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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken Chapter 6

Jiang Ye smoothly put the keyboard aside: “The stock market is ever-changing, and the stock price often pumps, I look at it pleasantly, and I have a hunch that this stock can rise so I bought it.” Anyway, the anchor feels that this stock will fall next, so you can see for yourselves! ”
Jiang Ye can only say this, too much to say too thoroughly, it is a little inappropriate.
When Zhang Heng asked the question just now, he still had some expectations in his heart, maybe Jiang Ye was buying more principal for the next step.
But looking at his answer, Zhang Heng understood that he didn’t have this opportunity to pick up the leak.
My heart was full of loss.
He sighed deeply, the disgust that his ex-girlfriend had when she abandoned him because she had no money.
Once again, he appeared in front of Zhang Heng.
He never goes to bars, never messes around, and is dedicated to making money just to be able to marry his girlfriend.
Most of the money he makes, he spends almost all of it on his girlfriend.
Otherwise, in his entire five years, where would he only save 100,000?
But now when it comes to getting married, his girlfriend simply dumped him neatly because he couldn’t get 200,000 bride money.
Now that he had this opportunity to make money, he had missed it again.
Zhang Heng smashed a fist on the keyboard, and a full of unwillingness appeared in his heart.
No way!
He must not pass up this opportunity.
And next time!
As long as Jiang Ye will still live broadcast stock speculation, he will buy again, and next time he has to keep up!
Inside the villa.
Yang Mi, who was wearing a mask and squatting on a chair to watch the live broadcast, had the same idea as Zhang Heng.
To buy this stock that made the streamer 1.5 million.
Just when Yang Mi opened the interface of Hong Kong Stock Connect, selected this stock, and her finger was about to press to pay, Yang Mi was a little apprehensive.
Repeatedly confirm to look at the live broadcast room, observe the wind direction in the live broadcast room and Jiang Ye’s actions.
Suddenly, I saw Jiang Ye sell the stock without hesitation.
Yang Mi’s hand to confirm the payment froze, and there was no response for a long time.
It took a while before he looked surprised.
What is the situation, why did Jiang Ye sell it, did he not even think about it anymore?
Before she could figure out a reason.
Jiang Ye also said that he had a premonition that Hongda Pharmaceutical might fall.
Going down?
She missed the opportunity to make money.
Yang Mi’s heart suddenly surged with regret.
I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand to cover my chest and sigh deeply.
I already knew that the anchor was going to sell it just now, she bought something with the anchor, and how much money she missed in an hour.
Yang Mi only felt a pang of distress.
After studying for so long, the opportunity was in front of me but not cherished!
Yang Mi bit her silver teeth and slammed her fist on the table.
Bang bang!
The milk tea next to it jumped twice.
Yang Mi’s gaze locked on Jiang Ye.
Make a secret determination.
If you have this opportunity again in the future, you must not miss it again.
At this time, because of Jiang Ye’s previous operation, many water armies in the live broadcast room were calling friends.
Soon, some new water friends were pushed into the live broadcast room by the live broadcast platform.
They were originally attracted by the words live broadcast stock speculation.
When I entered the live broadcast room, I found that the title actually said, [With 10 million challenges, earn 100 million a week!] The
new netizens were instantly stunned.
“Groove, what do I see, make 100 million a week?”
“Is this 100 million the 100 million I think, it won’t be 100 million Zimbabwe?”
“The anchor can come up with 10 million stocks to speculate, although I don’t think I can make 100 million in a week, but I can only say that the anchor is awesome!”
[Congratulations to Financial Xiaomeng for entering the live broadcast room] Meng
Changyu, who was pushed in, frowned and looked at the title.
Isn’t this a bit too big?
Which big man in the financial world?
He has graduated from college for several years, and now he works as a trader in a financial company, and he is accustomed to seeing strong winds and waves, and has also seen many big guys’ operations.
No one has ever done that.
He had to see who this man really was.
There are many water friends who have the same idea as Meng Changyu.
They couldn’t wait to click on Jiang Ye’s information.
This person is very strange and has only more than 10,000 followers.
The original excitement and shock turned into disappointment, and they all sent barrages and mocked.
“I thought it was some financial boss, it turned out to be just a little-known little person.”
“Just like you, you still want to make 100 million a week, I’m afraid you are here to cut leeks.”
“Is it not awake yet, it is possible to make 100 million in your dreams.”
“Got it, another heart higher than the sky, deliberately engaged in gimmicks to attract attention.”
Those old fans who had just seen Jiang Ye earn 1.5 million yuan an hour with their own eyes couldn’t sit still.
“Just kidding, do you need to make a gimmick with my brother Jiang’s ability?”
“Don’t say too full of new words, take a look before talking, and let the anchor teach you to be a person.”
“What about the little people, the little people can also bring surprises, it’s better than you dicks.”
“The operation of the anchor just now is really divine, if you just come in, less, don’t be punched in the face.”
With the maintenance of old fans, those new viewers can not sit still.
“Did you step on your foot? If the anchor can’t do it, he can’t do it.
“At first glance, it is a brainwashed by the anchor, I wish you success in being cut!”
“Why, you are all dragging, making 100 million a week is not afraid to make people laugh to the big teeth.”
New and old fans in the live broadcast room soon quarreled over this matter.
The dense content on the barrage flashed one by one.
These fans tore up hotly, and even many passers-by were attracted to it.
Jiang Ye’s gaze swept over the barrage, looking at the two parties arguing, not only did not get angry but smiled indifferently, the more fierce they quarreled in the live broadcast room, the higher the heat of the live broadcast room would be, and more people would be attracted to come in.
And the more fans, the faster the system will be upgraded, which is a completely virtuous circle.
So these people are black fans, they are completely here to contribute.
Jiang Ye waved his hand calmly, “Don’t worry about new fans, whether the anchor is cutting leeks or not, you will know in an hour.” When
the words landed, he immediately silently recited a sentence.
“Predict the future in an hour!”
The stock trend in front of Jiang Ye quickly changed.
An hour later, all the stock movements appeared in front of him.
10% increase.
Jiang Ye swept calmly.
Having seen the last increase of 15%, 10% is no longer in his sights.
Stocks have been up 15%.
Jiang Ye’s eyes moved slightly, and the increase was basically the same as before.
However, Jiang Ye did not stop his selection.
Another stock appeared in front of him, and this one rose by 30%.
Invest 10 million into it, and you can harvest 3 million in an hour.
When he saw this stock, Jiang Ye was already faintly moved.
If there is no higher increase than this one after that, choose him directly.
As soon as Jiang Ye made this decision, another stock came into his eyes.
The stock gained much more than other stocks over the same period.
It’s a ride.
The increase in an hour turned out to be 50%!
Even Jiang Ye was a little shocked when he saw this stock.

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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and wa


[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and was blocked by the financial circle. He was penniless and could only return to his hometown to work as a Douyin anchor. Just when Jiang Ye was worried, he happened to activate the stock prediction system, which could predict the future direction of the stock market. Jiang Ye decisively mortgaged his ancestral home to obtain 10 million yuan and started live broadcasting stock trading. He bought and sold several times without making any mistakes. In a few days, his 10 million principal was doubled tenfold, and he easily made 100 million! Female stars throughout the entertainment industry have become fans of Jiang Ye. Great Power: Holding Jiang Ye’s thigh, crying and begging Jiang Ye to help her buy a stock. Reba: I’m the best at massaging. I’ll give you a private massage. Can you tell me which stock makes money? Liu Yifei: I am willing to be your goddaughter, as long as my father agrees to recommend a profitable stock to my daughter. Sister Zhou: As long as you are willing to recommend me a profitable stock, I will be your mute bride from now on, and I can do whatever you want.


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