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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken Chapter 9

Jiang Yeren is not there, but the barrage in the live broadcast room is dense, and it is not at all like a state where no one is live broadcasting.
Even the new fans are a little confused.
I don’t know why in the empty live broadcast room, these water friends actually brushed the momentum of thousands of troops.
Inside the Internet café.
Zhang Heng was completely stunned, and his fingers were a little stiff.
He looked at the empty live broadcast room in front of him, and then at the Hong Kong Stock Connect on the side.
“This is?”
When he was so nervous, Jiang Ye actually went to sleep?
Are they really not nervous at all? That’s more than 10 million.
But there are also 20,000 that he himself followed.
Zhang Heng took a deep breath and comforted himself.
Since Jiang Ye is so dull, it proves that he has absolute confidence in this stock.
That’s a 50 percent increase.
As soon as he changed hands, he was able to get 50,000.
Zhang Heng pressed his pounding heart, and his eyes were red and locked on the stock of Xincheng Property next to him.
He believes in Jiang Ye, and he wants to watch this stock rise with his own eyes.
Inside the villa, Yang Mi was already stunned when Jiang Ye said that he was going to take a nap, staring at the screen with wide eyes.
The delicate face was full of shock.
Until Jiang Ye’s breathing sounded, Yang Mi was still full of surprise.
“Is he so confident in himself?”
More than 10 million threw in and went to sleep without looking back, leaving only these fans in the live broadcast room.
He’s not a liar, isn’t he going to cut leeks? What is this situation?
A new move for scammers?
For a long time, Yang Mi’s shocked mood dissipated, and then a faint doubt appeared in his heart.
Jiang Ye is so confident in his abilities.
Before he made 1.5 million in front of her, is this stock really going up?
If it is really as Jiang Ye said, the increase has reached 50%.
She could earn five million by investing 10 million, which was comparable to her income in a few months.
“Impossible, impossible, how could he predict so accurately!”
Yang Mi shook her head repeatedly, trying to convince herself.
Meng Changyu on the other side was also stunned.
The whole person stays directly in place.
Desperately looking for Jiang Ye’s loopholes, trying to prove that he is a liar.
Jiang Ye’s every word and every move was completely beyond his expectations.
From the beginning, I was full of confidence to expose this liar, and by this time, I inevitably had some doubts in my heart.
Not really.
He can’t do this as a single trader, why should Jiang Ye.
The keyboard in front of Meng Changyu was crackled by him again.
“He is deliberately putting pressure on the people in the live broadcast room, don’t be deceived, don’t buy it.”
“Don’t be a leek!”
Seeing that the head of the analysis just now was Dao, the financial Xiao Meng appeared again.
Many water friends in the live broadcast room surrounded him and began to ask about the property in the new city.
Ask which stocks are the most bullish and can rise the most.
Soon, fifty minutes passed.
As the alarm clock rang, Jiang Ye finally opened his eyes.
The exhaustion of the whole body was swept away.
He stretched out comfortably: “This sleep is so good!”
Jiang Ye let out a long breath and returned to the video again.
At a glance, I saw the lively scene of discussion in the live broadcast room.
In the fifty minutes that he slept, the number of people in the live broadcast room was extraordinary, but it was much longer than before.
Jiang Ye raised his eyebrows, it seems that the gimmick of live speculation is indeed enough.
If he continues, his golden finger upgrade is near.
Jiang Ye waved at the screen and said with a smile: “Brothers, I came back, I did sleep comfortably just now, now I am refreshed, stock speculation is too stressful, I suggest you also go to the rest meeting.” ”
Barrage has just discussed this matter for fifty minutes.
Seeing that the Lord had finally returned, he couldn’t wait for it.
Finding that Jiang Ye was still such a casual look, he could no longer control their mood, and the barrage exploded directly.
“What to sleep on, get up hi, is this the time to sleep?”
“Can’t stand it, your heart is too big, 10 million into it without looking?”
“It’s too much, just sleep, you know how I spent these fifty minutes!”
“Don’t say fifty minutes, if I put all this money in and can’t sleep for a year.”
“I suggest the anchor sleep again, maybe the next time I wake up 10 million will be gone.”
Inside the Internet café.
When Zhang Heng saw Jiang Ye’s figure appear again, he was quietly relieved.
There is a feeling of having found the backbone of the heart.
Originally, he didn’t sleep all night because of his broken love, and he came to the Internet café to play games to relax his mood.
Seeing Jiang Ye’s live broadcast of stock speculation today was completely unexpected.
Originally, he was already very sleepy, but since Jiang Ye began to speculate in stocks, he has been very excited.
Especially after seeing that Jiang Ye did not hesitate to invest 10 million into it, it was even more so, not
to mention that he bought 100,000 with Jiang Ye later.
Now Zhang Heng felt that his heart had been beating violently.
And very sober and excited.
He hadn’t felt that way in a long time.
Don’t say an hour, before the results come out, even if it is a few days and nights, you may not be able to sleep.
He only invested 100,000 to already look like this, but he didn’t expect that Jiang Ye would be like sprinkling water after throwing 10 million into it.
Just slept so comfortably.
Zhang Heng’s heart rose with full admiration.
Brother Jiang is really different from others, he has to hug this thigh.
Ten million is not worried at all, which is enough to prove his confidence in this matter.
Yang Mi in the villa also held her face at this time and stared at Jiang Ye’s figure tightly.
Seeing that he is now very calm, he looks like he is talking.
Look at the barrage of other viewers in the live broadcast room.
His lips were half open, his expression was slightly stunned, and there was a little more faint admiration in his eyes.
“This anchor’s psychological quality is good!”
When she saw 10 million smashed in, her heart was pounding until now.
After all, this is not a small amount.
Even if she is worth hundreds of millions now, if 10 million is smashed into it like this, in case of loss, it is estimated that she will be distressed for several days and will not be able to sleep.
Unexpectedly, when Jiang Ye invested 10 million into it, he was still so calm.
This is not something that ordinary people can do.
This anchor does have two brushes, and if he is really a liar, then he is really violent.
But what if…
Thinking of this, Yang Mi quickly suppressed this thought again.
At this time, Meng Changyu looked at Jiang Ye’s indifferent expression.
Watching him actually sleep for fifty minutes before returning to the computer.
The corners of his mouth curled up and he sneered.
A few more crazy flashes flashed in his eyes.
A liar even made such a fuss.
Just these ten minutes, see how he debunked this liar and how he trampled Jiang Ye under his feet.

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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and wa


[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and was blocked by the financial circle. He was penniless and could only return to his hometown to work as a Douyin anchor. Just when Jiang Ye was worried, he happened to activate the stock prediction system, which could predict the future direction of the stock market. Jiang Ye decisively mortgaged his ancestral home to obtain 10 million yuan and started live broadcasting stock trading. He bought and sold several times without making any mistakes. In a few days, his 10 million principal was doubled tenfold, and he easily made 100 million! Female stars throughout the entertainment industry have become fans of Jiang Ye. Great Power: Holding Jiang Ye’s thigh, crying and begging Jiang Ye to help her buy a stock. Reba: I’m the best at massaging. I’ll give you a private massage. Can you tell me which stock makes money? Liu Yifei: I am willing to be your goddaughter, as long as my father agrees to recommend a profitable stock to my daughter. Sister Zhou: As long as you are willing to recommend me a profitable stock, I will be your mute bride from now on, and I can do whatever you want.


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