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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket Chapter 24

Boring school days are spent drawing comics.

For a day, Nakano Sanjiu did not take the initiative to speak a word to Su Feng.

However, she secretly glanced at Su Feng a few times, because Su Feng was sideways, sleeping with his arm on her back.

A handsome and huffing cheek, it’s hard not to notice.

She became more and more interested in the comics drawn by Su Feng, what kind of comics?

The familiar end-of-class bell rang, and Su Feng stretched his waist:

“It’s finally over, start the boring club training.”

“Student Su Feng, what club did you join?” Nakano Sanjiu’s voice was very small, and he finally took the initiative to say a word.

“Basketball club, I’m a super basketball player.” Su Feng touched his chin narcissistically, and then asked, “What about Nakano-san?” Didn’t join a club? ”


She is very solitary and likes to soak in the library alone after school and enjoy quiet reading time.

After reading the novel, I would relax listening to my favorite song and then go home for dinner.

“Bye bye, Nakano-san, see you tomorrow.”

Su Feng waved his hand~

“For nothing~”


She felt so tired when Su Feng’s table mate… Looking at the wad of comic paper pressed under the textbook, I couldn’t help but want to open it and take a look….

“Student Su Feng, what exactly did you draw?”

“No, I can’t peek~” Nakano Sanjiu’s heart struggled with thoughts, feeling that without Su Feng’s consent, he flipped through the desk indiscriminately, which was particularly impolite.

To be honest, Su Feng was not very looking forward to the boring club training days…

He is looking forward to the “Kanagawa Prefecture Competition” that will come next!

However, there is still nearly a month to go before the start of the county competition.

Every day in addition to comics, writing novels, sleeping, and boring daily training.

As for the social terrorist’s fellow table Nakano Sanjiu, occasionally chatting and saying a few words.

That evening, Taoka hung up the phone and rushed to the arena.

“Immortal Dao, where are you going?”

Taoka asked with a dark face.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Immortal Daozhang who was preparing to leave early.

“Coach … I have a little stomachache and want to go to the bathroom.”

was caught by Coach Taoka on the spot and left early, Rao is no matter how thick-skinned Xiandao is, he can’t help scratching his head.

“Go, there’s a meeting going to be held later.” Taoka said with a dark face.

“It’s like… It’s good again~” Xiandao touched his stomach, “It’s okay, it’s not so distracting, and I’ll go after the meeting.” ”

“Immortal Dao, this bastard, is ready to leave early, I didn’t find it.” Usumi found that the captain was very remiss in his duties, two ace players, often leaving early in club training, what a thing.

“Snap~~” Shigeru Taoka clapped his hands and said seriously: “Before the start of the prefectural competition, we have two friendly matches to play!” ”

“Friendly matches? Two games? Last year, I kind of played a game before the game. Off-road touched his head.

Su Feng raised his eyebrows.


Is the friendly match with Xiangbei about to begin?

“Our team joined Su Feng, and we haven’t really run in with everyone, although we often play practice matches, but it’s not a real competition.”

“The defenders are organized and have to work with everyone, so I fought for two.” Taoka smiled and replied.

“Coach, coach, which college are we going to play a friendly match with?” Is the other party particularly strong? ”

Hikoichi was curious and asked positively.

“You little devil, how can you be reckless.” Taoka gave Hiko a hammer and said, “Xiangbei University.” ”

“Xiangbei?” Yuzhu’s whole person was stunned, and a tall figure immediately appeared in his field of vision, and the fist of his right hand unconsciously clenched.

He said with a smile: “Coach Taoka, we fought with Xiangbei last year, and their strength is weak and ruthless, and they don’t need Xiaofeng and Xiandao to play at all.” ”

“Yes, coach, the comprehensive level of Xiangbei is not good, except for Akagi, the strength of others is very poor, if you want to train troops, I think it is better to find a strong team.” Zhicao said, still remembering that northern Xiangbei was swept away for two consecutive years.

Shonbei is in Kanagawa and is a third-rate team.

Mention Xiangbei.

I can only think of Akagi!

“Are you a coach or am I a coach.”

Tian Gang glared at everyone with a black face, a group of small calves who did not know the height of the sky.

“As I said, you can’t underestimate any team, you can’t exaggerate any team, we Lingnan is the strongest, but we must not underestimate any opponent.”

He had just spoken with Coach Anzai on the phone, and this friendly practice match was initiated by Coach Anzai, not his request.

As a senior in the “coaching world” and a respected “former national player” in the industry, Coach Anzai naturally has no reason to refuse.

There are now two ace players in the team, and Su Feng’s addition has greatly increased the overall strength of Lingnan, and he naturally can’t look at Xiangbei.

But as a coach, naturally you can’t show it on your face.

However, he couldn’t find a strong team to spar with, and wanted to contact Coach Takeuchi of “Kaijo” for a practice match.

Who knows, Takeuchi rejected him!

Then an old friend, Keitora Aida, contacted him and said that his daughter was a coach in a college basketball club in Tokyo, and asked Lingnan and Makoto to have an exchange match, and he had to agree.

Despite being a garbage team.

But just a practice match, I casually agreed.

“And what? Who is the other team? Usumi asked.

“Makoto High School from Tokyo~”

Ryoji Ikegami, who liked the silence who spoke this time, was stunned

“Coach Taoka, my brother is studying at Makoto High School, Makoto Rin is a new type of college, the basketball department was just established last year, although it entered the round robin in the Tokyo division, but lost miserably in the round robin tournament, and was beaten by 100 points…”

Taoka didn’t know Makoto, and the old friend casually mentioned it, and he directly agreed.

This sounds like Ikegami… Such a garbage team has no strength, even if Su Feng and Xiandao can win without playing, it really doesn’t make much sense.

“Cheng Rin, is it so bad?”

Cross-country’s face was full of confusion, “Coach Taoka, shouldn’t you contact us, such a bad team, be the opponent of the practice match, right?” ”

The corner of Tian Gang’s mouth twitched, this group of bastards, after having Su Feng and Immortal Dao in the team, it seemed that they began to float……

Su Feng smiled…..Is this the rhythm of entering the finals in advance?

The two teams in the practice match that Coach Taoka was looking for were all “champion teams”… The protagonist team.

Even if they are still immature, they will definitely not be a weak chicken team.

“Makoto High School, it seems that I haven’t heard of it…” Hikoichi scratched his head, “Do you need me to go to Tokyo to investigate.” ”

“How to probe?” Su Feng asked.

Yanyi smiled: “Go directly to observe their daily training.” ”

Sure enough, it’s an ignorant little brat, which is too direct!


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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese

Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step.


Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step. Rukawa maple? Zebei Eiji? Oh, this turns out to be a world where geniuses compete. What kind of experience is it like to have a perfect two-dimensional girlfriend on the way to the competition? Aomine Daiki: Susu is the enemy of life, even if the...


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