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“There are indeed a few devil fruits, master.”
The “Yin Soldier” who turned into Beluseb immediately replied.
Because the soul of the Yin soldier and Yoruichi are linked together, Yoruichi can convey his thoughts or commands directly to their consciousness anytime and anywhere!
According to Belluseb’s recollections, this time they came to the Chambord Islands.
Several devil fruits were taken out from Draco’s warehouse as prizes for this competition.
And the dark fruit is just one of them.
After that, Belluseb Yin Soldier took out a safe from the corner of the room, entered the password and opened it.
Sure enough, there were still several Devil Fruits left inside.
Yoruichi had looked through the Devil Fruit Guide in the Charlotte family, so he could basically recognize the Devil Fruit inside.
But soon, his eyes were attracted by the three fruits!
“Sweet fruit, snake fruit cobra form, snake fruit python form, snake fruit python form…”
Isn’t this the three fruits that the three Boya sisters were forcibly fed by the Draco?
Good fellow, could it be that it was the Belleuseb family who bought the three sisters back in the first place!?
Yoruichi felt a little emotion in his heart, if he hadn’t cut off his beard halfway, the three Boya sisters at this time should be ready to stand on the stage of the slave auction house now.
It is also normal for the Belluseb family, who have ended the food festival, to go to an auction on a whim and then buy them.
But now that may never happen, and the three sisters became Yoruichi’s people.
The Belluseb family is a little worse, and they all become Yoruichi’s Yin soldiers.
But well… It can also be said that it is Yoruichi’s person.
And now, these three fruits also appeared in Yoruichi’s field of vision, seemingly coincidental, but in fact inevitable!
Yoruichi took these three out of the safe, and the rest were some garbage fruits, and he was not interested.
But in fact, seriously, these three fruits are not powerful fruits.
If you have to say it, the sweet fruit is okay, it can petrify the enemy, and the other two are really very ordinary animal demon fruits.
And thinking of the strong bodies and appearance of the two sisters Marigorud and Sandasonia in the original work, Yoruichi thought that the snake fruit definitely played a very big role in it!
So Yoruichi will definitely not take these two fruits again to scourge the two soft little loli now!
Fortunately, there are still four “Devil Fruit Evolution Tickets” in his hand, and Yoruichi plans to advance them and then eat them depending on the situation.
Use the Evolution Coupon on each of the three fruits, and they will soon evolve like the Dark Fruit!
Sweet Fruit Evolution – Fox Fruit Phantom Beast Species – Nine-Tailed Fox Demon Form!
Snake Snake Fruit Cobra Form Evolution – Snake Snake Fruit Phantom Beast Species – Green Snake Form!
Snake Snake Fruit Python Form Evolution – Snake Snake Fruit Phantom Beast Species – White Snake Form!
Three ordinary devil fruits turned into three phantom beast species fruits in one breath!
Yoruichi gasped, the phantom beast seed fruit, that is even rarer than the natural fruit!
Phantom beast species nine-tailed fox demon fruit, green snake fruit, white snake fruit, judging from the name, should be from the ancient legend famous nine-tailed demon fox, green snake and white snake, the strength will definitely not be worse!
However, the specific ability can only be known after the three Boya sisters eat it!
Yoruichi put away these three fruits.
There is still one more Devil Fruit Evolution Ticket, Yoruichi plans to keep it first, if a rarer Devil Fruit appears in the future, it can be given to evolve once.
At this time, the Yin soldiers of the Belluseb family were still watching him.
Yoruichi thought about it and gave them an order
“In the future, you will pretend to be the Belluseb family, and you should eat and drink.”
After the Belluseb family was refined into a Yin soldier by him, the more it would only look like the original members of the Belluseb family.
But it is not certain that no one will see that their bodies have actually been occupied by doves.
After all, the Holy Land Mary Joari Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, especially there are old monsters like Im!
Yoruichi thought a little uneasily.
“So be it, you guys give the next order.”
“Move all future food festivals to Totland Milk Candy Island.”
Yoruichi thought about it, or this idea was the safest.
On the one hand, moving the food festival to Milk Candy Island can promote the development of the island’s industry, and on the other hand, Yoruichi can also check the bodies and memories of the “Yin Soldiers” during this period in case something goes wrong.
Simply the best of both worlds.
After explaining these things, Yoruichi left the room.
When he returned to the food court, the order he had drawn up by the Beluseb Yin soldiers had been issued through the radio, and everyone was shocked when they heard the broadcast!
This quadrennial food festival is actually going to open to the territory of the four emperors and aunts, and the Totlan of all nations will go!?
This is unprecedented!
And the Beluseb family issued this order, which is definitely inseparable from Yoruichi!
But when they think about it, it makes sense.
Totland is originally a country full of dessert delicacies, and the commercial and maritime industries are also thriving, which is actually the perfect place to host food festivals!
But the most important thing is because of the champion of this food festival
It was the thirty-seventh son of the Charlotte family who was born there, Charlotte Yoruichi!
Although I don’t know how Yoruichi convinced Draco, everyone thinks this arrangement is also good!
“Master Yoruichi, will you participate in the next competition?” Someone saw Yoruichi come out and quickly shouted to him.
“Haha, if Master Yoruichi participates, we might as well surrender quickly!”
“Master Yoruichi, is the stuff on Milk Candy Island delicious? I’ll travel to your place when I have a chance! ”
Because Yoruichi generously left an extra tasting of the “Fierce Ice Fresh Ox Mountain” that was originally intended for Draco, his favorability in the hearts of the chefs is now in a state of full bloom!
Yoruichi smiled lightly: “I won’t participate in the next competition, after all, it will be held in my home stadium.” ”
The chefs breathed a sigh of relief that if they participated in the competition again and again, they would not even have the need to participate.
“Huh… That’s not going to work. ”
The old president of the gourmet association suddenly stood up and said.
“Master Yoruichi, as the champion of this competition, is also the owner of the venue.”
“I think I can make him a judge.” The elder suggested.
This proposal was immediately supported by everyone, and Yoruichi resigned but agreed.
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Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowled


Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowledge and domineering! 】 [Successfully sign in to Cake Island and get the ability of Hades Fruit! 】 [Sign in to bigmom successfully, and get the special physique of the aunt! 】 … More than ten years later, when Straw Hat Luffy and others landed on Cake Island and wanted to attack Big Mom, a man stood in their way. “Charlotte Yeyi! The strongest man in the Charlotte family!” Trafalgar Luo looked solemnly. “I want to defeat you! Rescue my partner!” Straw Hat Luffy clenched his fists and said. “Although he is an enemy, he is really handsome!” Nami’s face was blushing. “I’ll take a step first, and I’ll leave this place to you!” Usopp trembled. ….. “Have you lost your way? Please go out and turn right against Big Mom.” Charlotte Yeyi, the person involved, said innocently.


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