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In the distance, the aunt, who was originally in a state of death, suddenly opened her eyes, and her pupils were shocked!
The sound of collapse came, Loki’s “Tarzan” defense collapsed, and the pitch-black armed domineering aura cracked inch, and finally turned into a rout!
Loki was once again knocked off, but this time he wasn’t so lucky!
He fell heavily on the ground, raising a huge dust storm like a sandstorm!
Take a closer look at the red, swollen and bruised on his hands, and then look at his eyes, he has already rolled white and completely lost consciousness!
There was silence!
Before this duel began, no one would have thought that Loki, the prince of the giant race, would be completely defeated by an eleven-year-old teenager!
And it’s still being beaten so hard !!
This scene looks really absurd in the eyes of everyone! Bizarre!
The shutter sound continued to sound like a machine gun, and the reporters quickly raised their cameras to record this historic moment!
Originally, they thought that this duel was just an appetizer before the marriage of the two families, but they didn’t expect it to become a meal!
Tomorrow, all the headlines in the newspapers will probably be dominated by this news!
“Brother Yoruichi! That’s awesome! ”
Little Breen threw herself at Yoruichi with a smile on her face and said happily.
Laura also had teary eyes, tears and snot in her eyes, pulling Yoruichi and saying, “Thank you, Yoruichi!” ”
Yoruichi still looked calm, and to be honest, his last punch hadn’t fully used his full strength.
However, the overlord color domineering wrap is indeed the strongest defense-breaking attack move in the pirate world, this can be determined!
Although Yoruichi successfully defeated Loki, it does not mean that this matter will end.
After all, this marriage is a very important matter for both families, and it will not be easily changed because of Yoruichi’s “variable”.
Of course, the most important thing is that everyone thought at first that it was just a child’s farce, and no one would really take this “war marriage showdown” as real!
So now this scene is very embarrassing.
On Charlotte’s side, Aunt is already angry because of Yoruichi’s behavior of inserting a kick!
If it weren’t for Peropelos stopping her, she probably wouldn’t have been able to resist her anger!
On the side of the giants, Prince Loki has woken up slowly, and after realizing that he has been defeated, he is like a mourner, and his face is very ugly.
The companions of the giant race were all guarding him, and the eyes they looked at the Charlotte family had become very hostile!
If no one comes out to control the scene, this marriage will soon collapse, and the giant race will completely have no relationship with the Charlotte family!
There needs to be someone with sufficient prestige to come forward.
And this kind of scene, Yoruichi has actually thought about it for a long time.
He gave someone a wink, who nodded slightly and stood up and said, “It seems that we need to discuss the follow-up to this marriage!” ”
“Pero Pero ~~”
The person who stood up and spoke at this time was the eldest son of the Charlotte family, Peroperos!
As the matchmaker in this marriage, Peropelloz is one of the few people who can speak on both sides.
Peropellos came to Loki with a lollipop cane and said, “Peropello ~ Prince Loki, what are your plans next?” ”
Loki’s face was ugly, and he said, “I am inferior to others, and I voluntarily give up this marriage!” ”
When he said this, he was faintly angry, obviously he was actually very dissatisfied in his heart!
“Huh, Peropello~~”
“Prince Loki, it’s too early to give up.” Peropelos stuck out his long tongue and said slowly.
“The eldest son of the Charlotte family, what do you mean by this?”
Loki frowned, “Do you think we giants will easily break our word? ”
“Pero Pero ~~”
“First of all, I want to apologize for my brother’s offense to you, this incident is only because he is so young and so reckless.”
Peropelos bowed his head first and apologized.
“Secondly, you also know that this is a farce that he made when he was still young!”
In other words, when he grows up, he will naturally understand how ridiculous his behavior is… Of course, this marriage will not be blocked anymore! ”
Although Pero Perros, in fact, knows what Yoruichi really thinks.
But he still put all the responsibility on the reason of “still young”!
Loki nodded, also convinced by this statement.
His face became slightly better, and he asked, “Do you want me to wait until he grows up before raising his family?” ”
“Pero Pero ~~”
“So, I have a suggestion, you can establish diplomatic relations on behalf of Elbaf and Totland and strengthen trade between our two countries!”
“In this way, won’t you have many opportunities to meet Laura in the future?”
“When Yoruichi grows up, you will formally submit a marriage request, I can guarantee that there will never be such a situation as today!”
Peropelos promised.
Finally, he added, “Anyway, you still have a long life, don’t rush this time… Peropello ~~”
These words reached Loki’s heart, and his face had changed from cloudy to clear, “The eldest son of the Charlotte family, you are right! ”
“Anyway, our giant race has a much longer lifespan than you humans, so do as you say!”
Peropellos said joyfully, “Thank you for your understanding, our Charlotte family will also strengthen the education of Yoruichi in the future…”
“You don’t have to blame him, this kid is as strong as a monster, and the future is definitely promising!”
Loki laughed heartily, “Even if it is our giant race, maybe one day there will be a time when we need his help!” ”
In fact, the reason why Loki agreed to Pelopellos’ proposal was that he didn’t have this idea in his heart.
Finally, under the lens of all reporters, the two announced the news that Elbaf and Totland had established diplomatic relations and strengthened trade and personnel exchanges!
Although it is not as shocking as the news of the marriage between the two countries, it is also a very heavy news!
After solving the side of the giants, Peropelos hurried back to Auntie.
The emotions on Auntie’s side were already a little uncontrollable, and after seeing Loki announce the establishment of diplomatic relations with Totland, her anger subsided a little.
“Mom, I have something to say to you.”
Peropelos came to Auntie, and he was the only one in the family, and he had the qualifications to speak so close to Aunt.
Auntie looked at Peroperos.
“Congratulations Mom, you are one step closer to dominating the new world!”
“Pero Pero ~~”
Peropelos suddenly said with a look of joy.
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Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowled


Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowledge and domineering! 】 [Successfully sign in to Cake Island and get the ability of Hades Fruit! 】 [Sign in to bigmom successfully, and get the special physique of the aunt! 】 … More than ten years later, when Straw Hat Luffy and others landed on Cake Island and wanted to attack Big Mom, a man stood in their way. “Charlotte Yeyi! The strongest man in the Charlotte family!” Trafalgar Luo looked solemnly. “I want to defeat you! Rescue my partner!” Straw Hat Luffy clenched his fists and said. “Although he is an enemy, he is really handsome!” Nami’s face was blushing. “I’ll take a step first, and I’ll leave this place to you!” Usopp trembled. ….. “Have you lost your way? Please go out and turn right against Big Mom.” Charlotte Yeyi, the person involved, said innocently.


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