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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura Chapter 30

One Piece World.
Naval headquarters, Marin Fandor!
Today’s naval headquarters is particularly different, except for the navy stationed in the headquarters with a sad face and an unwilling look at the location of the port.
All kinds of pirate ships continue to gather in the port, and the sea thieves, who were originally wanted by the world government, set foot on the land of the naval headquarters with great might.
Not only did they set foot on the land of the naval headquarters, but they also drank and drank in the taverns, and did not take the surrounding navies seriously at all.
Whether it is the navy patrolling the street or the navy without a mission, the navy who are wandering around, all of them are familiar with these pirates, and can only silently vent their dissatisfaction behind their backs.
“Damn pirates, they actually swaggered into our naval headquarters like this!”
“The eating, drinking and consumption of these pirates in Marin Fandor is all paid for by our navy, which is simply a shame for our navy!”
“Believe me, after this matter, I will definitely arrest these pirates, and leave no one behind!”
“Don’t say it, I heard that even General Akainu and Teacher Zefa compromised and had to follow this arrangement!”
“! How could General Akainu and Sensei Zefa agree to such a ridiculous thing? ”
“Beaten by Marshal of the Warring States and Lieutenant General Karp!”
“Then I’m okay with it…”
in the conference room.
Except for Sengoku, Kapu, Zefa, Red Dog, Yellow Ape, Blue Pheasant, and Crane, almost all the lieutenant generals with names and surnames came here.
Including Fujitora, who has been outside.
Everyone sat on the stool with a serious face, except for Akainu, Zefa, and Karp.
The red dog now has a blue nose and a swollen face, and even has a lot of bandages wrapped around his body, and even put a plaster cast in some places.
The most important thing is that the heavily armed Hailushi bracelet and legcuffs locked him to death, and there was a huge Hailushi arm in his arms, and he had to waste a lot of strength even to move.
As for Zefa, in addition to some bruises on his face, it was Hailou Shi’s arm that was removed and pressed against the red dog’s body.
Of course, there was also a snoring and bubbling Karp, who affectionately put his arm on Zefa’s shoulder.
Whenever Zefa wanted to move his body, the arm on his shoulder would instantly turn black and return to his original shape in an instant.
It’s just that the stool Zefa is sitting on will sink into the floor a few centimeters….
Holding the same position for too long, Zefa couldn’t help but move his stiff body again, and after the stool under his butt sank a few centimeters into the floor, Zefa finally couldn’t help it!
“Karp! What exactly do you mean? ”
“Can’t I even move my body?”
“If you use the armed color domineering again, the floor will be crushed by you!” Let me go to the next floor to listen to your meeting? ”
Zefa roared loudly!
“What happened?”
The bubbles on Karp’s nose were shattered by Zefa, and Karp woke up sleepily, looking around suspiciously, not knowing what happened.
Seeing the look of Karp, Zefa couldn’t help but sigh.
“I’ve already said that I don’t object to fighting with the pirates this time, but can you let me go?”
“If you press it down again, the floor will be worn!”
Karp only reflected at this time and looked at the stool under Zefa’s butt.
In a few centimeters, the legs of the stool will pass through the floor and fall to the next floor.
“Ahaha! Excuse me, Zefa, isn’t the old man asleep? Natural reaction, natural reaction. ”
Kapuhaha laughed, intimately pulled up Zefa’s stool, then moved to the ground intact, and affectionately put his arm on Zefa’s shoulder.
Zefa: “…”
“Okay, now it’s a meeting, don’t make trouble!”
Sengoku sat at the head of the conference room and spoke.
“This time, it is a battle in which the whole world unites!”
“We have not only invited His Majesty Qiwuhai, but also the Four Emperors, and they will unite with us to tide over this difficult time.”
“What? Even the Four Emperors have already agreed to this invitation? ”
“I thought that only some sea thieves were invited to come this time, but I didn’t expect that the four emperors had already joined our front!”
“Aren’t they overlords of the sea? Could it be that none of them can help? ”
“That’s right, above the sea, it is estimated that there are few people who are his opponents, and they must unite to stop his evil deeds!”
As soon as the words of the Warring States came out, the conference room suddenly became noisy, and even Karp, Yellow Ape and several other people were surprised.
Even if they didn’t get the news, the four emperors would participate in this operation this time.
“Marshal of the Warring States, wouldn’t it be too exaggerated?” The green pheasant asked with a frown.
“We have prepared 100,000 naval elites here, and the vice admirals stationed in various places have also been summoned back, plus His Majesty’s Seven Martial Seas, such a strength, even the Rocks Pirate Group can’t resist us, right?”
“yes.” Lieutenant General Tsuru also questioned.
“This time summoning these sea thieves, the above is already very dissatisfied, and then pull the four emperors into the battle line together, the five old stars… It’s hard to explain! ”
“Vice Admiral Tsuru is right, so many strong people in our navy have all gathered together, can’t it?”
“Even if His Majesty Seven Wuhai is over, those pirates have also been pulled into the battle line, and all the food and drink on Marin Fando are free, what has become of our navy?”
“I disagree! I suggest that these pirates be arrested immediately, and set up an ambush to arrest the coming fleet of the Four Emperors! ”
“We are a righteous navy, fighting side by side with evil pirates, how will the civilians of the world perceive us in the future?”
“I agree with the view upstairs!”
After Lieutenant General Tsuru spoke, all the lieutenant generals began to talk about it, and most of them expressed their disagreement with the idea of fighting side by side with the pirates.
This made Akainu and Zefa very gratified.
Only a few people, such as Karp, Green Pheasant, Yellow Ape, and Vine Tiger, their brows instantly locked, and their eyes showed a hint of worry… Except for Fujitora.
Faced with the doubts of almost all the lieutenant generals, Warring States lost their temper once, slapped them fiercely on the conference table, and pressed all the doubts.
“I don’t understand thinking about fighting alongside pirates, right?”
“Tell you, we are not only going to cooperate with the pirates and fight side by side with the four emperors this time, I also invited the revolutionary army to come together!”
“This time, we will also become comrades in arms with the revolutionary army!”
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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have eve


Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have everything you want!” “The more you spend, the more I earn!” Ying Zheng: “Huang Ji Tian Shu! I want to open the dynasty and build the heaven!” Uzumaki Naruto: “The scroll of resurrection! I finally got the scroll of resurrection! Father and mother, you will be alive soon!” The Wheel-Turning King: “Come out, finally come out! I’m finally complete!” Heihuang: “The Sutra of Immortality? Why can’t dogs practice? Ye Heizi, you owe me too much!” Sun Wukong: “Chaos Demon Ape Essence Blood? Hehehe, Heavenly Court! Lingshan! You are finished!” Loki: “Thousand-year mana? Why do I want this thing? I want the front row, I want to be a fighter!” There will be a variety of tasks in this book, including but not limited to various characters in animation, novels, film and television, and history!


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