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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura Chapter 7

Under Naruto’s powerful perception ability, the large tree that Konan’s transformation with the Divine Paper Artist’s Technique did not play the slightest role in camouflage.
Just a slight sweep with the tail of the Nine Lamas tore the tree to pieces.
Konan’s immediate use of Shiki Paper Dance, countless pieces of paper were infused by Chakra, forming a pair of huge wings that protected Nagato behind him.
“Xiaonan, step down.”
Now Naruto, only Nagato knows his horror, and Konan, who is no match for Naruto at all.
Xiao Nan turned his head suspiciously and asked.
Nagato just shook his head gently at her and didn’t continue explaining.
“Are you the essence of Payne?”
Looking at the skinny Nagato in front of him, Naruto couldn’t believe that it was such a person with reduced mobility who killed Jiraiya, killed Hinata, and destroyed Konoha Village!
Nagato asked calmly, “Do you hate me?” The enemy is right in front of you, want revenge? ”
“Come on, come and kill me, you already have more power than me, complete your revenge!”
Naruto’s expression was complicated, his fists clenched hard, and his eyes constantly showed a look of struggle.
“Can’t you make up your mind like this? It seems that you are really the child of prophecy! ”
“For the peace of the world, even in the face of someone who killed his loved ones, do you want to influence him?”
“What a sad and compassionate saint, really worthy of being a disciple of Teacher Zilaiye, little junior brother!”
Nagato showed a mocking smile and said in a mocking tone.
Naruto looked at Nagato incredulously.
Jiraiya teacher? Little junior brother?
The person who killed Zi Laiye in front of him turned out to be a disciple of Zi Laiye?
“Looks like you don’t know yet.”
Nagato continued with a smile.
“Zilai is not only our teacher, but also took care of us in Yuyin Village for a long time.”
“I really miss it, it’s like a father.”
Saying that, Nagato also closed his eyes, reminiscing happily about the past.
“Damn it!”
Naruto shouted angrily, manipulating the Nine Lamas’ claws to raise high.
Watching the huge claws about to fall, Nagato still maintained a posture of memory, without the slightest look of wanting to resist.
Xiao Nan couldn’t sit still, and waved his wings to stop in front of Nagato again.
“Even if you kill Nagato here now and complete your revenge, this world will not change in the slightest!”
“And all you have done is self-satisfaction in your own vengeance!”
The huge claw crashed to the ground, and the surging force smashed the mountain head into a big pit, countless rubble flew everywhere, and the smoke was confused.
After a long time, the smoke gradually dispersed.
Naruto was still standing on the head of the Nine Lamas, his arms around his chest, and his expression was indifferent.
And between the piles of rubble, Nagato looked at Naruto with regret on his face, while Konan’s slumped to the side.
The attack just now, although Naruto moved the attack position, in order to resist the countless rubble splattered out, in order to protect Nagato from harm, Konan, also exhausted Chakra.
“Doesn’t that kill me?”
“Or did you change your original intentions just because of someone else’s words?”
Nagato questioned loudly.
“Such a you, even if you have absolute power, are no different from the original Hokage!”
Naruto’s expression was a little gloomy.
Nagato is right, even if he is as strong as the original Hokage, he can’t make the ninja world peaceful forever, can he do it?
“Naruto, join us, let’s create weapons that can destroy a country in an instant, make the world feel pain, and make the people in the world fear us forever!”
“Only in this way will they abandon all their previous hatred and bring eternal peace to the world!”
“Even if we will be misunderstood by the world, even if we will be hated by the world, but for the peace in our hearts, join us, Naruto!”
Nagato’s eyes lit up, and he trembled and stretched out his hand and threw an olive branch towards Naruto.
“I refuse.”
Naruto shook his head firmly, refusing Nagato’s invitation.
“Your approach is too cruel, and you even want to wipe out everyone in a country, I will not agree.”
The light in Nagato’s eyes went out.
After learning about Naruto’s strength, Nagato gave up the idea of capturing the Nine Tails.
No way, it’s too strong, even if the people of the organization form a group together, they can’t beat it.
So he thought of letting Naruto join their organization and making Naruto a powerful weapon to destroy a country.
But now, Naruto also refused.
“In that case, please kill me.”
Nagato was already dead in his heart, and said bitterly.
Naruto still shook his head, “I won’t kill you.” ”
“To be precise, I won’t kill anyone in the future.”
Nagato sneered, and even Konan’s face was mocking.
“How? Do you think that if you don’t kill, the world will be peaceful? If you don’t kill, others won’t kill? ”
“I didn’t expect that your idea is really childish and pitiful!”
“It’s a pity that the little girl who gave up her life to save you just now really doesn’t feel worth it for her.”
Nagato laughed mockingly.
Naruto shook his head again and spoke.
“If you don’t kill, it’s worth it because it’s alive.”
“I don’t know how to make the world peaceful forever, but I don’t know, it doesn’t mean that others don’t know.”
“I want you all to be my help, my resources for obtaining the Law of Peace!”
“King Kong Blockade !!”
Naruto shouted violently, and suddenly more than ten golden chains stretched out on his back, and while Nagato could not react, he tied the two up.
“What are you going to do? If you want revenge, just find me and let go of Xiaonan!” ”
Nagato struggled desperately, trying to break free of the chains on his body, but with his dying body, how could he do it?
You must know that the complete Nine Lamas cannot move under the chains blocked by the eight Vajras, let alone the more than ten chains now.
“I said, I won’t kill you, nor will I kill anyone else.”
Naruto explained, “I will send you to another world, although I don’t know how you will live, but you should not die.” ”
When the words fell, Nagato and Xiaonan, who were bound by chains, suddenly disappeared in place and disappeared.
From the moment he saw Nagato and Konan, Naruto’s heart began to be very entangled.
On the one hand, he wants to kill Nagato and avenge Jiraiya and Hinata.
On the other hand, there are a few big words on the top of their heads.
[Uzumaki Nagato: 350 points of value source power. 】
[Xiaonan: 100 points of the power of the origin of value. 】
Finally, under Nagato’s persuasion, Naruto let go of his killing intentions, as well as the killing intentions of other ninjas.
Because, to resurrect Hinata, Jiraiya, Wave Feng Shuimen and Jiu Shinnai, they need a lot of Origin Power.
If you want to obtain a way to make the world peaceful forever, you must also need more source power.
After doing all this, Naruto did not return to the village, but silently took off the brace on his head, put it on the ground, and looked in the direction of Konoha Village for a long, long time.
Then he turned and left.
Nine Lamas: “Naruto, where are we going next?” ”
Naruto: “Go find more Origin Power!” ”
“Hinata, wait for me to come back!”
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The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

The big profiteers of the heavens Naruto starts to mortgage Asura

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Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have eve


Hu Su travels through the chaotic space, and after activating the origin system of the heavens and worlds, he embarks on a journey of profiteers. Hu Su: “Come to me and buy things. As long as you have enough original power, you can have everything you want!” “The more you spend, the more I earn!” Ying Zheng: “Huang Ji Tian Shu! I want to open the dynasty and build the heaven!” Uzumaki Naruto: “The scroll of resurrection! I finally got the scroll of resurrection! Father and mother, you will be alive soon!” The Wheel-Turning King: “Come out, finally come out! I’m finally complete!” Heihuang: “The Sutra of Immortality? Why can’t dogs practice? Ye Heizi, you owe me too much!” Sun Wukong: “Chaos Demon Ape Essence Blood? Hehehe, Heavenly Court! Lingshan! You are finished!” Loki: “Thousand-year mana? Why do I want this thing? I want the front row, I want to be a fighter!” There will be a variety of tasks in this book, including but not limited to various characters in animation, novels, film and television, and history!


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