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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket Chapter 31

Su Feng pondered, Coach Tiangang’s hand-wrapped tactic really surprised him.

It seems very outrageous, to wrap up a player with poor scoring ability, but in Su Feng’s opinion, it is very reasonable.

Coach Taoka is worthy of being the “trump card” among the coaches, and he is not carried away by anger, but analyzes the situation on the field very rationally.

The average coach, if he adopts the bag and clamp tactic, will definitely be the first to wrap the Vulcan with strong scoring ability, rather than Tetsuya Kuroko, who has “no chicken power”.

It seems unreasonable, but it is very reasonable.

As long as Tetsuya Kuroko appears on the court, Makoto’s offensive method will be based on Tetsuya Kuroko’s “sight guidance” as the core, and the team attack will be launched by connecting the entire team.

Abbreviated as “Super Fast Team Attack”!

Limiting Tetsuya Kuroko, Makoto’s offensive end will reduce efficiency a lot.

Reiko Aida stretched out her hand to support her chin and glanced at Taoka very unexpectedly

“Seen through?”

Tetsuya Kuroko has a strong sense of presence, but it is limited to one-on-one.

But once two people’s attention is on him, his own ethereal sense of existence will immediately become stronger…


Immortal Dao hit in the shot.

He has already grasped some of the “situation” of the Vulcan big self, and he must shoot quickly, otherwise there is a high chance that he will be blocked.


It began to balance out a bit.

Even, under the condition that the physical strength of the sincere crowd was huge, and the efficiency of the offensive and defensive ends gradually declined, Lingnan gradually grasped the initiative.

But with the three pillars of Vulcan, Izuki Jun, and Shunpei Hinata, Makoto always maintained a 4-point lead even after losing the “shadow effect” of “Tetsuya Kuroko”.

That’s it, by 4 points.

36:40 score, entering the second half!

“Okay~!!” Coach Taoka looked shocked, got up and slapped Su Feng’s shoulder sharply:

“As a defender, I believe that you have carefully observed the opponent’s attack and defense and taken it to heart. In the next second half, go to help Usumi and others share the pressure, and in one breath, defeat Makoto, even if it is a 20-point victory, I don’t mind! ”

“The next tactic is……. With Xiao Feng as the core, launch an attack…”

Just when Tian Gang was still talking, mother-in-law and mother, wanted to formulate tactics, Su Feng had shaken his shoulders and walked into the court dashingly:

“Coach Taoka, just blow them up, you arrange tactics at will, I won’t listen to you anyway!”


The atmosphere in the air was a little embarrassing.

Yusu, Xiandao, and off-road were collectively dumbfounded.

It’s really Su Feng’s…”style”!

“You bastard! Rebellious, disobedient, disobedient to discipline, lazy, evading training! ”

Coach Taoka was very angry, with his right hand stretching out his fist, looking like I was out of control and was going to run into the court and beat you to death.

Behind him, Hikoichi and Kimura hurriedly hugged the “out of control” Taoka.

In fact, before the game, he had already talked about a variety of tactics.

He understood that Su Feng, a bastard, didn’t want to listen to this old man.

“Ding-dong, trigger system missions” Superstar! ”

“In this practice game, show the superstar style and score more than 20 points, you can complete the task.”

“Random Reward: Wild Awakening!”

“Stinky boy, you can’t win 20 points, I’ll personally squat you at the entrance of the arena!” Taoka took a deep breath and huffed and sat down on the bench.

“Coach Taoka, Xiao Kaede is joking…” said Hikoichi comfortingly.

“Shut up!”


Suddenly, Hikoichi’s head was slapped.

He wanted to cry without tears, and roared inside, “Why is it always me who hurts?” ”

The scene of Lingnan’s players “laughing and playing” with coach Taoka, especially saying that they want to win Makoto Rin by 20 points, made Makoto Rin grit his teeth in popularity.

Vulcan is even more so, the rattling of teeth, “Abominable, abominable smelly uncle, and that Xia Guo international student, all a group of smelly fart and hateful guys, 20 points….. If you want to win us by 20 points, dream, not a single point will let you win! ”

Reiko Aida shook her fist, turned into beanie eyes in anger again, and roared:

“4 points behind, dare to despise us so much, next, beat them with a bang, absolutely do not lose!”


Everyone drank like a rainbow!

“Vulcan, Izuki, Mito, in the second half of the battle, we focus on defense, as long as we hold on and stay ahead, the final winner will be us.”

At the crucial entry moment of the second half, Hinata Shunpei instructed everyone.

As the captain, he was so despised by Coach Lingnan, he was very angry…

In fact, as a middle-aged man in his forties, coach Taoka does not need to despise a group of “juniors”.

Such a “gaffe” arrogant opening just wanted to give Su Feng, Xiandao and others some momentum, and by the way, affect the mentality of a wave of sincere people.


After walking onto the court.

Su Feng looked up.

A smile spilled from the corner of his mouth and he waved at Sanjiu in the stands.

Sanjiu, have you been waiting for a long time?

“Hmph~” Nakano snorted, “The guy who smells fart is finally on the field, he’s waving?” It seems to be waving at Sanjiu. ”

“We wish him defeat!” Nakano Yotsuba said with a wave of his fist.

Nakano Sanjiu pursed his lips and did not respond to Su Feng’s wave.

If Su Feng doesn’t play again, she really can’t wait…

No watching, standing in the stands all the time, expecting you to play, super tired, okay? ………

But…… Looking at Su Feng walking into the court, Nakano Sanjiu’s two small hands couldn’t help but hold together, some began to get nervous, and in his tender eyes, looking forward to Su Feng’s demeanor on the court, he whispered in his heart:

“Come on~”


Both sides jump the ball again!


Jun Usumi shouted loudly and successfully snatched a goal for Lingnan to start the second half.


Su Feng catches the ball.

He cut into the half with the ball in his right hand.

The player defending him is Izuki Jun, who has black broken hair.

“This guy looks ordinary….. Is it really the ace player of Lingnan? Is it really as strong as the little sunspot said? He crouched slightly, spread his arms, and struck a standard defensive posture with full attention.

“When defending, the eyes don’t look at the ball, don’t look at me, where are you looking?” Su Feng narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Izuki-jun was silent.

He didn’t speak.

Against people, he is rich in mental activity, but he is not good at provoking each other.

“Bang~!” Su Feng raised his hand, grabbed the ball with his right hand, and flung it violently towards the left side of the Immortal Dao.

“Pass? So crisp? Yi Yuejun’s pupils shrank, and in an instant, he looked at the direction of the Immortal Dao.

Not only Izuki-jun, but also Hinata Shunpei, as well as the Vulcan who was chasing Immortal Dao, all immediately looked wary, and began to take action under their feet…



In an instant, the basketball that Su Feng grabbed in his right hand instantly slapped on the ground, and together with the whole person, disappeared from Yi Yuejun’s sight.

He disappeared!

Su Feng had a big hand.

One with Michael. Jordan, like Jordan, can control the big hand of basketball as he wants!


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The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

The second dimension girlfriend in the black basket

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Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step.


Traveled to a two-dimensional world of body manga, carrying and bound the dimensionalization skills system against the sky. The protagonist who lost to the Age of Miracles in junior high school defeated all the so-called miracles step by step. Rukawa maple? Zebei Eiji? Oh, this turns out to be a world where geniuses compete. What kind of experience is it like to have a perfect two-dimensional girlfriend on the way to the competition? Aomine Daiki: Susu is the enemy of life, even if the...


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