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Dragon Ball Chase Chapter 24

After Budali sent the Nemesis back, it took a little time, not mainly back and forth, but to arrange the life of the Nemesis there.
The living planet of the Nemesis is Ria Star, which was changed by him temporarily, because his Ria Star is too unpopular, so he took them there directly and asked Meiyas to arrange them.
And after he helped there for two days, he rushed back, not just outside the Namex, just saw the spaceship that Sun Wukong was sitting on here.
In Namek, Vegeta temporarily defects, throws all the Dragon Balls that Frieza has worked so hard to snatch into the sea, and he also meets Klin and Son Gohan.
However, he temporarily defected and had no helpers, so he could only let the two of them help himself, so he did not attack them, and as for Sun Gohan and Klin, the others also increased their combat effectiveness to more than 10,000.
This was also thanks to the fact that they had accidentally arrived at the Great Elder before, and later knew that they were the Earth Elder, and the Great Elder also developed their potential for them, thus ascending to this step.
Besides, Na Vegeta, since surviving the First World War on Earth, has greatly increased his strength, and has also learned the art of qi and air dance, and then captured the Dragon Ball in this Namek.
At the same time, Vegeta also cleaned up Saab, and still led him away, after all, if in front of Frieza, he was really a little worried.
Since he learned qi, plus the Saiyan survived and recovered after the battle of life and death, then the strength would be greatly improved, so Vegeta’s confidence was also great.
But Vegeta was careless, Saab would transform, and his power was far above him, so being beaten could only be no different from running away.
“Huh? Interestingly, since Team Kinut will come at this time, then it is okay, I will have fun with you. Budali said to fly down immediately.
Sure enough, when they went down, Vegeta and Son Gohan Klin had already fought with Team Kinut, but the strength of Team Kinut was terrifying.
And there were still five people, they naturally suffered losses, and they were all injured, even Vegeta.
Kinu Special Forces are super special forces selected by Frieza from the elite warriors of the universe, and are called the elite of the elite.
The members are Captain Kinu, Likum, Bart, Guise and Gurdo, and each of them has super strength and special abilities, and they all love dancing so much that they create the team dance.
To get back to business, at this time, Sun Wukong appeared, as for Budali yet, anyway, his opportunity to appear has not yet arrived.
Several people from the Kinut team were dumbfounded here, where was the spaceship, suddenly the door of the spaceship opened, and Sun Wukong came out of it.
‘Hold on, Kobayashi, Gohan, Bulma.’ Sun Wukong immediately sensed the qi around him, and sure enough, he found two qi not far away, the one on the left was very powerful, referring to Frieza.
The one on the right is the Kinu of the Kinut team, and now Sun Wukong’s combat effectiveness has been greatly improved.
“Well, Sun Wukong’s combat effectiveness has increased to nearly 300,000, it’s interesting, if it wasn’t too playful in the original work, it is estimated that such combat power would not have been replaced by Kinu at all.”
Yu Wu’s lips raised on a mountain peak not far away, now he was purely watching the play, just like Frieza now, he was also watching the play.
At this moment, Sun Wukong sensed the qi of Klin and Gohan, and they were almost dying, so they accelerated and flew over, and he also knew the Empty Dance Technique.
Sun Wukong burst out and rushed directly and spun Likum around, and Guise and Bart were also startled, but at this time, Sun Wukong ignored them.
He immediately fed Sun Gohan to eat, because Sun Gohan’s neck had been cut off, only a trace of breath remained, and he was the worst person present.
“Who the hell is that guy, it’s really fast enough.” You say if he will be faster than you. Guise sweated a drop and looked at the supposedly fast Bart.
“Don’t joke, don’t compare my combat power with these low-level combat power.” Bart immediately turned on the detector and found that Sun Wukong’s combat power was only two, so he was relieved.
Suddenly, at this time, they saw that the little ghost who almost died had recovered as usual, and they were all shocked, what happened to this Nima!!!!
“Gohan, it’s good if you’re okay, let’s go, we’re going to take the fairy beans for Kobayashi to eat.” Sun Gohan’s hand pulled by Sun Goku walked towards Xiao Lin, ignoring Likum and a few of them at all.
And Likum, Guise, and Bart were dazed when they saw this, since this guy didn’t put them in his eyes.
When they were about to go crazy, they saw that the originally dying Klin was also resurrected.
“Ah!!!” Likum’s eyes widened, even Guise and Bart, and it took a lot of effort to beat them like this.
As soon as this mysterious person appeared, he resurrected them! Well, in their opinion, it is the resurrection.
Sun Wukong still didn’t understand the situation, so he used his latest awakening ability to probe Klin’s brain information, and read all the information at once.
The Monkey King who picked up also gave the last fairy bean to Vegeta, and then cleaned up Likum, Guise, and Bart alone, and the shot was extremely fast and easy.
This made Vegeta involuntarily think of the legendary Super Saiyan in the Saiyan, and he couldn’t accept it all of a sudden.
It seems that the strength of the Monkey King has obviously surpassed him, and in the face of so many people, so calm, he really can’t figure out what else except the Super Saiyan.
What Budali is watching in secret, he is really speechless to Sun Wukong, Nima’s can obviously kill them, but Sun Wukong is soft-hearted, a virgin’s compassion.
Suddenly Budali appeared in front of Sun Wukong with a swoop, and seeing the person who suddenly appeared, Sun Wukong was secretly shocked, and he didn’t have time to say anything, since he was waved by this person. Shock flew out.
“What!” Vegeta’s eyes widened when he saw this, what did he see, this person who suddenly appeared had a tail, wasn’t that from a Saiyan!!!
Budali didn’t have time to pay attention to their authenticity, and immediately burst Likum with an air bomb and killed Bart with one punch, and as for Guise, who had just been let go by Sun Wukong, he didn’t pay too much attention.
“What are you!” Sun Wukong frowned slightly when he saw the person who suddenly appeared, and he didn’t know if it was an enemy or a friend, even Klin and Sun Gohan were the same.
When Budali heard this, he turned around: “You are Kakarot, oh, it should be called the Monkey King now.”
“How do you know about me? Do I remember that I recognized you? Sun Wukong asked with a puzzled look.
Budali, without answering the rhetorical question: “Sun Wukong, do you think you can beat Frieza?”
He knew that Sun Wukong was playing just now, just thinking that he could compete with Frieza when he became stronger, but that was his ignorance, and he would think so if he had never seen the horror of Frieza.
But Vegeta knew that the reason why he turned against him, thinking that the Dragon Ball was in hand and wishing for an undead life, he dared to resist, otherwise he would not dare to resist if he gave him ten dares.

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Dragon Ball Chase

Dragon Ball Chase

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The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The


The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The Fei Lu novel network exclusively signed novels: 《 Dragon Ball Chaosians 》; this novel and characters are purely fictitious. If there is similarity, it is purely coincidental, and do not imitate.


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