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Dragon Ball Chase Chapter 35

Namex, the divine dragon Polenga here, Dandy finally arrived here, and then made a wish to Borenga, sending the four people who fought here, and the rest to Earth.
After listening to this, Polunga readily agreed: “This wish is easy. I will fulfill you. ”
Polenga’s eyes flashed red, and suddenly all the life of the Nemesis and the earthlings in Nameji were transferred to Earth.
Here in the battlefield, Frieza saw that the divine dragon had disappeared, and the aura of Namex Star was gone, only the four of them.
“Damn it!” Frieza was furious to the extreme, and with his purple and blue face, he was stunned and good-looking, just now Budali had let him go, otherwise he might continue to be beaten now.
“They have already acted, Frieza, today that Mesis is your burial place, don’t worry, in order to fulfill you, I will, give you a pain.”
Hearing Budali’s provocation, Frieza’s mood at the moment is no longer how to describe, fight and fight, this Saiyan is very strange, he is obviously not a Super Saiyan.
But with such great power, he can feel that the other Saiyan named Sun Wukong, who has transformed into a Super Saiyan, is not his opponent.
“Speak loudly, die.”
Frieza condensed a terrifying energy bomb in his hand to attack the past, although he knew that Budali might easily break it, but he had no choice now.
Sure enough, Budali burst out a yellow-green aura punch in his hand, bursting Frieza’s energy bomb, and immediately the second punch knocked Frieza down.
With a loud bang, wolf smoke rose on the ground, and Frieza’s body was beaten all over his body, and he was brutal, then crashed through three huge mountains, and finally stopped in the rubble pile thousands of kilometers away.
“Poof—abominable, Saiyans—”
Frieza’s blood-colored eyeballs were full of blood, the blood vessels on his forehead trembled suddenly, and the pain of the injuries on his body made him clench his teeth and his face was abnormally distorted.
“Uh-huh-” Frieza burst out again, and purple qi rushed up from his body.
When Budali saw this in mid-air, his brows frowned slightly, and then he also burst out with yellow-green qi, and then hit down.
With a loud bang, suddenly the entire surrounding sky was bounded by two groups of yellow and green and one purple, and their fighting flames were divided into two sides, and the chaotic momentum continued to impact, forming a clear breath section….
After a few moves, they each took a step back and struck at each other with all their strength, of course, full force referring to Frieza.
With a loud bang, centered on the momentum of the two, the surrounding hurricanes spread violently in all directions, and carried a powerful shock wave.
This shock wave suddenly cracked sand, rocks, grass and trees within tens of thousands of meters, and at the same time, the area within hundreds of kilometers was turned into dust and blown away.
This time, there was another huge air pressure collision, and an open area with a range of hundreds of thousands of meters appeared, and crackling fighting sounds could be heard in the clearing.
And the sound of fighting kept sounding, you can hear it, the whirlwind brought by each of their encounters, and these whirlwinds are terrifying as a knife roaring by, and the crust of the Nemesis has been scraped off layer after layer by time and again.
In this way, Namex is not far from destruction, and volcanoes and molten slurry have erupted on the surface.
Even so, Frieza’s final resistance and Budali’s fight did not stop, but fought more powerfully, only to hear.
Bang! Bang! Bang! With three loud bangs, two points of light in the sky, one yellow, green and one light purple, kept flashing, it was Budali and Frieza who were entangled together, extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, they had already exchanged hundreds of rounds back and forth.
And the fists and feet they exchanged back and forth, from time to time mixed with a bundle of powerful qigong bomb attacks, and the terrifying scenes produced by each collision between the two were as vast as opening the heavens and the earth.
Frieza tried his best to resist this extent, but only that, and then heard a loud explosion, and Frieza fell from the air.
Frieza lying on the ground floating in mid-air, with cold eyes, as if looking at an inconspicuous thing, made Frieza remember this look.
‘Frieza’s strength is not good now, to fight me, he really has to become stronger, but Frieza, you don’t have that opportunity. ’
Frieza immediately thought of this, and a white point of light condensed on his finger: “Frieza, your time is over.”
Frieza lay on the ground, panting heavily, he didn’t expect to be here since he was here, but he wasn’t the kind of person who counted easily.
“Saiyan, Budali, one day, I will take revenge like you.”
Budali shook his head when he heard this: “You don’t have that chance, Frieza, although you are very strong and a good opponent, you are ambitious, leave you behind, go and die.”
With a brush, the white dots on his fingers were emitted, turning into a five-colored beam of light and piercing Frieza’s body, and suddenly Frieza’s eyes were bloodshot, and he screamed all of a sudden.
But after the screams passed, he fell there without breathing, and his heart stopped beating.
When Budali saw this, he immediately flew down. It was determined that Frieza was dead, and when he was about to leave, he suddenly saw a ladybug in the place where Frieza was bleeding.
If you don’t look closely, you really can’t see it, seeing the ladybug, Budali’s lips raised, smiled sinisterly, and then grabbed the ladybug in his hand at lightning speed.
‘It’s really careless, Dr. Gro, I didn’t expect you to steal my data, but it doesn’t matter, just don’t get my genes.’ ’
That’s right, this is the bug that Dr. Gro used to monitor Monkey King’s every move in the original book, and obtained all the genes of the Dragon Ball warriors.
Dr. Groh used the genes of the Dragon Ball warriors and the genes of the Super Saiyan Son Goku to create the artificial human Sharu.
Budali immediately wiped out the bug, he had just stopped bleeding, so his genes were not absorbed by the bug, because the genes needed to be drawn from the blood.
So Budali just didn’t have any injuries except for his gray body, but his Super Saiyan energy still leaked, but it didn’t matter.
Anyway, it’s not the energy of the super mode, what if Sharu has his super race energy at that time? Even if it is a complete body, with more of his energy, no matter how strong it is, it is not strong.
“Dr. Gro, you can slowly create your artificial human, and then I will let you see my record.”
Budali left the place immediately after speaking, but he did not notice that just after he left, Frieza’s body appeared frozen in a layer of ice, and then sank into the lake.
Frieza is a frozen demon, they have a trick to fake death transfer can deceive everyone, Budali is this trick, after all, he is also a human, is when people are always negligent.
Frieza used the freeze to protect himself, then sank to the bottom of the lake and waited until they were gone, and he came out again.
Let’s talk about Budali, at this time he has already arrived at Sun Wukong’s side, and it just so happens that Sun Wukong has also reached the final stage.
‘Kakarot is really a virgin mentality, isn’t it good to kill Hull earlier, still playing, no wonder he has just been sucked into the blood by Dr. Groh and seized the gene. ’
Budali thinks so much about the Monkey King, and he doesn’t want to think that he is qualified to think so, isn’t he just playing Frieza…

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Dragon Ball Chase

Dragon Ball Chase

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The


The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The Fei Lu novel network exclusively signed novels: 《 Dragon Ball Chaosians 》; this novel and characters are purely fictitious. If there is similarity, it is purely coincidental, and do not imitate.


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