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Dragon Ball Chase Chapter 50

Chapter 50
Ria Star
When Budali returned, he immediately told Meiyas the news, and instead of being jealous, Meiyas wanted to see Bra.
“Okay, no problem, but before that, I have to summon Polenga, I need help with something.”
“Okay – let’s go to the Great Elder together.”
So Budali and Meshes went to the Grand Elder Mulin to ask for the Dragon Balls and summon Polenga.
The Dragon Ball was placed on the ground, and then Porenga was summoned, and the huge body appeared in front of them.
“People who collect Dragon Ball, if you have any wishes, I can fulfill them for you, but only three.”
“Polenga, is there a way to restrain the uncontrolled energy of the Saiyans?” Porunga, who was watching from Budali, asked that he had learned the language of Namex.
Polenga heard this and replied without hesitation: “Yes, your first wish is to know this?”
Hearing this, Budali nodded and showed a smile: “Yes, the second wish, trouble you to heal a little Sakura called Bra on Earth, so that she will not be transmitted to the energy of the Saiyans and lose control.”
When Polenga heard it, he immediately sensed it, and after a minute of silence, the huge voice sounded here again.
“This can be done, but there is one point, my ability is limited, I can suppress her and eliminate this hidden danger while she is not yet grown, but it will cost a little.”
“At what cost?” Budali asked.
“The price is that since then, although she has been a Super Saiyan, she does not have the true power of a Super Saiyan, are you willing?” Polenga voiced the cost.
“What!” Hearing this, Budali was a little hesitant, but he did not expect that since Polunga could not be completely solved, he used such a separate cost to solve it.
“Is there no way to keep it. And doesn’t it damage where her energy lies? ”
“Nope.” Polunga replied very directly.
“So will it affect her potential?”
“No, it will only make her strength a little lower than yours.”
“Okay, then do it.”
“As you wish.” Polenga’s scarlet eyes emitted a red light and flew to Earth, then merged into Bra in the cradle.
Having done this, Polunga asked again: “The second wish has been fulfilled, what about your third wish?”
“Let me know the word of God.”
“This simple, ah-” A red light entered Budali’s body, and then disappeared himself.
The reason why Budali made a wish to return to the Word of God, in addition to preparing for the upcoming arrival of Dragon Ball Super, is more about when to find an opportunity to see if there is a way to find Super Dragon Ball.
Super Dragon Ball is really what can be fulfilled, and the universe destroyed by all kings in the original book can be restored, which shows its great ability.
In fact, he didn’t think about finding the help of Super Dragon Ball just now, but Super Dragon Ball is between the sixth universe and the seventh universe, and the seventh universe is okay.
The god of destruction Beerus is still sleeping, and it is very simple to find the three of the seventh universe, but it is difficult to say in the sixth universe, and the destruction god of the sixth universe, Pake, is not as able to sleep as Beerus.
Let’s not say that it takes time to leave the universe, whether it can be found in the sixth universe is still two words, even if it is found or not, whether it can be taken away is another matter.
Neither the Destruction God Elephant Pa nor the Angel Bardos can afford to mess with now, so he has been working hard for power for so many years.
“Let’s go, Budali.” At this time, Meiyas spoke up and brought Budari back to his senses, and then Podali took Meiyas to Earth.
Now they went to Earth only for a moment, and immediately arrived on Earth from Ria Star.
“Bulma!” When Meiyas had just arrived at the home of the western capital of Budali, she saw Bulma holding Sakura’er in the hall to watch the weather.
After Bulma was discharged from the hospital, Budali returned to Riasing.
“Huh?” When Bulma heard this, she immediately smiled and stood up: “Sister Meiyas, why are you here?”
“You guys talk, I’m going to practice.” After Budali put aside this sentence, his figure flashed and left here.
Only Meiyas and Bulma looked at each other, no longer paying attention to the presence of Budali, and then sat and chatted with Bulma.
In this way, Meiyas also lived here, she had been to Earth before, but she didn’t have a good time, this time she was infatuated, and it is estimated that she will not go back for a while.
Because after having a child, the rich, Bulma bought a villa alone and lived separately from her parents.
So here there are only Budali and Bulma, and now, there is another Mayas.
As for Tais, she still lives with her parents, no way, Vegeta is a person who doesn’t care about his wife, so she has to live with her parents so that she doesn’t feel bored alone.
As for Vegeta, since seeing the battle between Budali and the Monkey King, he has been hiding in the cultivation room, practicing day and night, trying to break through higher power.
Sun Wukong is the same, since he was cleared of the hidden heart danger by Budali with super energy, his whole person is more healthy, and he has also gone to the realm king to cultivate.
In a gravity cultivation room in the western capital, Vegeta took off her clothes and practiced boxing in Rinai, cultivating under three hundred times gravity, sweating profusely and not giving up, and always working hard.
‘Kakarot, Potali, I won’t lose to you, and in a while the androids will appear, and then I will surprise you.’ Hum. ’
Vegeta was improving rapidly, and now the cultivation he had cultivated for more than a year had made him stronger, much stronger than before.
At Dr. Groh, his plan is almost complete at this point, and he is only one last step away from going out to find energy.
“On the nineteenth, three months later, we went out to carry out the plan, and everything was almost done.”
Suddenly, a fat man with a hat and round skin came over: “Okay, Dr. Gro.”
He is the artificial human nineteen made by Dr. Gro, not powerful, but equipped with a device that can absorb the energy of others.
He is fat, with a pointed head, and in the original Goku is in the battle with him, he is in the downwind due to a heart attack, and he is absorbed into the energy and almost hangs.
Vegeta later appears to save Son Goku, and he is easily defeated by Vegeta, who has turned Super Saiyan with a Big Bang attack.
“Hahahaha, as long as this plan is completed, Shalu can wake up, and then the whole world, oh no, the whole universe is ours, hahaha.”
In this way, unconsciously three months have passed, and on this day, whether it is Sun Wukong, or the Dragon Ball warriors, as well as Vegeta and others have all left the customs.
‘Cyborgs, here we come. ’
Several leftovers appear together in the sky, and then pass towards a place, which is where the artificial humans appeared, as Daite said in the future.
Here in the western capital, Budali is also out of customs, and at the same time, looking at the sky, there are some small expectations in my heart, and artificial humans have finally begun to surface.
‘Actually, the real power this time is not the seventeenth and eighteenth, but the future ultimate artificial man Shalu who came here on a time machine, but this time you don’t want to absorb the eighteenth. ’
Budali’s sister paper will not let her be devoured, opening a harem is his latest idea, as for Bulma and Meiyas don’t have to worry anymore, they will not object at all.
He has completely done it, but this time the artificial man appears and he doesn’t plan to go out, Vegeta is not a scream, then let him scream, let the eighteenth teach him, there is a reason outside the sky.

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The protagonist came to Dragon Ball through the car accident, and was attached to the original brother of Broley, who was very weak. Since then, he has been Budali and has been breaking into the world step by step in the Dragon Ball universe… The


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