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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura Chapter 26

Song Qingshu got up early and made a delicious breakfast for everyone.
After a night of pondering, Song Qingshu made a decision that went against his ancestors….
“Father, early!”
“Uncles, come and try the breakfast I made.”
“Good morning, junior sisters! How about trying the food made by Senior Brother? ”
“Shi Tai… Division too early! Have breakfast, this one is specially prepared for you! ”
Song Qingshu greeted everyone warmly and handed over the meal he made.
Last night, in addition to discovering Zhou Zhiruo’s Origin Power worth 100 points, he also discovered the Heaven-Leaning Sword in the hands of the Extermination Master!
Worth 50 Origin Power!
“Qingshu, the craftsmanship is good!”
“Senior brother really gave birth to a good son, not only is he a good person, but his craftsmanship is also a must!”
“It’s amazing that Senior Brother Song can still make such a delicious breakfast!”
“Not only is her appearance beautiful, her martial arts are superb, and the meals she cooks are so delicious, compared to many women in the rivers and lakes who are adored by Senior Brother Song, right?”
Even the indifferent extermination master praised at this moment: “Not bad, very delicious.” ”
Song Qingshu smiled gently: “Everyone can like it, if you want to eat it again in the future, it will be a little difficult.” ”
Yu Lianzhou’s face was full of doubts: “Qingshu, when we return to the Wudang Sect, isn’t there time?” ”
“Yes, yes, could it be that Qingshu is still reluctant to make a few delicious meals for a few of our old guys?”
Several senior uncles were also a little puzzled.
Seeing that everyone had eaten most of it, Song Qingshu was still smiling gently.
“I’m afraid Qingshu won’t be able to return to the Wudang Sect in the future.”
“Huh? What do you mean by that? Song Yuanqiao frowned and questioned.
Song Qingshu replied, “Because in today’s breakfast, I put a lot of Meng Khan medicine. ”
Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and looked at Song Qingshu with a stunned face, and for a while the food in their mouths was swallowed or spit out!
“Qingshu, what do you mean by this? This joke is not funny! Song Yuanqiao hurriedly asked.
Song Qingshu shook his head: “It’s not a joke, father, the son has got a great opportunity, but the origin power in his hand is not enough.” ”
“Great opportunities can’t be obtained.”
“This move is also quite helpless, I want to borrow Emei Mountain’s disciple Zhou Zhiruo and use the Heaven-Relying Sword in the hands of the Extermination Master!”
“Senior Brother Song, you…”
If Zhou Zhiruo heard that the other party wanted to borrow himself, he immediately had a bad idea, but his skill was low, the effect of the medicine was attacked, and he didn’t finish a word, so he fell on the table, and could only watch each other.
“Rebel! What kind of chance made you not hesitate to offend Emei and betray Wudang? Song Yuanqiao questioned loudly, and at the same time used his internal force to force out the Meng Khan medicine in his body.
Song Qingshu smiled slightly: “Remember the sword qi last night?” I released it! ”
“How is that possible?” Song Yuanqiao, Extermination Master Tai and the others widened their eyes and looked at Song Qingshu in disbelief.
“Nonsense, under the whole world, how can there be a person’s sword qi that can cross tens of meters away?”
“Even your Zhang Zhenren from Wudang Mountain can’t do it!” The extermination master said too resolutely.
“What’s so impossible about this?” Song Qingshu smiled slightly.
“Now my skill is probably no longer under the master!”
Saying that, Song Qingshu suddenly used his internal force, and an invisible sword qi burst out from his second finger, instantly spanning a distance of tens of meters, smashing a boulder into powder.
“Father, this is the great opportunity I have obtained, please don’t blame me, my son was also forced to betray the division.”
“Rebel, are you iron-hearted and want to betray the Wudang faction?” Although Song Yuanqiao was amazed by Song Qingshu’s strong internal strength, he also understood that Song Qingshu was iron-hearted and wanted to betray the division, and immediately pulled out the sword on his waist and stabbed towards Song Qingshu!
But the distance of just a few steps was like a heavenly graben, and before he reached the halfway point, he fell to the ground.
At this moment, in addition to the extermination master’s great strength and being able to sit firmly on the stool, the others had long been weak and collapsed to the side, not even having the strength to speak.
“Song Qingshu, do you know what impact your current approach will have on the Wudang Sect?”
“Kidnap my Emei disciples and forcibly seize the Heavenly Sword, even if it is Zhang Zhenren, you have to give us an explanation!”
The extermination master asked with a mental question.
Song Qingshu said indifferently and looked at the extermination master with disdain.
“What impact can it have? As long as my master is in Wudang for a day, not to mention your Emei faction, even if all the sects in the whole world are together, how can you withstand my Wudang faction? ”
“Not to mention, now that I have betrayed the Wudang faction, what does my Song Qingshu do have to do with the Wudang faction?”
“You…” The extermination master was directly choked and unable to speak, unable to breathe, and actually rolled his eyes and fainted directly.
Yes, as long as the Wudang Sect has Zhang Sanfeng in it, all the masters in the whole world combined, it is not enough for people to fight alone.
As soon as Song Qingshu dragged the Yitian Sword, he silently said ‘receive’ in his heart, and a light flashed, and the Yitian Sword disappeared in his hand.
After receiving Zhou Zhiruo in the same way, Song Qingshu carefully rummaged through the luggage of the Emei faction, and found that there was no martial arts secret code of the Emei faction, before turning and leaving.
“Stealing the Yitian Sword and holding Emei disciples hostage, Shaolin can’t go for the time being.”
“I heard that there are many masters in the Ruyang Royal Mansion, and I have been recruiting martial arts people, with my Song Qingshu’s current skills, I will definitely be able to enter the Ruyang Royal Mansion and learn all the martial arts of the Ruyang Royal Mansion!”
“Next, it is to collect all the martial arts of the small sects on the rivers and lakes, and then go to Shaolin, Emei, and Mingjiao!”
“The next time I enter the Chaos Temple, I will definitely be able to exchange more Origin Power!”
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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have eve


Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have everything you want!” “The more you spend, the more I earn!” Ying Zheng: “Huang Ji Tian Shu! I want to open the dynasty and build the heaven!” Uzumaki Naruto: “The scroll of resurrection! I finally got the scroll of resurrection! Father and mother, you will be alive soon!” The Wheel-Turning King: “Come out, finally come out! I’m finally complete!” Heihuang: “The Sutra of Immortality? Why can’t dogs practice? Ye Heizi, you owe me too much!” Sun Wukong: “Chaos Demon Ape Essence Blood? Hehehe, Heavenly Court! Lingshan! You are finished!” Loki: “Thousand-year mana? Why do I want this thing? I want the front row, I want to be a fighter!” There will be a variety of tasks in this book, including but not limited to various characters in animation, novels, film and television, and history!


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