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Two days later, the fleet of the Land of Giants arrived at All Nations.
Loki, the prince of the Giants, stands at the bow of the ship, he looks wild and fierce.
But in order to raise a kiss this time, the usually messy blonde hair was specially braided by him, which looked good.
“Prince, this is still the first time our giant race has set foot on the land of all nations!”
A bold brown-haired giant came up and patted him on the shoulder and laughed, he was a warrior of the giants, Prince Loki’s right arm, Lonka.
“You see, that island is full of dim sum, even the houses! Is this paradise!? ”
A giant with a huge mouth shouted loudly.
He is a famous foodie in the giant race, the giant Barr.
“It’s really curious to let you quarrel with the Giant King and insist on marrying someone, hahaha!”
The one who spoke was a sturdy old giant with gray hair and scars from swords and guns, who was Prince Loki’s teacher, Leighton.
Elbaf is known as the world’s number one power, and the travel fleet accompanying the prince is naturally also crowded with strong people.
And the ship they were riding on towering above the clouds, much bigger than any ship in the New World!
The citizens of all nations saw their fleet from afar, and since the aunt attached great importance to this marriage, they had prepared for the welcome in advance.
When the ships of the giants sailed into the waters of the gates of the nations, huge salutes and fireworks were fired, and the timiz of all the nations began to sing in unison, welcoming the arrival of the fleet of the giants!
Everywhere, it’s a lively sight!
“Father said that Charlotte Lingling is a terrifying monster and must not be approached!”
“But when I look at the nations under her rule, there is a prosperous scene everywhere.”
“People have smiles on their faces.”
“It seems that my father’s judgment is still biased.” Prince Loki looked at this scene and sighed.
Although the other giants did not dare to say that the Giant King was not like Loki, looking at the expressions on their faces, they obviously agreed with the prince’s statement.
Decades have passed since Charlotte Lingling killed the hero of the Giants Falls, Falls, Yoruru, and the new generation of giants, led by Prince Loki, is obviously more inclined to let go of this hatred.
Of course, the premise is that this marriage can be successful!
“Peropero ~ Prince Loki, please go this way.” At the port, Peropelos has been waiting there for a long time.
Behind him, standing Daifuku and Owen, the three giants of the Charlotte family collectively went out to personally greet them, which shows that Auntie attaches great importance to this visit of the giant fleet!
Loki and his Giants companions, led by them, walked together towards Cake Castle.
In the cake castle, Aunt was sitting on the high main seat, and when she saw the giant race led by Loki appear, she actually got up and greeted her
“Well, well, welcome to all nations, Prince Loki!”
Auntie’s big face was full of smiles.
“Thank you to the Charlotte family for this reception, and I express my friendship to the Charlotte family on behalf of Elbaf.”
Loki put his fist to his chest and performed a giant salute.
Even if the giants are known for being rude, Loki is also a prince, and the basic etiquette is still more or less.
But soon, the reckless character traits of the giant race were undoubtedly revealed.
He looked around and immediately frowned, “Why didn’t you see my bride?” ”
In order to welcome this important event, the aunt summoned all the members of the Charlotte family and notified the reporters of major newspapers and magazines.
Reporters packed the castle, and the camera was focused on Prince Loki.
If nothing else, they will be able to deliver a big news tomorrow that will shake the entire new world!
There were many people at the scene, but I didn’t see the bride of this marriage, that is, Lola!
“Well, well, Prince Loki, you don’t need to worry.”
If someone dared to be so rude in front of Auntie like this, she would have drained her soul a long time ago, but Aunt just laughed with her mouth open
“Laura is preparing in the background, coming out immediately.”
As soon as her voice fell, someone noticed that a bride wearing a white wedding evening dress walked out of the background!
“It’s Sister Lola!”
Several young children of the Charlotte family said loudly.
In an instant, countless cameras immediately focused, the woman in the white wedding evening dress, a large number of flashes illuminated the scene like daylight!
But the reporters clapped and patted, and they always felt that something was wrong.
Is this bride’s figure too stout?
Then I saw the woman in the wedding dress, slowly putting down her wedding headscarf!
All the reporters on the scene immediately gasped!
At this time, they were not shocked by the beauty of the bride, but on the contrary, they were shocked by the bride’s “abstract painting”-like appearance!
I saw that Lola’s face was very heavy with makeup, her lips were painted with purple lipstick, her cheeks were filled with two red foundations, and the corners of her eyes were covered with green eye shadow!
With a big movement, the thick foundation on the face will fall down.
Her big pie face perfectly carries this set of makeup, if it is an actor who has just returned from performing “Noh drama” in “Wano Country”, everyone present will probably believe it!
However, after Laura lifted the wedding dress, there were not only many reporters who gasped among those present.
And the many giants of the giant race!
It’s just that the reason for them to gasp is very different from the reporters!
“Oh! What a beautiful maiden! Worthy of being the girl that Prince Loki fancy! ”
“Look at that delicate pink blush! The red lips that bloom like hydrangeas! And those eyes like a big forest! ”
“There is such a peerless beauty in the world!”
The giants cheered, and their huge voices almost tore the roof over!
Prince Loki also looked satisfied, and stepped forward to make a confession of love to Lola, “Thank you for dressing up so beautifully for me, my princess.” ”
The reaction of the giant race was enough to surprise everyone!
It can only be said that the aesthetics of the giant race are indeed very different from other races!
The reporters could only endure the nausea and record this important moment with their cameras!
And the party’s Laura looked overwhelmed, because it was the first time she had received the attention of so many people!
“I’m sorry, Sister Lola.”
Backstage, a small figure watched all this, so anxious that tears kept falling, and apologized in a low voice.
She is Bryn, and after hearing about Lola, it was Bryn who volunteered to give Lola what makeup she had.
I wanted to use this to make the prince “know the ugliness and retreat”, but I didn’t expect it to poke at the aesthetics of the giant race, but it made this marriage smoother!
“But it’s okay, there is also Brother Yoruichi, he will definitely be able to help Sister Bryn.”
Breen clenched her small fists tightly and said confidently.
“Ma, Ma~~”
“Since Prince Loki is satisfied, let’s hurry up and hold an engagement ceremony.”
Aunt was also a little startled at first when she saw Lola’s makeup, but fortunately, there was no danger, in order to avoid long nights and dreams, she quickly said.
“Okay, then let’s hurry…” Prince Loki said quickly, with a raised eyebrow.
But before he finished speaking, he only heard someone say it loudly
“I am against this marriage!”
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Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

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Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowledge and domineering! 】 [Successfully sign in to Cake Island and get the ability of Hades Fruit! 】 [Sign in to bigmom successfully, and get the special physique of the aunt! 】 … More than ten years later, when Straw Hat Luffy and others landed on Cake Island and wanted to attack Big Mom, a man stood in their way. “Charlotte Yeyi! The strongest man in the Charlotte family!” Trafalgar Luo looked solemnly. “I want to defeat you! Rescue my partner!” Straw Hat Luffy clenched his fists and said. “Although he is an enemy, he is really handsome!” Nami’s face was blushing. “I’ll take a step first, and I’ll leave this place to you!” Usopp trembled. ….. “Have you lost your way? Please go out and turn right against Big Mom.” Charlotte Yeyi, the person involved, said innocently.


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