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Dragon Ball Chase Chapter 41

Chapter XLI
After Gula’s spaceship entered the atmosphere, they also saw the appearance of the spirit fruit tree, and the fruit tree was full of spirit fruit, red and purple fruit, pointed water chestnut fruit
It’s not very friendly.
This is the spirit fruit, the legendary thing, I didn’t expect that since they found it.
“Hahaha. Very good, now my strength can be greatly improved, hahaha. “Gula was happy.
But they didn’t know that at this moment, there was a person on their spaceship standing on it, and a small energy bomb condensed in his hand was ready to attack the spaceship.
This person is Budali, he is back to his old business, he used this trick to deal with aliens for the first time, so this time he also intends to use this to eliminate Gula’s retreat.
The Frozen Demon can survive in the universe, and don’t forget that he can too, although he needs to open the energy defense shield.
And since the moment Gula came, Budali had no intention of letting him go, Saiyan and Frozen Demon were natural mortal enemies.
His personality is exactly the opposite of the Monkey King’s Virgin mentality, although he likes to play, but he has the capital to play, unlike the Monkey King, special capital does not have, and is so desperate to play, everyone is worried about him in the end.
The point is that in the end he still spared enemies, such as Vegeta and Frieza, and let Frieza go more than once.
Budali is different, played and felt almost, he is one word, kill.
For mercy to the enemy is cruelty to oneself, and he understood this sentence thoroughly.
“Gula, let me see how your strength is.”
Gura’s spaceship exploded in mid-air, and at the same time, several gases flew out of the explosion, and it was Gura and a few of them.
Without gas sensing and extremely fast speed, naturally unable to detect the teleportation of Budali approaching their spaceship, so their spaceship was inexplicably bombed.
“Damn, what’s going on!” The person has not yet appeared, the voice has appeared first, and the owner of this voice, needless to say, knows who it is, that is, Gula.
Dre, Nez, and Shawiza also fell to the ground with a gray face, at this time they were more depressed than Gura, what was the situation, their spaceship exploded inexplicably.
“King Gula, this is not clear, it should not be!” Shawizza immediately turned on the probe to detect the planet, there are life points, but they are very weak, and they will not pose a threat to them at all.
“Strange, how exactly our spaceship exploded.”
At this moment, with a whoosh, Budali appeared in front of them, startling them, and suddenly appeared and the detector could not detect it, you say scared not scary.
When Gula first reacted and wanted to say something, when he suddenly saw the tail behind this person, his eyes widened: “You are… Saiyan? ”
“What?” His three subordinates were also startled, and then they all looked at Budali, and only after discovering Budali’s tail did they determine it.
“How is that possible? King Gula, wasn’t the Saiyans destroyed by your brother Frieza? Shawizza looked surprised, the Saiyan planet was destroyed ten years ago.
“That’s right, but I guess this Saiyan should be a surviving Saiyan who didn’t return to Vegeta at that time.” Gula immediately turned on the probe and found that Budali’s combat strength was only 3,000 points.
“I thought you were so powerful, but just three thousand combat power, Dere, leave it to you.”
Seeing that Budali’s combat effectiveness was so weak, he was not interested, so he simply let Dere go, but unfortunately he didn’t know, he underestimated the person in front of him.
“Yes, King Gula.” After Drey answered, his gas burst appeared, and then an air bomb attacked Budali in disbelief.
Budali saw this lip raised, and then the figure moved, allowing Deley’s attack to pounce on the air, and burst the place where he was, but there was no one else inside.
“What!” Dre didn’t react when he saw this. Suddenly Budali appeared in front of him and punched him in the face, causing him to fly out and crash into the ground, revealing a huge deep pit.
“What?” Shawiza, Nez was dumbfounded when he saw this, what’s going on? How did Dre lose, you must know that Dre’s strength is the strongest among the three of them.
He Shawiza, 170,000, Nez 163,000, only Dre 185,000, are all above the two of them, how can they be vulnerable, the first move is beaten back, and like this.
Gula frowned slightly when he saw this, in comparison, he was much calmer than Frieza, and at this time he couldn’t help but analyze the results of the blow just now.
Immediately got an answer, this Saiyan may hide his combat power, and it is also said that he arrived here earlier than all of them, and there is no reason why he has not eaten the spirit fruit.
And being able to get here, it is not possible for people with thousands of combat strength to do it, this guy now has at least more than 200,000 combat strength, this is the evaluation in Gulla’s heart now.
“Shawiza, Nez, Dere, this guy’s strength is at least more than 200,000, you go together.”
Hearing Gula’s order, the three of them attacked Budali in unison and besieged it in three directions.
When Budali saw this, his hand condensed energy, and then he punched Shawiza, slammed, and Shawiza.
At the same time, Dre and Nez also attacked his back, originally thinking that the sneak attack was successful, who knew when he was only one centimeter away from Budali.
Budali suddenly disappeared, and their attack arrows were on the string, directly attacking Shawiza, and Shawiza was the same, so the three strongest of them hit each other.
With three loud bangs, it shattered, and a larger hole appeared on the surface of the ground than before, and the three of them knelt there on one leg, bleeding from their mouths.
At this time, they have to hold their breath more, Nima’s, since they can’t hit each other, they are attacked by their own people, and they are like this.
And Budali suddenly flashed in front of Gula, looking at Gula, his target was Gula.
As for the three of them, they are not qualified to fight him at all, just now they are just playing with them, so that they can see for a long time, and know that they are not invincible.
“Time for us to play, right?” Budali looked at Gula, and he knew that Gula was just letting his two subordinates test their own strength.
Budali discovered that Gula had just been observing himself and was more attentive than Frieza, so he had just deliberately acted tough.
“King Gula!” After Shaviza stood up a few times, he immediately flashed back behind Gura, intending to strike again.
Gula saw this and reached out to stop them: “You are not his opponents, let me come.” Taking a step forward, the energy on his body burst out, directly touching the planet.
When Budali saw this, his brows frowned, since Gula’s power is so strong! Similar to Frieza’s ultimate form, he has a power of 150 million!!!
If it is the last form, then the power will exceed the so-called 450 million in the original book, Nima’s, the proper butterfly effect.
However, this is interesting, otherwise it is not interesting, after all, since I became stronger, I have not met a person who can make me transform and fight him.” ’
“Come on, let me see how powerful you are.”
Budali said that the body ‘brushed’, yellow-green energy appeared, and the combat effectiveness has been rising, just now it is simply the difference between one heaven and one earth.
“What? How can it be! Shawiza detected that Budali’s combat effectiveness reached 70 million, and it continued to improve, and after knowing 80 million, the detector slammed and exploded.
Gula also looked a lot dignified when he saw this, it seems that this Saiyan is not simple!!

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Dragon Ball Chase

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The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The


The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The Fei Lu novel network exclusively signed novels: 《 Dragon Ball Chaosians 》; this novel and characters are purely fictitious. If there is similarity, it is purely coincidental, and do not imitate.


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