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Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering Chapter 47

【Ding, sign in Yamato (1/999)! 】
[Rewards: Fish Fruit, Phantom Beast Species, Dragon Form! ] 】
The mechanical sound that sounded in his head made Yoruichi change his mind, and he thought for a while, “Brother Peropellos, I don’t want to be difficult for you, so be it.” ”
“Let her stay with me for a while, and then observe it.”
As soon as these words came out, Pero Perouston came to the spirit, and said joyfully: “Pero Pero ~~ It would be great if this was the case!” ”
Then, he lowered his voice and said, “Yoruichi, you also know that my mother’s decision is not static, maybe in a few years she will cancel this marriage contract!” ”
“I’ll trouble you to take care of her a lot before then.”
In any case, Yamato is the daughter of the Four Emperors Kaido, and Peropelos still does not dare to snub her too much.
Ye Xiao nodded, but he suddenly said: “I heard Katilla say that a large caravan will come to Totlan to seek trade opportunities recently, I don’t know… Which island did they first visit? ”
“It was supposed to be Wheat Island, but it was changed to Milk Candy Island!”
Peropelos was determined.
“I also heard that recently, the bigmom pirate group caught a “giant foot overlord octopus” in the new world, which is really a rare top ingredient! ”
“Send you to Milk Candy Island right away!”
“I heard that the Dark Family Rotra paid tribute to a big fast knife…”
“I’ve also heard…”
“Give! All can give! All can be given! ”
Peropelloz gritted his teeth.
“Hey, hey, hey…”
On Milk Candy Island, a dozen diminutive confectionery “Timiz” worked hard to carry the iron cage and follow Yoruichi.
On the way from Cake Island to Milk Candy Island, it was by their transportation to reach it.
Yamato climbed on the edge of the iron cage and watched with interest as the “Timiz” work below.
With their short stature, it has to be said that it is a miracle that they can lift this huge iron cage!
“Hey, when can you put it out?”
Yamato asked Yoruichi, who was walking in front.
“When you don’t escape, I’ll release you.”
“Also, my name is Yoruichi, Charlotte Yoruichi.”
The night does not return to the tunnel.
“Yoruichi, do you want to go to sea with Zaishia, let’s go to be free pirates together!” Yamato suddenly persuaded.
“I ask you, why do you want to go out to sea so much to be a pirate?”
Yoruichi suddenly stopped and looked at Yamato in the cage and asked.
“That’s because…”
Yamato suddenly took out a tattered diary from his arms, carefully opened it, and pointed to one of
“Because Mitsuki Ota once went to sea, he said that his life on the sea was the happiest and freest!” She said with a look of adoration.
Yoruichi set his eyes on the diary in her hand, which looked tattered on the surface.
But looking at Daiwa’s cautious attitude, anyone can understand that this diary is a very important thing for her!
Yoruichi knows that it is Mitsuki Ota’s diary, and at the same time, it can also be said that Yamato has become such a “root of all evil”!
Yamato once witnessed the execution of Mitsuki Ota as a child, “The Legend of the Torture of Kamayaku”, and since then, she has recognized in her heart that the other party is the best samurai!
And start worshiping Mitsuki Ota!
After she picked up the navigation diary left by Mitsuki Ota in Jiuli, she was even more out of control, regarded it as her own bible, and has been carrying it with her ever since!
The reason why Yamato has always regarded herself as a male and got into trouble with Kaido is because she wants to become the person “Mitsuki Ota”!
Yoruichi couldn’t understand this behavior, and in her opinion, Yamato was no different from those crazy “brain-dead fans” who chased stars and chased into the devil in her previous life!
Idols should be used to learn their good character and merits, and must not be worshipped brainlessly!
Even, directly threatened to become an idol himself!
That’s definitely a brain abnormality!
If it had been someone else, Yoruichi would never have even looked at her, but Yamato was now his titular “fiancée”.
Not to mention the check-in task, Yoruichi must keep her by her side for at least three years!
For the sake of her own happy life in the future, she must correct her thinking!
Yoruichi secretly made up his mind.
“You keep talking about freedom, don’t you have freedom on Ghost Island?” Yoruichi asked.
At the mention of the island of ghosts, Yamato suddenly looked a little discouraged, and said aggrievedly: “Since I was a child, I have not been anywhere except for parts of the country of Wano and the island of ghosts!” ”
“Because my father told me that there are many enemies outside, so he won’t let me go anywhere!”
Yamato huffed.
Hearing her say this, Yoruichi suddenly became a little clear.
Does Kaido have many enemies?
Of course, there are many, it can be said that except for the Hundred Beast Pirate Group, the rest are his enemies!
And not only externally, but even the country of Wano, which was ruled by him!
Kaido himself is the “strongest creature in the sea, land and air”, and he can’t beat Xiaoqiang.
But Yamato is not, there are many people who can kill her and those who want to kill her!
That’s why Kaido will limit Yamato’s range of activities from an early age, so as to protect her.
“Kaido, this guy, although his character is rubbish, he is somewhat a good father.” Yoruichi thought.
But what Kaido didn’t expect was that his protective behavior was counterproductive!
Yamato has had serious rebellious feelings towards him since he was a child, and she has always piled it up in her heart!
Witnessing Mitsuki Ota’s death and picking up the notebook was at best a fuse for an explosion!
Now that you understand what Yamato really wants, things are much easier to solve.
“I can let you out.”
Yoruichi asked the Timiz to place the iron cage on the ground.
“Really!?” Yamato climbed on the iron railing, excited.
If she had a tail on her back, she must have wagged it wildly by now.
“But I’ll warn you.”
“That pair of handcuffs on your hands, if you leave the realm of all nations, it will explode immediately!”
Yoruichi pointed to the handcuffs on her hands.
Yamato’s excited look just now instantly froze, this handcuff was personally put on by Kaido, of course she knew that the handcuffs would explode.
But she thought that leaving Wano Country would be invalid, but she didn’t expect that the explosion conditions were changed to Totlán.
But a word in the night rekindled her hope!
“But I have a way to take the handcuffs off your hands.” Yoruichi said slowly.
“Really!?” Yamato asked excitedly.
Because Kaido said that only he could take off this handcuff, Yamato thought that he would definitely be with this handcuff for the rest of his life!
“Of course, provided that you are willing to listen to me, of course I will consider helping you remove the handcuffs.”
In order to prove his ability, Yoruichi put his hand on the lock of the iron cage, and using the power of “Ryuzakura”, the lock of the iron cage was broken!
As the iron gate opens, Yamato is declared “free”!
“Thank you, Yoruichi!”
After Yamato came out, the first thing he did was go up and give Yoruichi a bear hug!
Yoruichi is currently close to two meters tall, but after Yamato came out of the cage, Yoruichi found that she was even taller than half a head smaller than himself!
According to the information given by Ember, Yamato has just turned sixteen years old and is in his youth.
After being hugged by her a bear, Yoruichi can very clearly feel the scale of a certain place in her, very “youthful”!
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Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Sign in to Cake Island, start top-notch domineering

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowled


Travel through the world of pirates overnight and become the thirty-seventh son of the Four Emperors! Bind the sign-in system, and then start the daily sign-in life in Totland of Wanguo! [Sign in to Katakuri successfully! Obtain top-level knowledge and domineering! 】 [Successfully sign in to Cake Island and get the ability of Hades Fruit! 】 [Sign in to bigmom successfully, and get the special physique of the aunt! 】 … More than ten years later, when Straw Hat Luffy and others landed on Cake Island and wanted to attack Big Mom, a man stood in their way. “Charlotte Yeyi! The strongest man in the Charlotte family!” Trafalgar Luo looked solemnly. “I want to defeat you! Rescue my partner!” Straw Hat Luffy clenched his fists and said. “Although he is an enemy, he is really handsome!” Nami’s face was blushing. “I’ll take a step first, and I’ll leave this place to you!” Usopp trembled. ….. “Have you lost your way? Please go out and turn right against Big Mom.” Charlotte Yeyi, the person involved, said innocently.


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