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Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering Chapter 43

“Huh? Tichy, don’t you drink? ”
At this time, Marko noticed Marshall Titch next to him, who for some reason squeezed the newspaper and put the wine glass to his lips, but he was stunned.
“Huh? I suddenly remembered that the back of the deck hadn’t been cleaned yet, and I’m going to clean it now! ”
Marshall Titch put down his glass and laughed repeatedly.
“Then there you go.” Marco frowned, but said anyway.
This Marshall Tichy has been with the Whitebeard Pirates for several years, but he always looks preoccupied and does not integrate into the team.
However, Marko did not take this matter to heart, after all, pirates like Titch may die in the next battle.
Not worth his heart.
Tichy put down his glass and turned to leave.
After he turned around, the humble expression just now had disappeared, and the look on his face had become extremely ferocious!
Marshall Titch squeezed the newspaper tightly and hatefully: “Is that him who snatched my dark fruit?” ”
Ever since Saatchi returned from the Chambord Islands, he has been talking about what happened there.
Blackbeard inadvertently heard about the Dark Fruit from him!
I was shocked!
The reason why he chose to join the Whitebeard Pirates is not that the Whitebeard Pirates have the greatest chance of accessing the Dark Fruit?
He was even ready to lurk in the Whitebeard Pirates for a lifetime!
It can be said that for the sake of the dark fruit, Tichy gambled his whole life on it!
But what no one expected was that the dark fruit did appear, but it was taken away by an outsider, how could he be willing!!!
But now, things seem to have turned around again.
“The newspaper said that he didn’t use any Devil Fruit abilities from beginning to end!”
“Could it be that this little devil didn’t eat the dark fruit?”
“If that’s the case, then I still have a chance!”
The more Blackbeard Marshall Titch thought about it, the more excited he became.
“Even if he eats the fruit, then I will kill him!” Then just wait for the Dark Fruit to reappear! Tichy’s eyes were murderous and said grimly.
The Dark Fruit was too important for him to obtain no matter what!
“But how do you get close to him?”
Tichy pondered this question and suddenly thought that Saatchi and the little devil had a very good personal relationship…
Maybe you can make good use of this “good friend”, Titch sneered.
He had already begun to rejoice that he had a good relationship with Saatchi as soon as he got on board, and now it seemed to be absolutely correct!
East China Sea Windmill Island
“Captain! Captain, look! ”
Brandishing a newspaper, Raki Bu burst into the bar frequented by Shanks.
Due to his speed, coupled with his fat body, he almost squeezed the two small wooden doors of the bar!
“Haha, Laki, why didn’t you eat chicken drumsticks today and eat the newspaper instead?”
Sitting inside were all members of the red-haired pirates.
Who would have thought that all the members of the red-haired pirate group, one of the four emperors of the New World, would now gather in this small country bar!
When everyone saw Raki Bu’s appearance, they immediately laughed.
“Who says I don’t eat chicken drumsticks anymore?”
Raki Bu took out a chicken leg out of nowhere, nibbled on it with his left hand as usual, and waved the newspaper in his right hand, “Look, there is big news in the Charlotte family!” ”
When everyone heard him say this, they quickly read the newspaper.
The red-haired Shanks took the newspaper from his hand and read it carefully, his face gradually becoming solemn.
“Captain, this little devil of the Charlotte family is so powerful, even Loki, the prince of the giant race, is not his opponent!” Someone was shocked.
“Am I right? He’s only eleven!? ”
“There hasn’t been such a demon in the New World for a long time, the Charlotte family has found a treasure!”
In the shocked sound of the crew, only the red-haired Shanks frowned, and the place where his eyes were locked was not the same as the others!
In the corner of the newspaper, there was also a news – “Elbaf and Totland officially establish diplomatic relations!” ”
Although the news that the young genius defeated the prince of the giant race was also shocking, the redhead was obviously more wary of this news!
“Ben, what do you think?”
Sitting next to him is the deputy captain of the red-haired pirates, Ben Beckman!
This is a cold man with gray hair and a scar on his face, and if the cheerful and cheerful Shanks who likes to feast is compared to “the sun”, the Beckman who does not speak much but does not lose his majesty is “the moon”!
In the past, he always showed himself calmly, but at this time he was not without worry: “I think the same, this is not good news for us, and even for the world!” ”
The red-haired Shanks put his hand on the top of his head and pressed the straw hat on his head so that no one could see his eyes.
Only listening to the voice under the straw hat said coldly
“What if we join forces with “them”? What are the odds? ”
Of course, Beckman knew who the redhead was referring to, but he slowly shook his head and said, “It’s hard, I’m afraid those guys haven’t taken this seriously yet.” ”
He set his gaze on the front page of the newspaper, where Yoruichi’s picture was printed with incomparable clarity!
“This little devil is so eye-catching!” Beckman sighed.
The redhead was stunned, and after understanding Beckman’s words, he was also a little helpless.
At this time, such a demon appeared in the Charlotte family, which attracted everyone’s attention!
Even if he took the initiative to propose to join forces, the remaining two would not agree so easily!
“The same are all little ghosts, why is the gap so big?”
The red-haired Shanks couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
As soon as the words fell, I only heard a young boy’s voice full of vitality from the doorway, “Shanks, I’m here again!” ”
When Shanks saw the black-haired boy appear, a smile could not help but hang on the corner of his mouth.
But then he immediately lifted his face and said angrily, “Luffy, didn’t you say not to mess around with us all day?” ”
“We are pirates!”
“Hahaha, the captain is angry again! Luffy, this little ghost, is really persevering! ”
“Luffy, come and see, there’s a much more powerful imp in the newspaper than you!”
“Defeated the Giants at the age of eleven!” Someone put the newspaper in front of Luffy.
Monchi D. Luffy couldn’t even read a word at this time, but the shocking photo in the newspaper was still deeply imprinted in his mind!
Defeat the Giants!
How powerful is this kid named Yoruichi!
Luffy suddenly felt encouraged, jumped to the bar table, waved the newspaper, and loudly announced: “I will also become a pirate in the future, become a pirate as powerful as him!” ”
“Hahaha!!! Luffy, this kid is really interesting! ”
“Hear that? He said that he would be a pirate in the future, and that he would be as powerful as the Charlotte family imp! ”
“Captain, Luffy, I think this kid is serious!”
Luffy’s announcement immediately caused everyone in the bar to burst into laughter, and the laughter almost toppled the roof!
The red-haired Shanks looked helpless, after reading the news, Luffy’s kid was even more determined to go dark on the road of “pirates”!
This is something he never expected!
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Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowled


Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowledge and domineering! 】 [Successfully sign in to Cake Island and get the ability of Hades Fruit! 】 [Sign in to bigmom successfully, and get the special physique of the aunt! 】 … More than ten years later, when Straw Hat Luffy and others landed on Cake Island and wanted to attack Big Mom, a man stood in their way. “Charlotte Yeyi! The strongest man in the Charlotte family!” Trafalgar Luo looked solemnly. “I want to defeat you! Rescue my partner!” Straw Hat Luffy clenched his fists and said. “Although he is an enemy, he is really handsome!” Nami’s face was blushing. “I’ll take a step first, and I’ll leave this place to you!” Usopp trembled. ….. “Have you lost your way? Please go out and turn right against Big Mom.” Charlotte Yeyi, the person involved, said innocently.


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