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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken Chapter 1

Jiang Ye opened his eyes in confusion, Jiang
Ye’s gaze swept around, looking at a completely unfamiliar environment, with a confused expression.
Am I not drinking with a friend? What is this place? How could I be here? ”
A small well-renovated bedroom, about a dozen square meters.
Next to the bed is a computer desk with a computer on and a pink gaming chair.
Jiang Ye was a little dazed, and suddenly felt dizzy in his mind.
Countless memories that did not belong to him suddenly appeared in Jiang Ye’s mind.
After a few seconds, Jiang Ye opened his eyes again to figure out the situation.
He crossed and crossed into a parallel world
, and after graduating from university, he entered a securities company, but offended the president of the company and was eventually banned by the entire financial circle.
Helplessly, he could only return to his hometown of Yanjing and become a financial anchor on Douyin.
Usually when he has nothing to do, he gives finance classes to fans on Douyin, talks about relevant information about stock market securities, and over time, he has accumulated more than 10,000 fans.
Jiang Ye was a little helpless.
“Unexpectedly, crossing this matter actually fell on me.”
Jiang Ye took out his mobile phone, ready to look at his balance and plan for the future.
“Account balance: 121.”
The bright 121 in front of him made him wake up instantly.
“What’s the situation, I know you’re miserable, but it’s also too miserable!”
Jiang Ye was a little speechless, and he just crossed over and picked up such a mess.
Sighing, for now, all he can do is make money by live broadcasting.
But he only has 10,000 fans for such a long time of live broadcasting, even if he relies on live streaming to make money, it is unstable, and he still has to have other plans.
Otherwise, he will point to the douyin live broadcast, and the 121 yuan in his pocket, and he can starve to death.
Suddenly, a mechanical system prompt sounded in Jiang Ye’s mind.
“Congratulations to the host for activating the stock market prediction system!”
Jiang Ye was overjoyed in his heart, and he really drowsy and sent a pillow.
He was still thinking about how to improve his situation, when the system came.
“What does this system do?” Jiang Ye suppressed his excitement and immediately asked.
“You can see the rise and fall of stocks in the future.” The system replied.
Jiang Ye was slightly pleased in his heart, this golden finger and the stock market are a perfect match, and it is also very suitable for him now.
As long as you know the rise and fall of stocks in the stock market, whether you play long-term or short-term, you are completely invincible.
Jiang Ye took a deep breath, thought about it and asked the system: “You can see how long the stock trend will be in the future.”
“You can only see an hour in the future.”
Jiang Ye frowned, is it only an hour?
The stock market is changing rapidly.
Just predicting the future for an hour is a bit of a chicken rib.
If the time is too short, the benefits will not be too high, and there are also risks.
Jiang Ye is a little lost, the function of this system seems to be a little bad ah, it would be better if he could predict the stock market for a longer time, and it could give him more room for operation.
“How can I see it for longer?” Jiang Ye asked again without dying.
The system replied: “The 100,000 fans system can be upgraded, and after the system is upgraded, you can check the rise and fall of stocks for a longer period of time.” Jiang
Ye breathed a sigh of relief, it would be good to be able to upgrade, and when the time to predict the stock market escalated to a few days, or a few weeks and months, he would be a real stock god!
Jiang Ye took a deep breath, and his gaze slowly firmed.
There are two things to do before him now.
The first and most important thing is to make money, using the system’s ability to predict the stock market.
The second is to increase your popularity, gain fans to upgrade the system, and increase the time to predict the stock market.
If you just dive into the stock market to make money, there is no popularity.
After all, even if you do it to the extreme in the financial world, there are very few people who know, what can be done to increase visibility?
For example, the stock god Warren Buffett, everyone has heard of the name, but how many people know the specific experience and asset status?
Jiang Ye frowned slightly and began to think.
Be a star?
No, he was not born in a science class and has no acting skills, and it is not easy to get out of this line.
Working with celebrities?
No, he is now a freelancer who graduated from college and has been banned by the industry, and he has no money, who will cooperate with him?
Several ideas were overturned by Jiang Ye, and his brows furrowed a little tightly.
How do you get more followers?
A private message of Douyin was suddenly pushed on the mobile phone next to him.
Jiang Ye opened it and checked it – it was a fan named Zhang Heng, asking him when he would broadcast live.
Just as he was about to reply, Jiang Ye’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he slapped his thigh hard excitedly.
“By the way, how can I forget this,” I can live broadcast stock trading! I am now a financial anchor, and I have a fan base of more than 10,000, and I play the gimmick of live stock speculation, and then make a standard UC shock department title, which will definitely attract a lot of attention in a short time.
“Coupled with the goldfinger that I can predict the stock market, as long as a fan comes in and sees his operation, I promise that they will not be willing to leave, and eventually become my fans!”
The more Jiang Ye thought about it, the more excited he became, and his eyes became brighter and brighter!
While making money, you can also attract fans, upgrade the system, and after the upgrade, you can see the direction of the stock market in the longer term, which is completely complementary.
After Jiang Ye figured out this, he encountered the biggest problem, that is, there was no principal.
Even if you know a monster stock that has risen by 200% in a short period of time, if there is no principal, this excellent opportunity to make money can only be missed!
So, he has to have enough start-up capital now.
Soon, Jiang Ye thought of the only thing left to him after his parents died in a car accident, which was an ancestral home in Yanjing that was older than him.
Although this ancestral house is dilapidated, it is close to the third ring road and has a history of seventy or eighty years, and it can be worth at least more than ten million!
Jiang Ye had almost no savings before, and when he returned to his hometown, he only pointed to this house to protect himself from the rain.
Looking his ancestral home up and down, Jiang Ye gritted his teeth and decided to make a decision that went against his ancestors.
Mortgage this ancestral home that took away the Jiang family for two generations to the bank for a loan!
Just do what you say.
Anyway, there is a gold finger, and after entering the stock market, it will definitely not be lost.
Banks go through the formal process of mortgage loans, review various qualifications and procedures, and it takes at least more than a month for the loan to come down.
The most important thing for Jiang Ye now is time.
Jiang Ye found a black intermediary in the black market, promised to give him 100,000 yuan after the loan, the procedures were not completed, just signed a letter of commitment with the bank, signed a few words at the bank, and the bank put this 10 million loan into his account on the same day.
Jiang Ye looked at the account balance of 10 million and took a deep breath, and firmness flashed under his eyes.
“My life, everything starts now!”

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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and wa


[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and was blocked by the financial circle. He was penniless and could only return to his hometown to work as a Douyin anchor. Just when Jiang Ye was worried, he happened to activate the stock prediction system, which could predict the future direction of the stock market. Jiang Ye decisively mortgaged his ancestral home to obtain 10 million yuan and started live broadcasting stock trading. He bought and sold several times without making any mistakes. In a few days, his 10 million principal was doubled tenfold, and he easily made 100 million! Female stars throughout the entertainment industry have become fans of Jiang Ye. Great Power: Holding Jiang Ye’s thigh, crying and begging Jiang Ye to help her buy a stock. Reba: I’m the best at massaging. I’ll give you a private massage. Can you tell me which stock makes money? Liu Yifei: I am willing to be your goddaughter, as long as my father agrees to recommend a profitable stock to my daughter. Sister Zhou: As long as you are willing to recommend me a profitable stock, I will be your mute bride from now on, and I can do whatever you want.


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