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Dragon Ball Chase Chapter 20

Chapter XX
After Budali had eaten his fill, he told Meiyas everything, including the time comparison and everything he suddenly grew up with.
Meiyasi was also shocked for most of the day before accepting it, it was incredible, first to develop potential to improve combat effectiveness, and then the dragon appeared to make a wish.
Now it’s time comparison again, one day outside, one year inside, and Budali is inexplicable, from a little fart child suddenly jumped into a big handsome guy.
“So, Budali, you’re nineteen now!” Meiyas said, her eyes showed a sparkle, I didn’t know what I was planning, but it was by no means harmful to Budali, of course, it was similar, but it just didn’t mean the same.
Budali didn’t think much about it, and nodded directly: “It’s twenty years old.” It’s almost the same, all of a sudden I became an adult, and it was really the best to grow taller. ”
Meiyas saw that this did not interrupt Budali’s happiness, after all, she was also happy, so that she did not have to worry about it.
In the end, Budali asked Meiyas if he wanted to enter the Shenlong House, which was very unexpected, and since Meiyas gave up, the reason was that Nima was speechless.
That is, you are twenty years old now, and if I go in again, I will not be much older than you.
As soon as these words came out, Budali did not know how to answer, so he had to give up, and then prepared and left Namexing.
He has a lot more to do in Budali, and now the first step. Find a suitable planet to live on first, and then make the next plan.
After all, at any time, one thing cannot be less, that is, the place to live, although he also wants to go to the earth.
But the earth will be the main battlefield of Dragon Ball soon, or don’t want it, if something happens beyond his reach, it will be terrible.
In this way, Budali and Meyas left Namex and once again wandered through the universe.
Finally, three years later, not far from the Milky Way, they found the planet that teleported. And there, Budali learned teleportation (teleportation planet, there is not much information, so I had to pass it by).
At the same time, after five years, they went to the solar system not far from the earth and found an uninhabited star, which is very beautiful.
The point is that it is only two-thirds the size of the earth, but it is beautiful, so Budali and Mayas settled here.
After five years, Meyerss dated a lot of cosmic technology, so she developed her technology career here.
And together with other collaborators they met when they wandered the universe, they researched and developed here, and because they hid their tails, none of them discovered their identity as Saiyans.
The star of Ria, which is the planet where Budari now lives, is named after him and Meyas.
Inside the Dragon House
Budali trains here, although there is no time limit, but he has adapted to three thousand times gravity, and the ultra-super energy in his body can be used freely.
Suddenly, Budali burst out with energy in his body, and a vast aura burst out from him, and his whole body was wrapped in this green energy, and his appearance was like a green gorilla all the time.
Slowly, this energy gathered in his mouth, and then launched out, towards the void room, but with this energy, once it was sent, it was estimated that the room was gone, and it was naturally impossible for Budali to do so.
I only saw him brush, and his figure flashed in front of the energy shockwave he had just launched with all his strength, and was attacked with his body.
“Bang” a loud sound, and then heard Budali’s own screams again, and at the same time, after the explosion here, it was immediately restored, as long as it was not broken, the space barrier, no matter how much fluctuations in the inside, the outside will not be affected.
This is the same as the so-called spiritual time house on earth, as long as you don’t break the spatial barrier, you will break out the power of the Super Saiyan God inside and out, and the outside will not be affected at all.
And Budali fell to the ground at this time, as if he was about to lose consciousness: “Hahaha – finally trained my body to be able to take such a powerful blow without falling unconscious.”
For so long, he has been training his physique, and his strength has been improving all the time.
“This can’t work, I have to go to Earth, Nima’s, I hope it’s still time.”
He is going to Earth to get some fairy beans, Nima’s, and now Sun Wukong and the others have already begun to adventure, which means that the early stage of Dragon Ball has begun.
This is interesting, he must go to Earth as soon as possible, otherwise Nima’s fairy beans will be ruined, and it will be too late.
When she had just left the Shenlong House, Meiyas had been waiting here for a long time, and when she saw that Budali was seriously injured, she immediately ran over and helped him.
“Budali, why do you get hurt every time you train.” Meiyas asked with concern and tenderness, and there was another meaning in her tone, but Podali was a tendon, and she couldn’t hear it.
“It’s okay, I won’t be right away:-” Budali said in his mouth, but his body was not contending, since he was unable to fall, he had just received his strongest blow.
It’s strange if you don’t get hurt, and when I was about to say something, I suddenly fell into a coma.
“It’s still stubborn.” After Meiyas pouted, she immediately took out a bottle of healing potion, fed Budali to drink, and then took him back to the room to rest.
Meiyas sat on the edge of the bed and watched Budali, and involuntarily subconsciously said a word.
“Not bad, when I grow up, there is a big gap from when I was a child, and I haven’t had a chance to look good, so now I can take a good look up.”
Although Budali was unconscious, his consciousness was clear, so he also heard Meiyas’s words, which made him react in shock.
But fortunately, he was unconscious, and even if he had any expression, he couldn’t show it, and it wasn’t until half a day later that Meiyas left.
And at this time, Budali slowly opened his eyes and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, Nima’s, scared brother to death.
‘Oh my God, beautiful sister, incredible, why didn’t I find out! I’m still such an elm head. ’
After Budali froze for a moment, he immediately shook these thoughts out, Nima’s, what was the brother thinking?
“No matter, let’s go to Earth first.”
So Budali used teleportation to start capturing the popularity of Saiyan on Earth, but to his disappointment, he felt nothing.
He feels the earth, but without qi, he can’t move if he can’t catch the qi, this is the disadvantage of teleportation, the farther the distance, the greater the qi needed.
At this moment, although the early stage of Dragon Ball has begun for a year, Sun Wukong is still a little furry child, his combat power is only dozens of points, and the breath of the Saiyans has not yet awakened.
Naturally, Budali could not feel his qi either. See this. Budali had to give up and gave up the idea of teleportation.
“Nima’s, you have to take a spaceship, I’ll do it.”
This place is not close to the earth, it takes about half a month to take a spaceship, no wonder Budali is like this, after all, with teleportation, it is still very unusable.
But it was useless to complain, he still got up and went to the spaceship warehouse.

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Dragon Ball Chase

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The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The


The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The Fei Lu novel network exclusively signed novels: 《 Dragon Ball Chaosians 》; this novel and characters are purely fictitious. If there is similarity, it is purely coincidental, and do not imitate.


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