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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura Chapter 49

The Black Emperor’s words made Ye Heizi look puzzled.
You must know that since knowing that the Purple Mountain is the dojo of the Beginningless Emperor, Ye Heizi repeatedly wanted the Black Emperor to take him to the Purple Mountain to find the inheritance of the Beginningless Emperor.
But the Black Emperor never agreed, and said that he would never let Ye Heizi enter the Purple Mountain, and even a piece of divine source would not let Ye Heizi dig it up.
What’s going on? Did the Black Emperor change sex today?
Actively invite me to the dojo of the Beginningless Emperor?
Before Ye Heizi could react, the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King, who had been standing on the side for a long time, had long been impatient, and unleashed the Tianpeng Speed, turning into a golden streamer and approaching rapidly.
At the same time, Peng claws turned into fists, and the powerful force shattered the surrounding space, spreading around like spider webs, making a sound like glass shattering.
“This is my demon clan’s secret realm, in fact, you can come and leave if you want?”
Seeing the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King attacking, Ye Heizi immediately protected the Black Emperor behind him, and at the same time used the Void Great Handprint!
A pitch-black giant hand pressed across the void, with terrifying power, and collided heavily with the Tianpeng Fist!
Like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, a huge sound resounded in all directions, golden energy and black energy collided together, slowly compressed and collapsed, and then suddenly erupted!
Cracking sound!
A shockwave visible to the naked eye swept in all directions in an instant, like a wind and clouds, and like a big wave rushing sand!
The clouds in the sky were instantly torn into pieces, and even the towering peaks around them were all flying sand and stones, boulders flew horizontally, and all the green plants were uprooted, flew into the clouds, and then shattered.
A simple temptation, a hasty collision, cut off all the surrounding hills, and all the buildings built above were crushed to pieces!
The two sides of the confrontation stood proudly, and the attack just now did not affect them in any way.
But the black emperor standing behind Ye Heizi suffered, at this moment, the corners of his mouth continued to overflow with blood, and his body was even more fleshy, and scars like porcelain cracks were all over his body, and blood continued to flow out of it.
In just a few moments, he dyed the Black Emperor a dark red.
If Ye Heizi hadn’t protected it behind him in time and bore most of the aftermath of the impact, the Black Emperor would definitely have been hit hard!
Hei Huang coughed up a lot of blood again, and his bloodthirsty eyes glared viciously at the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King flying in the air.
“Damn thing, is it just that the emperor is kneading the dough?”
The Black Emperor immediately took out a formation platform from his body and threw it towards the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King!
This formation depicts a corner of the Beginningless Killing Array, which can burst out a small amount of the power of the Beginningless Killing Array!
“Miscellaneous bird, give the emperor !! die”
The formation platform inscribed with the corner of the Beginningless Killing Array burst out, and ancient and mysterious runes swept in all directions, constantly flickering!
Dao murderous aura emanated from above the runes, and the murderous aura was rampant, filling the sky!
The Golden-winged Xiaopeng King, who sensed that something was wrong, immediately unleashed the Tianpeng Rapid Speed, but his speed was still too far away compared to the speed of the Beginningless Killing Array Disc Outbreak!
In a tight instant, countless blood flowers were cut out of the body of the golden-winged Xiaopeng King who was fleeing!
What’s even more terrifying is that more murderous aura is coming towards him, and he can’t dodge!
A coquettish cry came, and the terrifying power of the extreme path covered the sky, intercepting all the remaining murderous aura of the Beginningless Killing Array.
I saw Yan Ruyu on another mountain stretched out her jade hand, and there was a brilliant light between the palms, and a green lotus jumped into her palm, exuding a chaotic aura.
“Chaos Green Lotus?!”
The Black Emperor glared at Yan Ruyu fiercely, obviously dissatisfied with her move.
“Black Emperor, why did you make a sneak attack?”
Ye Heizi was also angry at the moment, quite dissatisfied with what the Black Emperor had done just now.
It was indeed wrong for the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King to make a sneak attack, but it was only a tentative shot, and he Ye Heizi was fully sure that he could stop it.
And the development of things was just as Ye Heizi imagined, and it didn’t take much effort to stop the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King’s Tianpeng Fist.
And the two sides have already begun to face each other, preparing for a fair battle with the realm!
But what does it mean that your Black Emperor made another sneak attack? And as soon as he came up, he used the Beginningless Killing Array, as if he wanted to get the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King to death!
Don’t you just think about where you are now?
Sneak attack to kill the Golden-winged Xiaopeng King, can they get out of the Demon Race Secret Realm unharmed?
The black emperor, who calmed down, obviously thought of this, and looked at Ye Heizi’s eyes a little dodgy, but then thought of what he was about to do, and firmly met Ye Heizi’s gaze.
“What’s the use of fighting a miscellaneous bird?”
The Black Emperor roared righteously.
“What if you win this miscellaneous bird? Don’t forget that people are fighting against you in the self-proclaimed realm! ”
“Can you defeat this miscellaneous bird and be able to cultivate?”
“Will you be able to get rid of the curse that the Holy Body cannot be cultivated after the Desolate Ages?”
“After others improve their realm in the future, they will still crush you like an ant!”
Hearing the words of the Black Emperor, Ye Heizi and Tu Fei were also stunned for a while, and looked at the Black Emperor with some strangeness.
Ye Heizi’s Desolate Ancient Saint Body cannot be in the Four Extremes Secret Realm, which is known to everyone.
But Ye Heizi has never given up, has been working hard to cultivate, and has been working hard to collect the resources he needs.
He had also despaired at the beginning, but after having the Yuantian Secret Technique, he once again ignited a glimmer of hope!
Tu Fei was also a little annoyed, and angrily reprimanded: “Black Emperor, how can you say such a thing? ”
Ye Heizi also looked gloomy, and a war intent quietly subsided.
Everyone can say that the Desolate Ancient Saint Body cannot be cultivated, everyone is mocking him for being whimsical, and everyone is not optimistic about his future!
Even, use him as a medicinal herb!
But Ye Heizi never paid attention to it, because he knew that these people were people who could not see others well, as long as they had the support of friends, it was enough.
But the Black Emperor, this friend he recognized, a friend who had been fighting and helping each other, said the same now!
The Black Emperor’s words were like a sharp blade, piercing his heart.
“Black Emperor, it turns out that you… That’s how I feel. ”
“Do you also think I can’t break through the Four Extremes Secret Realm?”
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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have eve


Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have everything you want!” “The more you spend, the more I earn!” Ying Zheng: “Huang Ji Tian Shu! I want to open the dynasty and build the heaven!” Uzumaki Naruto: “The scroll of resurrection! I finally got the scroll of resurrection! Father and mother, you will be alive soon!” The Wheel-Turning King: “Come out, finally come out! I’m finally complete!” Heihuang: “The Sutra of Immortality? Why can’t dogs practice? Ye Heizi, you owe me too much!” Sun Wukong: “Chaos Demon Ape Essence Blood? Hehehe, Heavenly Court! Lingshan! You are finished!” Loki: “Thousand-year mana? Why do I want this thing? I want the front row, I want to be a fighter!” There will be a variety of tasks in this book, including but not limited to various characters in animation, novels, film and television, and history!


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