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Dragon Ball Chase Chapter 22

Another period of time has passed, I don’t know how long, anyway, the technology of Ria Star has been settled, they can already monitor some planets, even the Namex star that Budali went to is among them.
Budali also cultivated from the training room, and during this time he has been in the training room, cultivating, and when he went to Earth, he saw the state of Sun Wukong.
He knew that Sun Wukong fought with the Vic Great Demon King and defeated the Vic Great Devil King, so it is estimated that in a few years, Sun Wukong will get married.
Then Son Gohan will also be born, and in another five years, Raditz will definitely arrive on Earth, and then everything will have to start from scratch.
But these Budali don’t care, he has been training, all the time, because the enemy he cares about will soon awaken, Nima’s, and he will suffer when the time comes.
“Budali, it’s not good, something happened.” A voice appeared here, causing Budali to stop cultivating.
At this time, Meiyas’s voice was very anxious. So Budali also closed the gravity room and went straight over, it seems that something should have happened.
When he arrived outside, sure enough, Budali saw something that surprised him, Sun Wukong and Raditz had already killed each other.
“This—what’s going on?”
Has he been in retreat for so long? Since seven years have passed? Son Gohan is already five years old.
It seems that when he cultivates his state of mind, he does not count time, so he does not know that so many years have passed.
However, there is one thing that surprised Budali, that is, the matter of Meiyas, who would have thought that Meiyas would use the Shenlong House to set up a time ratio.
She was originally in her teens when Budali was older, but Buda used the time of the Shenlong House to pull her age back to ten years, so she was still eight years old in Budali.
No, it’s been seven years, since she used the Shenlong House to set up, six days inside and six years outside, so as soon as she came out, she participated in technology.
Fortunately, none of the space scientists they invited stopped working because of her six-year meeting, and they have been doing it themselves, after all, they are entrusted by people and loyal to people.
Until they put their surveillance on Earth, they saw two people fighting, one of them was a Saiyan, and of course Meyers mainly saw Kakarot.
His influence was exactly the same as Bardock’s, and I immediately remembered that when Budali and Broly were born, Bardock’s second son was also born.
It just so happened that she immediately told the cultivating Budali that because Budali had just gone out of customs, she saw this scene.
“Alas, this is the sadness of our Saiyans, but sister Mei, this has little to do with us, it is Bardock who did not teach children well and let them kill each other.”
Hearing Budali’s words, Meiyas looked at the picture in disbelief.
“Is this Saiyan Bardock’s eldest son, Raditz!!!!?”
Don’t say I don’t know, I’m shocked, don’t really say, Nima’s is really similar, Raditz also met once when she was a child, now count her twenty-six, Budali twenty-four.
Budali nodded, and then Mi looked at the screen of Monkey King and Raditz, both of whom were dead at this time, but before Raditz died, as in the original book, he told Vegeta and Naba about the Dragon Ball on Earth.
As the ambitious Saiyan prince Vegeta, he immediately set out for Earth, but it would take a hundred days to arrive.
Sun Wukong is a person with great merit, so if he dies, he can also take his body to the prefecture to cultivate, and this god recommended him to cultivate in the realm of kings.
“Sister Mei, come with me, you should have another time to compare the columns, I will take you to training, help you improve your strength, and then it will be time for us to go to Nameixing.”
Meyerston twisted and pinched, and when Budari saw this, he immediately asked what was going on, and after repeated questioning, he knew that Meyersse had already used it.
The Shenlong House is very peculiar, there are two rooms in it, and there are two times in the column, but each person only has one chance.
For Meiyas to use it like this, Budali was also speechless. He knew that Meiyas was a bit of that to him, but he just treated Meyers as a sister now.
What’s more, he has already made up his mind, what is that, the eighteenth he must pocket, can not cheap that bald forest, after all, the eighteenth is the most beautiful in Dragon Ball.
Although Bulma is also very good, it is not as good as the eighteenth, not to mention that in his previous life, he liked the eighteenth very much when he watched Dragon Ball, so this time, he wanted to fulfill that wish.
“Sister Mei, even so, there are still three months that may be enough, follow me.”
Regardless of whether Meiyas agreed or not, Budali directly pulled her into the Shenlong House, and Meiyas’s strength has improved a lot now, but it is not enough.
He must help Meiyas, lest he be dragged down if he encounters a strong enemy in the future, and when the enemy turns his target on her, she has no power to fight.
The other side.
Now Frieza’s forces have surrounded Namex, but they haven’t attacked yet, and they don’t know why.
But none of them know about Namex, and surrounding Namex is just a pure competition for the universe.
Frieza base
At this time, Frieza was sitting in his seat looking at the screen, not knowing what he was thinking, and there was only Saab behind him, and Dortoria was already hanging.
Ten years ago, they had already determined the matter, but the murderer was missing, and Frieza searched for it, but to no avail, so he had to give up.
Anyway, he has many subordinates under Frieza, and he is ruthless, he doesn’t care about anything at all, the reason why he is looking for the murderer is just to see if he can use it for himself.
After all, being able to kill Dodoria, this strength is naturally not to be underestimated, he is ruthless, but it is also a talent, but the key is to use it for him.
“King Frieza, Team Kinut has been surrounded by Phoebe Star, and soon they will take this planet for King Frieza.” Saab laughed.
Phoebe Star is what they call for Namex.
Frieza nodded ruthlessly, “Hmm.”
Frieza pondered for a moment, “By the way, where did Vegeta go?”
“It seems that I went to a low-level planet a while ago, and I heard that I went to find a Saiyan.” Saabbi said respectfully.
After Dortoria died, he became Frieza’s right-hand man, and Frieza told him many things.
“Low-level planet?” Frieza sensed that something was wrong, a low-level planet, what was worth Vegeta to go there, it was estimated that there was definitely something to lead him to.
“Check it right away, with Vegeta’s personality, I don’t believe that he will just go to Earth to find someone.”
(The ages of Budali and Meiyas are confused by the time ratio, don’t mind, anyway, from this number there will be no age ratio, the protagonist Budali twenty-four, Meiyas, twenty-six, just like that, people with opinions, I can’t help, I’m here to say, sorry, at the same time I can’t answer you in the comment area, because my number just applied so I didn’t open VIP and binding numbers, so I can’t reply in the comment area, this game I haven’t said for the first time, but the last time. )

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Dragon Ball Chase

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The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The


The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The Fei Lu novel network exclusively signed novels: 《 Dragon Ball Chaosians 》; this novel and characters are purely fictitious. If there is similarity, it is purely coincidental, and do not imitate.


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