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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura Chapter 25

Relying on the world of dragon slayer.
Song Qingshu, who returned to the tent, immediately took the blood bodhi, and suddenly felt that endless internal power continued to gush out, returning to the dantian position.
“Is this the realm of Shi Gong? The internal strength of a body is almost inexhaustible! ”
Song Qingshu muttered, and then used his internal force, the two fingers became a sword, and an invisible sword qi burst out from the second finger, and finally formed a three-foot-long invisible green peak!
“Even casting the Xuan Void Sword Intent is much easier than before, and you don’t even need to use the sword as a carrier to use it easily!”
Song Qingshu was ecstatic, he can now be said to be one of the top masters in the rivers and lakes!
Even if it was his master, he couldn’t say that he was better than him when he was caught off guard!
“This only went to the Chaos Temple once, so my strength has greatly improved, if I have enough Origin Power, I can also obtain the practice of cultivating immortals!”
As soon as he thought of Blackbeard and Murong Fu who went together, Song Qingshu only felt jealous in his heart, one got the power to control the sea, the other obtained the practice of cultivating immortals, only himself, but he just obtained the Xuanxian sword intent and a hundred years of skill.
“If I had been able to go to the Chaos Temple earlier, I would definitely be able to defeat Zhang Wuji on the top of the light!”
“At that time, the person who was famous in the world was me, and Sister Zhiruo would definitely fall in love with me, and would not have eyebrows with Zhang Wuji.”
Song Qingshu chanted while remorseful.
Then he shook his head violently and slapped himself!
“Bah! Having obtained the qualification to enter the Temple of Chaos, how can I still be as addicted to women as before? ”
“What shit Zhiruo sister? Women only affect the speed at which I draw my sword! ”
Saying that, Song Qingshu used his internal force, and the Xuanxian sword intent shot straight out, instantly passing through the tent and crossing a position of tens of meters!
“Ah! There is an enemy attack!! ”
A woman’s scream came from a distance, and Song Qingshu suddenly frowned.
“Landed! Forget that there are still people nearby! ”
Today, the six major factions besieged Bright Peak and were intercepted by Zhang Wuji with his own strength, and this matter was not resolved, and all the main factions also left one after another.
The Wudang faction and the Emei faction had quite a connection, so they walked together and were stationed together at the moment.
Just now, Song Qingshu shot out with a mysterious sword intent, presumably hitting the place where Emei was stationed!
“What people? Dare to attack Emei station at night? ”
When Song Qingshu, his father, and a group of senior uncles rushed to the place where Emei was stationed, they saw the extermination master holding the heavenly sword, standing on the top of the tent with a gloomy face and scanning the surroundings.
“Mrs. Shi? What happened? Song Yuanqiao hurriedly stepped forward to ask.
Seeing that the person who came was a disciple of Wudang, the extermination master also eased his face a lot, jumped down from the tent, and came to everyone else.
“Poor Ni didn’t know the specific matter, but he only heard the disciple shouting, so he came out to check the surroundings.”
The extermination master responded, and immediately called out the disciples inside the tent and asked them what had happened.
After the Emei disciples in the tent came out, everyone found that it was Zhou Zhiruo who was injured, and although the wound on his right arm had been bandaged, there was still some blood spilling out.
Everyone also understood the beginning and end in the narration of these Emei disciples.
“Sword light?” Song Yuanqiao frowned and looked at the tent, and the hole in the tent was facing the station of their Wudang faction.
But there are tens of meters between the two, not to mention them, it is estimated that even their master, Zhang Sanfeng, cannot fight such a long sword qi.
The extermination master also thought of this, and after glancing at Song Yuanqiao, he shook his head slightly.
“It’s late at night, so let’s go back to rest first.”
Song Yuanqiao saluted and was ready to leave with everyone from the Wudang Sect, but as soon as he turned his head, he saw Song Qingshu staring intently at the disciples of the Emei Sect.
His eyes revealed the essence, staring at Zhou Zhiruo deadly, his eyes did not blink, and he couldn’t help but swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva!
Song Yuanqiao frowned, slapped Song Qingshu, and scolded in a low voice.
“Gone, shameful thing!”
Song Qingshu reflected this, and when he left, he turned his head from time to time and looked at Zhou Zhiruo.
It’s not that Zhou Zhiruo’s beauty attracted Song Qingshu, but in Song Qingshu’s eyes, Zhou Zhiruo’s head had a few big words popping up!
“Worth 100 Origin Power!”
Song Qingshu, who returned to his tent, was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, and did not sleep all night.
“100 Origin Power!”
“Sister Zhiruo is actually worth 100 Origin Power!”
“This is equivalent to half of my Wudang Sect’s martial arts cheats!”
“Why is Sister Zhiruo worth 100 Origin Power? Could it be that people can also exchange the power of the origin? ”
“Do I really want to exchange it with Sister Zhiruo?”
But then he thought of the eyebrows of Zhou Zhiruo and Zhang Wuji during the day, and his heart suddenly became angry, and his eyes became a little gloomy!
“I already have the qualifications to enter the Temple of Chaos, what kind of woman do you want to get in the future?”
“I would actually become hesitant for a Zhou Zhiruo! It’s just a woman who can exchange a red blind box for me, the more such people, the better! ”
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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have eve


Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have everything you want!” “The more you spend, the more I earn!” Ying Zheng: “Huang Ji Tian Shu! I want to open the dynasty and build the heaven!” Uzumaki Naruto: “The scroll of resurrection! I finally got the scroll of resurrection! Father and mother, you will be alive soon!” The Wheel-Turning King: “Come out, finally come out! I’m finally complete!” Heihuang: “The Sutra of Immortality? Why can’t dogs practice? Ye Heizi, you owe me too much!” Sun Wukong: “Chaos Demon Ape Essence Blood? Hehehe, Heavenly Court! Lingshan! You are finished!” Loki: “Thousand-year mana? Why do I want this thing? I want the front row, I want to be a fighter!” There will be a variety of tasks in this book, including but not limited to various characters in animation, novels, film and television, and history!


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