits.
“Without him, only familiar hands!!”
Chris waved his hand.
“Ku la, don’t talk about it here.
Since it has been filmed out, let’s take a good look and see Worcester’s past experience.”
Young Edward was suddenly impatient.
Because this time Edward was pitted.
Otherwise, you won’t complain directly as soon as you come back.
Time to blink.
He directly put his hand into Worcester’s floating transparent memory.
Followed by Bigmom, Miss. Buckingham Stussey, Kleibert, and Wang Zhi, John and so on.
At this moment, they also put their hands into the memory of Worster in front of them.
As for the silver axe.
I was also quite curious.
Want to find out.
After all, he was seen by everyone before.
At the moment, I also want to see what other people’s so-called memory regeneration looks like?
With the same curiosity.
Silver axe after cheering up.
Looking at the appearance of everyone in front of him, he also learned a little, imitating putting his hand into the transparent floating sphere in front of him.
As for Lokes.
Also close behind.
Everyone also came to the world of Worcester’s past experience and memory.
It started with Worcester joining the Rocks Pirates.
Scene after scene also crossed in front of the eyes.
It’s like a horse lantern.
Looking at everything that happened in front of him, slowly, the identity of the ghost in Worcester was also directly confirmed at this moment! !
After five minutes have passed.
Everyone also cursed and withdrew from Worcester’s memory world.
“A lot of things before have finally been explained by a reasonable explanation!!!”
“Damn, Worcester bastard is really hiding!!”
“I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it, Mamamamama, I thought it was a naval undercover agent, but I didn’t expect it to be an agent of the World Government!!”
“Ku la, this guy, it feels like killing him is simply too cheap for him.”
“Let’s kill it well, and then throw the corpse to the world government!”
Let them remember for a long time!! ”
“If it weren’t for Chris, it feels like we’d still be in the dark!!! Or a drummed man. ”
“Indeed!!! Today, if it weren’t for Chris’s flesh ball fruit ability to present Worcester’s inner memory world!!
I’m afraid we’ll keep it hidden!! ”
“I can only say that at that time, I was fooled!! I didn’t expect that when I joined, it was a trap!! From the beginning, we have been in the way of the world government!! ”
“Anyway, right now, since the inner ghost has been caught.
Then we also have to give back to the world government!! ”
In any case, Worcester’s identity as an inner ghost is also able to sit on anyway.
At present, everyone’s mood is also very comfortable.
Of course, I also understand that the immediate result is more thanks to Chris.
I am also very grateful to Chris.
If you don’t have the help of Chris’s Devil Fruit ability, you want to find the inner ghost.
It can be said that it is very difficult.
Because there is not enough evidence, no one will admit it.
If you don’t get it, the entire Rocks Pirates may have to fall apart even more.
Because within the Rocks Pirates, mutual suspicion is very serious.
The trust between cadres for each other is basically almost zero.
There is basically discord between various cadres.
They all have their own ambitions.
Backstabbing is also a common thing.
But for this kind of behavior of betraying the pirate group to the navy, everyone is still very disdainful!!
This side.
Rox also set his sights back on Chris.
“Chris, your Devil Fruit ability has been developed very well!!
In terms of development, you can see that you are also very talented!! ”
Thinking back to the various Devil Fruit ability tricks Chris has displayed so far.
Some of them are even slightly jealous of Rocks himself.
In particular, the attack wave that compressed the air block and caused a large air explosion also made Locks feel palpitated.
That’s a blow that can destroy the existence of a fleet!!
“Didn’t I promise to give you a reward before, Laozi??”
“Tomorrow morning, the grove on the cliffside of the back mountain !!!”
“Lao Tzu actually teaches you domineering!!!”
“Your domineering growth space is also quite large.”
Now that the problem of the inner ghost has been solved, Rocks has also done what he said.
After all, he also promised to give Chris a reward before.
And Rox’s reward is to teach Chris the domineering.
Of course, it’s more about wooing Chris.
As a potential stock, Rocks naturally values Chris very much.
In order to be able to achieve his last ambition, it is still very necessary to woo Chris at the moment.
Chris also felt a burst of joy in his heart, and he quickly thanked him.
I didn’t expect the reward that Lokes promised to be so simple and rude.
Directly carry out actual combat to enhance domineering!!
For this.
Chris has nothing to refuse, although it is actual combat
Even if there is a big difference in strength from Rocks at the moment.
With the flesh ball fruit ability, Chris naturally has no problems.
This is Chris’s greatest strength.
And right now, it’s really just as Lokes said.
At present, Chris’s domineering still needs to be further improved.
And Rocks as the hegemon of the entire sea.
Even young Whitebeard, Bigmom, and Shiki are willing to become Knox’s crew.
Then it can be seen how strong Rocks’ strength will be.
Even if it is domineering, then I am afraid it will be the existence of a unique gear
Think about it from another angle, otherwise how can you suppress these three guys??
“Kula la la, good boy, actually promised to come down and dare to engage in actual combat with Captain Lokes!!”
“It’s really yours!!”
The young whitebeard couldn’t help but give Chris a thumbs up when he heard it.
A great deal of affirmation was given.
“mamamamama!! Courage indeed!! ”
Bigmom said with a smile.
For Chris, it is also more and more pleasing to the eye.
Especially when Chris showed such strong fruit ability and talent.
I was also calculating in my heart, and I couldn’t wait to bring me milk with Chris.
Everyone’s expression is different.
Of course, that’s not the point at hand.
“Then next… It’s time to settle the bills. ”
“Worcester killed it directly, it’s really cheap this guy.”
At present, Worcester was lying on the ground, still unconscious, and Rocks also stepped directly on Worcester’s head.
Blood burst.
The skull is also creaking.
“Doesn’t this guy like to snitch and contact the Navy??”
“Cut his tongue!!”
Wang Zhi was eager to try, and he had already raised the sword in his hand, ready to try to cut it.
“Ahahahaha, if I want to say it, this has no practical meaning!!

“It’s better to make him half-dead and half-dead, and then use Chris’s Devil Fruit ability to !!!”
“Slap it away, World Government Holy Land Mary Joya!!”
“If those old guys see it……… What kind of expression will it be?
It’s also something to look forward to!!! ”
Miss. Barkingham Stussi burst into laughter.
But it has to be said.
Words from Miss. Barkingham Stussy.
It also made the other cadres nod their heads one after another.
“That’s it.”
“Shoot this guy’s corpse directly!!”
“Shoot to the Holy Land of Mary Joa?!”
“Look at those old guys……… Will it be angry!! ”
Golden Lion Shiji is also interested.
“It’s a really good idea.”
“But… Chris!! ”
“Can it be done????”
“Right now, this is not a little far from Mary Joa, the Holy Land of the World Government!!”
After thinking about it again, Rocks also preferred this approach.
You can do a good job of directly asserting power to the world government.
But it’s too far away.
Moreover, in addition, the red earth continent is so high.
It’s not an island like Hive Island.
In Lokes’s opinion, it still seems very difficult to achieve.
“If, just shoot and fly to the World Government Holy Land Mary Joa, this is easy to do!!”
“Nothing too much problem!”
Chris said lightly.

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Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Cut off the fruit of Hurouqiu, and the Valley of the Gods beat Garp violently!

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bou


Travel through the world of pirates. Chris successfully intercepted the meatball fruit. Master the power to bounce anything “actively” or “passively”. Whether it is a person or an attack, it can be directly bounced off by Chris. Even heat, soul, shock waves, injuries, and all kinds of pain were easily bounced off by Chris. Golden Lion Shiji: “It’s outrageous, Chris was able to slash and bounce Lao Tzu’s sword energy!” White Beard: “I’m not the same. The ability of the Zhenzhen fruit was also directly ignored by Chris. What kind of monster is this guy?” The Rocks: “Chris’ talent is second to none!” Roger: “Chris is the only obstacle on my way to becoming king!” Warring States: “A devil fruit that integrates attack, defense, and healing, Chris is really terrifying!” Accompanied by the outbreak of the Valley of Gods war. Facing Iron Fist Garp, Black Arm Zefa! Chris Meatball overturned Garp with a palm! Feilu Novel.com’s exclusive signed novel: “Cutting the Hurouqiu Fruit, God’s Valley Beats Karp!” “; this novel and characters are purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental, please do not imitate.


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