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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars Chapter 400

Nagato died?
Naruto was stunned for a moment, he did want to find Nagato, but he didn’t want to kill Nagato.
He even wanted to talk to Nagato.
However, I didn’t expect that now Nagato turned out to be ~ dead.
Naruto at the moment suddenly didn’t know what to do!
He looked at Shiyu who suddenly appeared, and Naruto opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.
At this moment, the pillars looked at the three people with a strange face.
Did these three people once be ninjas of the same squad!
I should have been a good friend!
But unfortunately, they ended up separating.
“Shi Yu!”
Suddenly Naruto spoke.
Looking at the rain in front of him.
“I want to take Sasuke back to Konoha!”
Shi Yu nodded: “I understand!” ”
Turning to look at Sasuke, “Do you want to go back to Konoha?” ”
Hearing this, Sasuke sneered twice, “That kind of place, do you think I would be willing to go?” ”
Shiyu sighed, “He doesn’t want to go back to Konoha, Naruto, you better go back!” ”
“Cultivate well, don’t you want to become a Hokage?”
“Now you should hurry up and strive for this goal.”
Hearing this, Naruto suddenly raised his head, “Shiyu, if you don’t go back to Konoha, I can’t help it, but Sasuke must go back to Konoha, do you want to interfere?” ”
“You are now the water shadow of the Mist Hidden Village, and Sasuke is Konoha’s rebel!”
“Konoha’s rebellion, you Mist Shadow Village Water Shadow has no power to control!”
For this statement, Shi Yu still agrees with it.
“So Sasuke, would you like to join the Mist Hidden Village?”
“Of course!”
Sasuke agreed without hesitation.
The change in the situation made Naruto a little stunned.
“You… Sasuke…”
“Shi Yu…”
Shi Yu smiled: “Now I have the right to manage it!” I can’t take the ninja of Mist Hidden Village with me! ”
“But he is Konoha’s rebel, how can you Mist Hidden Village agree to let him join so casually?”
Naruto retorted, “Even if you agree, I’m sure there are many people who won’t agree!” ”
However, Shi Yu opened his hands: “I am the water shadow of Mist Yin, who dares to refute the things I decide!” ”
Rear Hisashi and others stepped forward: “Lord Mizukage’s decision, we firmly support, not to mention just let a rebel join the Mist Hidden Village, even if it is up the Dao Mountain and the sea of fire!” ”
The head between the columns now feels bigger.
With the power of Shi Yu, it was obvious that he had already gained 100% of the right to speak in Wuyin Village.
And it’s not just Shi Yu who has the final say, even many ninjas probably worship Shi Yu very much.
Under such circumstances, Shi Yu would not have any opinion on anything he did.
Makuma stepped forward to stop Naruto.
But in the next second, Naruto actually shot directly.
At close range, a punch blasted in the direction of Shi Yu.
This is different, from the perspective of the village, Naruto’s actions are equivalent to provoking the Mist Hidden Village, which is enough to start a big war between the two villages.
However, in the next second, Naruto did not have time to touch Michi Shiyu.
The body is directly ejected by some force.
Shi Yu just lightly activated the power of the Shinra Heavenly Sign.
And at this moment, Naruto felt the power just now, and was immediately stunned.
This is Nagato’s ability, right? Why does Shi Yu also have it?
The blow just now, I can take it as if it didn’t happen, but if you come again, then you will face a consequence.
Naruto: “I’m not afraid of any consequences!” ”
“Really? Even if my Mist Hidden Village goes to war with Konoha, you are not afraid? ”
Hearing this, Naruto was stunned, “Go to war, you want to go to war with Konoha?” ”
Shi Yu smiled: “The person who wants to start a war is not me, it’s you!” Isn’t doing something to me equivalent to provoking the Misty Hidden Village! Dare to provoke the Misty Hidden Village, then I will not hesitate to start a war! ”
Hearing this, Naruto’s clenched fist was loosened again.
After repeating it several times, Naruto was helplessly deflated.
If there is no way to really start a war with the Wuyin Village, it will not only involve the matter between the three of them.
It’s a problem for the whole village.
I am afraid that when the time comes, he Naruto will become a sinner in Konoha Village.
Even Naruto didn’t want to become a sinner for the entire village and bring the disaster of war to the village.
“Naruto! Now is not the time to get angry! (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )
Suddenly, Naruto opened his mouth between the pillars.
And seeing the pillar, at this moment, Shi Yu remembered that he was just trying to test the power of other heavenly gods before, so he accidentally revived the pillar.
It seems that he has done something wrong, and he should not let a person who does not belong to this era be resurrected!
He should be given … Kill it!
It seems that there is something bad to do directly, can other gods do it? Directly wipe out the intercolumn!
However, Shi Yu just wanted to try it, but the feedback that the other gods launched to Shi Yu was that he couldn’t do it at all.
Ask for flowers 0
Or the current level can’t do it.
Maybe later, but not now.
If you want to erase the other party, then you are simply whimsical.
If I could even do such a thing, I am afraid that I would really be a god.
But it doesn’t matter if it can’t be erased.
Intercolumn resurrection.
So after returning to Konoha, I don’t know how those who don’t know Konoha will react.
It should be fun!
When I think of this, Yu also thinks it’s quite interesting, and as Tsunade’s grandfather, now that he knows that Tsunade has become Hokage, I don’t know what kind of mood Mama will have!
“First adult!”
Shi Yu smiled.
And at this time, the fourth generation of Lord Lei Ying finally appeared.
Looking at the sudden appearance of Lei Ying and the others, they also noticed the Thousand Hand Pillar for the first time.
Especially after taking a closer look at the Thousand Hand Pillars, I found that the Thousand Hand Pillars did not seem to be in a state of rebirth in the soil.
Is this more like a living person?
But is it possible?
Is he a living person?
How can it be?
“Lord Mizukage, I don’t know if you have found something very strange, it seems that the Thousand Hand Pillar is not in a state of rebirth of dirt!”
Shi Yu smiled: “Of course I know, he has been resurrected!” ”
Shi Yu said very flatly, as if it was not something worth making a fuss about.
However, Sasuke’s eyes lit up on the side!
“Resurrection? How can it be? How could he be resurrected? ”
When he heard this, Yu smiled: “Is it unexpected?” ”
Lei Ying is now completely speechless.
He didn’t understand why the good end of the column was resurrected.
“Isn’t the person who resurrected me the sixth generation of Water Shadow!”
Zhu Ma said, he still had a lingering feeling about Shi Yu’s means of resurrecting him.
Hearing Zhujian say this, the others were also stunned!
What the……
It’s time for the rain to be… Resurrect the intercolumn?
Sasuke looked at Shiyu “Shiyu, what he said is true?” ”
Shi Yu nodded, “That’s right, I resurrected him, just to experiment with new powers!” ”
Now Sasuke’s breathing became a little rapid.
He didn’t care what Shi Yu was for to resurrect the pillars, Shi Yu was able to resurrect the pillars, that is, the people of the Uchiha clan were probably able to… Resurrection!! Towel!.
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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naru


Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naruto, but the sudden appearance of the skill bar made Shigure a genius. Any ninjutsu can be put into the skill bar, without control or operation, and it will run automatically. Naruto: “Why are you so good at using the ninjutsu you just learned yesterday? Is there any secret to it?” Sasuke: “You are the real genius, you have been playing me before!” Kakashi: “Geniuses come out every year, but this year is particularly strong. As a teacher, I am under a lot of pressure. I want to retire, third generation!” Third generation: “You want to retire? I still want to retire! That kid is simply not a human being. I am a remnant of the old era. There is no village that can let me stay in the new era!”


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