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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars Chapter 443

“I, I’m not leaving! I’m going to fight these guys to the end! ”
Naruto’s eyes were red, and the fluctuations of the tailed beast Chakra and the fairy Chakra on his body erupted wildly.
Although Naruto’s fighting power is very strong in this state.
Facing these puppets is basically two or three punches a piece.
But after they are destroyed, they can quickly recover and fight again.
In this case, even if they fought for a hundred years, Naruto could not really defeat them, but what made people more worried was whether these things were meant to drag Naruto down.
Or drag them down and wait until more terrifying people come, and then completely absorb Naruto and the Nine Tails inside Naruto’s body.
In order to prevent this from happening, Tsunade asked Watergate to take Naruto first.
The situation of the enemy has not yet been clarified, and Tsunade has also sensed that the Chakra fluctuations between the pillars are getting weaker and weaker.
In this case, Naruto’s safety is even more worth considering.
Tsunade shouted the name of the water gate, and at this moment the water gate suddenly appeared behind Naruto, directly knocking Naruto unconscious with one blow.
Watergate smiled bitterly helplessly: “This child, I’m afraid he will blame me after waking up!” ”
Tsunade: “Even if I blame you, it’s far better than letting him be caught by those weirdos without knowing it!” ”
“Naruto… It is Konoha’s last hope! ”
Watergate was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect Naruto to have such an important meaning in Tsunade’s heart.
“I know, I will do my best to keep 813 Naruto safe!”
Saying that, the water gate disappeared.
And at this time, more and more big tube wood people came around.
They seem to be endless, and at the same time control the puppet’s constant attacks, exhausting the physical strength of the Konoha ninjas, and then stepping forward to deliver a fatal blow.
This left all Konoha’s ninjas helpless.
If you want to desperately, you can’t find a chance at all.
Burning further and further in Konoha Village.
The water gate that came out of Konoha Village, looked back at the village, and sighed helplessly.
Now where to go!
What kind of place is completely safe with Naruto?
After thinking about it, the only place that Watergate could think of was Wuyin Village!
“Mizukage himself said that he was Naruto’s friend.”
“Naruto also said that Shiyu is a friend, so friends should not hurt Naruto!”
And Shi Yu’s strength is strong, and the ninja of Mist Yin Village are also amazing, so going to Mist Yin Village should be the safest place!
If Shiyu really wanted Naruto’s Nine Tails, it would definitely not be safe anywhere.
Grit your teeth and gamble!
Watergate took Naruto and rushed towards the village of Shiyu’s mist (addb).
And at this time, Obito who noticed him frowned, “Where does this guy want to take Naruto?” ”
“I think it’s probably going to Wuyin Village! That direction can only go to Wuyin Village! ”
Orochimaru said.
Obito: “Go to Mist Hidden Village, then shall we take Naruto away directly?” ”
Madara: “This guy seems to be proficient in a kind of space-time ninjutsu, he is fast, and he may not be able to catch it when he strikes!” ”
This is also, if you can’t catch Naruto, you will expose yourself.
Madara looked in Konoha’s direction, “Who the hell are those guys!” ”
“Do you care more about those people now?”
Wen Yanba just smiled, “No! I just seemed to see a familiar presence in a trance! ”
“If this attack was not carried out by Wuyin Village, then it is worth thinking about where this group of people came from!”
At this moment, the rain was in the sky above Yunyin Village.
Thunder and lightning all around, countless thunder heavens gathered in the direction of Shi Yu, and in Shi Yu’s understatement, it was directly gathered on Shi Yu’s hand.
Look at the thunderers who turned into thunder guns in their hands.
“Lord Raikage, since Sasuke’s affairs have nothing to do with you, then this is exempt!”
Saying that, Shi Yu spread out the thunder and lightning in his hand, and the spreading arc of electricity spread directly towards the entire sky.
The terrifying thunder net did not disperse even hours after the rain had disappeared.
Shi Yu left.
The truly endless horror left for Yunyin Village, appearing in Yunyin Village and using thunder to demonstrate, is simply arrogant.
But no one dared to say anything.
An existence that can grab thunder and lightning at will like Shi Yu, how can anyone dare to resist such a monster.
When Shi Yu left the village, Lei Ying often breathed a sigh of relief: “It seems that in the past few months, this Water Shadow Lord has become powerful again!” ”
Lei Ying was very helpless: “The previous proposal, Wuyin Village, has not replied for a long time, does it really want to start a war?” ”
Instead, the person who should worry now is Lei Ying.
After all, if Shi Yu started a war desperately, then the destruction of Yunyin Village would probably only take Shi Yu’s fingers to do it.
“Lord Lei Ying, you absolutely can’t do it now…”
It was said that a Yunyin appeared directly without notification. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
And everyone was stunned at the moment of appearance, because this special situation also means that something important has happened.
“Report Leikage-sama, Konoha… There was an amazing fire from the direction of Konoha! ”
“Konoha Village seems to have been destroyed by someone!”
Hearing this, Lei Ying suddenly gasped.
Destroyed by whom?
There is only one person who has the ability to do this in the entire ninja world, and that is Shi Yu of the Mist Hidden Village.
The current strength of Wuyin Village is even Yunyin Village to be fearful, plus Shi Yu’s terrifying power, and there are many tailed beasts.
Shiyu and Mist Hidden Village completely had two tender and completely destroyed Konoha.
But if the Kirihide Village really did this, it would be a little shocked, why destroy Konoha?
Is it to deter other ninja villages?
If it is because of this, then Lei Ying can only say that Wuyin Village did it.
Destroying Konoha in a short period of time, this deterrent is too strong, so strong that their other three major ninja villages will probably have to be completely united from now on.
Otherwise, who knows if he will be the next Konoha village.
And Shi Yu, who had visited the three major ninja villages of Shayin, Yanyin, and Yunyin at this moment, was on his way back to Wuyin Village.
At the same time, strengthen the collection of Yunge, and be sure to find the base of the Great Snake Pill as soon as possible.
No matter where they are hiding, they will always show their heads.
Once it emerges, the rainy cloud pigeons will definitely find it.
I hope Sasuke is okay!
Shi Yu thought and rushed back in the direction of Wuyin Village.
Now there are still a lot of things to do when returning to Wuyin Village!
Little by little, time passed, Konoha Village, the battle continued.
Tsunade was defeated and fell to the ground and crawled slowly, trying to heal another Konoha ninja.
But the next second, her hand was stepped on.
“Do you want to save other people at this time! You’re going to die yourself…”
And as he was speaking, a member of the Datumu clan suddenly appeared behind him.
“My lord, the Hyuga clan killed them all and collected a lot of white eyes!”
“Hmm! I know! ”
Hearing this, this person’s face changed several times, and then said, “Sir, I would like to ask for a pair of white eyes for my son… Sheren …”.

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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naru


Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naruto, but the sudden appearance of the skill bar made Shigure a genius. Any ninjutsu can be put into the skill bar, without control or operation, and it will run automatically. Naruto: “Why are you so good at using the ninjutsu you just learned yesterday? Is there any secret to it?” Sasuke: “You are the real genius, you have been playing me before!” Kakashi: “Geniuses come out every year, but this year is particularly strong. As a teacher, I am under a lot of pressure. I want to retire, third generation!” Third generation: “You want to retire? I still want to retire! That kid is simply not a human being. I am a remnant of the old era. There is no village that can let me stay in the new era!”


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