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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars Chapter 437

Kuji shook his head, “No! On the contrary, the three major ninja villages also sent ninjas, hoping to negotiate with the Mist Hidden Village! ”
Negotiations again?
Shi Yu smiled: “Nothing to talk about!” ”
Hearing this, Hisashi also continued: “Lord Terumi also replied like this, but some unexpected circumstances occurred, so…”
“So what?”
Hisashi frowned, not knowing what to say: “For the specific situation, please ask Lord Shiyu to ask Lord Terumi!” I spend most of my time here and don’t know much! ”
Shi Yu came directly to the upstairs Water Shadow office.
The mist ninjas along the way saw Shi Yu appear, and they all instantly cheered up.
Shi Yu was by the window at the end of the aisle, looking out.
In three months, the construction of Wuyin Village has made another big step.
It has completely changed into a different picture, and today’s Wuyin Village has undergone earth-shaking changes compared to before, with many new high-rise buildings, and they are all buildings with the characteristics of Wuyin 03 Hidden Village.
At the same time, the scope of the village has also expanded a lot, and the Uchiha family station, which could only be regarded as the outskirts of the village, is now included in the central area of Wuyin Village, and you can imagine how many things have been built in Wuyin Village in three months.
Pushing open the door of the office, Shi Yu looked at Terumei, who was burying her head in processing documents.
“What’s going on now?”
Terumi poked her head out from a large pile of documents and quickly got up when she saw Shi Yu appear.
Walked towards Shi Yu, pulled Shi Yu to the seat and pressed it directly: “You are the water shadow of Wuyin Village, I have abdicated, and now I even have to work as a coolie for you every day, I have had enough of this kind of day!” ”
When he heard this, Yu smiled helplessly.
The Great Sage launches!
Automatic scanning processes documents on the desk.
“Okay, tell me about it! What happened in these three months? ”
Terumi sighed, “During this period of your cultivation, first Konoha Village began to implement the act of blocking the village!” ”
Blockade of the village?
Konoha Village blockade village?
This made Shi Yu a little unthinkable, “Why?” ”
Hearing this question, Terumi glanced at Shi Yu, “It’s not because you resurrected the fourth generation of Hokage, and also sucked the nine-tailed chakra from the body of the fourth generation of Hokage, which made the whole Konoha very worried!” ”
“So you just blocked the village before you could do anything!”
Shi Yu smiled, he had already got what he needed, did he go back to find Naruto to seize Naruto’s Nine Tails?
“There is also the three major ninja villages that sent people to negotiate!”
Shi Yu nodded, “What do they want?” ”
Zhao Mei’s expression was a little solemn: “What they want, so that it will not harm our interests, they want to exchange tailed beasts for peace!” ”
“It is said that they approve of the tailed beast to be handed over to the Wuyin Village for disposal, but the condition is that the day the tailed beast is in the Wuyin Village, the Wuyin Village cannot wage war against other villages with any interface and reason!”
This condition is actually no problem for Shi Yu at all!
This is equivalent to them giving up ownership of the tailed beast!
“But that doesn’t mean they gave up ownership of the tailed beast!”
Shi Yu was stunned for a moment, didn’t he approve?
“The treaty says that if the Mist Hidden Village launches a war against the Ninja Realm, then they will go all out to recover their tailed beasts!”
This condition made Shi Yu frown and think for a while, and immediately understood.
These guys knew that it was no longer possible to snatch back the tailed beast while they were alive, so they chose to endure and wait, and when they died, would the Misty Hidden Village still be as prosperous and strong as it is now?
I’m afraid not.
Even if Wuyin Village had many Blood Succession Limit Realm families, it was absolutely impossible.
On the contrary, Mist Hidden Village can become the strongest ninja village in the ninja world because it has many Blood Succession Limit Families, and it will also be destroyed because it has many Blood Succession Limit Families.
The ninja family of the Blood Succession Limit Realm is a double-edged sword, and if it is used well, it is naturally invincible, but if the controller does not have enough strength to master this sword, then it will be injured by this sword.
When I thought of this, Yu probably understood. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
“There is nothing wrong with this condition!”
If Shi Yu disappears one day, then it is absolutely impossible for the tailed beast to stay in this world, and when the time comes, they still want to snatch the tailed beast, but it is simply impossible.
“These conditions can be agreed to, what were you worried about before?”
Hearing this, Zhao Mei handed a piece of information to Shi Yu.
Shi Yu picked it up and took a look.
Instantly stunned.
“This is…”
The newspaper records that Sasuke Uchiha investigated the three major ninja villages, which led to his disappearance.
“I originally wanted to promise them directly, but Uchiha Sasuke disappeared, or disappeared while investigating the three major ninja villages, maybe they captured Uchiha Sasuke!”
“If this is really the case, then agreeing to this condition is tantamount to giving up the rescue of Sasuke Uchiha.”
Terumi’s face was embarrassed: “That’s why I kept delaying, I want to wait until you come out!” ”
“Why didn’t you send someone to call me then?”
Hearing this, Zhaomei rolled her eyes, “What did you do yourself, don’t you know?” ”
“I don’t want to send someone to call you, the enchantment you set up, I let Kuji and the seven of them attack together, and they can’t be broken at all.”
“Do you think there are other people in the Mist Hidden Village who have the ability to break your enchantment?”
Shi Yu touched his head awkwardly, “At that time, it was just to prevent Chakra leakage from causing damage to the village, so the enchantment arrangement was relatively solid!” ”
More reliable?
Zhao Mei was speechless, I am afraid that the enchantment of 587’s level, even if the Wuyin Village destroyed Shi Yu, he would still be unharmed!
“What are you going to do now?”
Terumi asked.
Shi Yu looked at the information in his hand: “Of course, to rescue Sasuke, the three major ninja villages to see one by one!” ”
Sasuke is missing, although the culprit may not be the three major ninja villages, but they also have a certain possibility, so it is still necessary to take a look.
The most likely person is not the three major ninja villages, but Obito.
But Obito alone probably does not have the power to suppress Sasuke, so there must be someone else, this person is likely to be Orochimaru.
At this moment, Orochimaru had red eyes and looked at the leader in front of him.
“It worked!”
Obito slowly stood up and walked out of the experimental container developed by the Great Snake Pill.
Although his hair turned white, Obito opened his eyes for a moment.
The left eye successfully becomes the eye of reincarnation.
“Fused more Uchiha bloodlines, sure enough, there is enough bloodline power to open the eye of reincarnation!”
The big snake pill was a little excited.
At this moment, Obito felt a little regretful: “It’s a pity that I just opened a reincarnation eye!” ”
Wen Yanba frowned, “Can a reincarnation eye perform the innate art of reincarnation?” ”
Obito shook his head.
Madara also sighed, “It seems that we have to find a way to let you integrate into more of the bloodline of the Uchiha clan!” “。

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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naru


Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naruto, but the sudden appearance of the skill bar made Shigure a genius. Any ninjutsu can be put into the skill bar, without control or operation, and it will run automatically. Naruto: “Why are you so good at using the ninjutsu you just learned yesterday? Is there any secret to it?” Sasuke: “You are the real genius, you have been playing me before!” Kakashi: “Geniuses come out every year, but this year is particularly strong. As a teacher, I am under a lot of pressure. I want to retire, third generation!” Third generation: “You want to retire? I still want to retire! That kid is simply not a human being. I am a remnant of the old era. There is no village that can let me stay in the new era!”


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